The Amazing Race 18 Episode 9

Gary & Mallory placed last in The Amazing Race 18 Episode 8 but were saved by a nonelimination.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Zev & Justin – 3:14AM
Second: Flight Time & Big Easy – 3:25AM
Third: Kent & Vyxsin – 3:39AM
Fourth: Kisha & Jen – 3:49AM
Fifth: Jet & Cord – 3:50AM
Sixth: Gary & Mallory – 4:36AM

The Globetrotters have been sharing information with everybody… except the cowboys. Jet & Cord don’t know if they’re outcasts, but they’re not buddies with anybody either. Kent & Vyxsin realize they’re bratty little kids, but they plan to be positive. Oh, this again.

Teams will now travel by train to Feldkirch, Austria and then cross the border to Schaanwald, Liechtenstein, a real country (with a population of 35,000 people). Everybody will be on the same train.

The road block is to measure the entire length of Liechetenstein using motorized bicycles, a map, and an odometer. It’s less hard than it sounds, as the entire country is only 22km long. Of course, if they screw up, that could be a problem.

As the final team to arrive at the road block, before they can proceed, Gary & Mallory must first complete their speed bump. They will have to create the proper mixture of gas and oil to power a Solex, one of the motorized bikes they will be riding on the road block.

Road block (in order of arrival): Justin, Flight Time, Jen, Jet, Vyxsin, Gary

On the first time through, people are already getting lost. At least they aren’t losing their maps, though, unlike Jen. By the time he arrives at Jet, Gary has 10.75, while Jet is up to 17.5. Those two decide to work together (at least until Jet ditches him), and so do Justin and Jen. Eventually, Gary catches up with a confused Vyxsin and starts working with her instead. Justin and in turn Jen are correct. Jet is way off, guessing 35km, so he’ll have to head back to the start. Flight Time thinks it’s 20, but rather than guessing, he stops Jen and Justin for the answer. Then he sees Gary and gives him the answer. This season is so stupid. These people don’t even have to think for themselves. With Vyxsin also getting the correct answer, that leaves Jet on his own to get the answer right on his second try.

The next stop is Gutenberg Castle, and from there they will travel by bus and train to Zermatt, Switzerland. The first two teams are on the first train, while the next three teams are on the second train. That leaves the cowboys bringing up the rear.

The detour is a choice between cheese or wheeze. In cheese, they will share a pot of cheese fondue. In wheeze, they will deliver 20 pieces of luggage to hotels throughout the city. Food task are typically not a good idea, as multiple teams found out last week (but that’s not stopping them from trying anyway).

Wheeze: Kisha & Jen (switched from cheese), Flight Time & Big Easy, Kent & Vyxsin, Gary & Mallory, Jet & Cord
Cheese: Zev & Justin

Justin immediately wants to bail on the cheese, but Zev insists that they stick around. Kisha’s stomach is upset before they even start, so it’s not long before they change their minds. Meanwhile, Vysin wants Kent to stop whining like a girl. The punishing 55 minute eating task won’t leave them feeling good, but it’s enough to keep Zev & Justin in first. After a couple of hotels, Gary & Mallory ask for a map. Jet & Cord get this on their first stop. Flight Time & Big Easy are cruising along and just about done, but then they are told that Hotel Christiania is not the same as Hotel Garni Christiania, but that doesn’t seem to have much impact on them. Ah, but then they have a second problem. They think they lost two of the luggage tags. Still not enough to put them behind the cowboys.

From there, they will proceed to the fountain at Inderbinen Brunnen. Here they hit the double U-turn. Zev & Justin decline to use it, not wanting to make enemies for no reason. Kisha & Jen have this same line of thinking. Having already U-turned Jaime & Cara, Kent & Vyxsin will have to pass. Gary & Mallory also choose not to U-turn anyone, knowing that the other two teams are battling with each other for last. Flight Time & Big Easy choose to U-turn Jet & Cord, as if the outcome of this leg weren’t obvious to begin with.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Moos Restaurant. So the double U-turn’s right before the pit stop? Really? Haven’t they learned their lesson from their previous bad race planning?

First: Zev & Justin (win a trip to Curacao)
Second: Kisha & Jen
Third: Kent & Vyxsin
Fourth: Gary & Mallory
Fifth: Flight Time & Big Easy
Eliminated: Jet & Cord

It’s worth repeating. What a stupid season. Jet & Cord have been eliminated, since most of the other teams got the answers from other people rather than having to actually work for it.

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