Survivor: Blood Vs Water Episode 6

Redemption Island’s influence of the game only continued in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 5 as Laura M was voted off the island for being awesome at challenges.

Laura will not even entertain the possibility of taking her daughter Ciera’s place in the game. John, Brad, and Laura M compete in the duel. They cross a balance beam while untying bags of pieces then complete a puzzle (putting numbers in order) at the other end. Laura completes the first 10 numbers first, but there are a few bags to go. John and Brad are steadily falling further behind her. John manages to pull ahead of Brad on the third set of numbers. Laura wins the duel. John places second, and Brad has been eliminated.

Rather than giving it to her daughter, Laura gives the clue to Vytas. Following suit of the past couple times, he burns the clue because he doesn’t want that target.

Now they can drop their buffs. Time to reveal the new tribes.

Galang: Vytas, Katie, Monica, Tina, Laura B, Kat
Tadhana: Aras, Gervase, Tyson, Caleb, Hayden, Ciera

The new tribes split heavily down gender lines. Vytas is the only man on his new tribe; Ciera is the only woman on her new tribe. The family members now joined together are Katie & Tina, but otherwise everybody is still an individual. Tadhana is split 3-3, but Galang is split 4-2 in favor of old Galang members.

Hayden and Caleb quickly spill the beans about what was happening on their old tribe.

Tyson’s plan is not to maintain tribal lines. Rather, he wants to make sure that at least Aras is a bigger target than him. He already wanted to get rid of Aras before anyway.

If you thought the tribes were lopsided before, anything physical clearly favors one tribe over the other now. They will race out in pairs collecting fish traps from the water, returning them to shore to solve a puzzle. Reward is a picnic. I was thinking Gervase might give the women some hope, but he seems to have learned to swim. Tina and Laura B return without their fish trap and take forever to realize their mistake, which allows them to almost be lapped. Ciera’s the biggest (only) drag on her team, but they still have about half a lap lead as they head into the puzzle. After all that, it still may be possible for the puzzle to determine the challenge. Galang keeps completing the puzzle, and they keep getting it wrong because the patterns look more or less correct in different slots. Tadhana wins immunity and reward.

The outcome here seems obvious. You don’t keep a mother and daughter together on the same tribe. Rather than do that, though, they have two different options. First, all the women stick together and vote out their lone male castaway. Then there’s Kat’s plan: vote out Monica. This just serves to make Kat a target.


With 4 votes, Kat has been voted off the island. She had an easy pass through presumably at least two weeks (surely they’ll split up Tina and Katie next, right?) but wanted to make a big move instead.

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