America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 6

Between San Antonio and Chicago combined, America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 5 left me feeling underwhelmed, with the first act of the night juggler David Ferman being the shining moment. Tonight the auditions head to Los Angeles.

Olivia Rox’s parents are both musicians, so she’s been performing since she was 2. I don’t get the choice of song or the wacky arrangement, but somewhere in there she manages to demonstrate her talent.

Ronald Farnham is a plunger thrower. His objective is to throw plungers so that they stick to people, which in itself is completely pointless. It’s even worse when he misses almost every one. At least Howie’s late and not encouraging him.

Tummy Talk is a group of three guys slapping another fat guy. So continues the pointlessness. Howard is the voice of reason, but that’s not enough to prevent them from going to Vegas. Now that Howie’s arrived, this is the type of act that’s going to advance.

Sensation is performing their act for their first audience ever. The projectors and lights make them more than just another dance group, though it falls short of most glow in the dark dance. Heidi was bored and not impressed with the dancing, but the other three vote yes.

Yasha and Daniela have been dancing since they were little, but now they’re 8 and 9. They start off being charming, even when she’s bossing him around, and they back this up with good dancing talent that admittedly gets a little lost behind their personalities.

Jimmy Rose has traveled there from Kentucky. I often wonder why these people don’t look at a map, as LA is about as far as he could travel to audition unless they hold auditions in Seattle or across an ocean. Great country voice (for a very good original song about being a coal miner) combined with a story about military service. He’s going to be tough to beat.

Abel builds and plays his own instruments, none of which are particularly entertaining.

Captain Explosion blows himself up. Just what Howard’s been waiting for. Yeah, he literally gets into a box and makes it explode. The problem with this is you really can’t see anything. Dangerous and sounds potentially interesting… but it doesn’t make for good TV. The judges watching it live weren’t impressed either.

Chloe Channell would rather be hunting, but she puts on a pink dress and sings Carrie Underwood instead. She has a good voice, especially for an 11 year old.

And now back to New York City.

Megan Amigo is a nanny/belly dancing contortionist. She believes Howard has a pure heart, so she’s not worried. The constant smiling and the song about getting happy are not enough to trick the judges, though, with the exception of Howie.

212 Green is a soul pop band from Harlem. Spice Girls is the reason they started singing, which is enough for Mel to call them her favorite, but the other judges are also impressed.

The final act of the night is Al Harris, a guy covered in bandaids. This will not end well. I wouldn’t have predicted he’s a prop comedian. His very bad puns manage to get a lot of laughs… but many many buzzes from the judges as he ignores them for a few minutes after they have already axed him.

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