Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 13

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 12 featured a double elimination. First, Candice was voted out because she flipped, and although this cost her in the end and people will paint her flipping as the wrong move, it’s easy to argue to the contrary. Then, after Russell decided he’d had enough of Danielle and Parvati, he and for some reason Jerri decided to get rid of Danielle.

Jerri says that now they gotta get rid of Rupert and Colby. Yeah, Jerri (specifically Jerri) already blew two chances to do that.

Parvati doesn’t trust Russell at all, but she’ll still play nice for the time being. She’s worried she’s next. No kidding. Russell can’t be trusted. He pulls off a bunch of crazy game changing moves that never make a great deal of sense, although you’ve gotta give him credit for being able to dupe all these people, some of whom are not idiots.

Treemail’s a Palm Pre. I’m gonna guess Sprint paid for this ad because Palm’s past the point of bothering, currently selling somewhere below “other” (maybe things will be better over at HP when they start making tablets). On the phone are videos from their families. If they want some more love, they have to win the challenge. They will use a pail to scoop water out of the ocean and pass it to their loved ones, who will dump it into their buckets. The winner will go to the blowholes to experience the natural wonder and get some food. Colby’s getting angry with his big brother. Russell, Jerri, and Rupert are competing for the win. Russell’s bucket is the first to move, but Jerri and her sister Jennifer win reward. Russell wants to go. She will be bringing Parvati and her father Michael. Can she take one more person? Yes, she can. Not Russell. Sandra and her uncle Fernando are also going.

Russell’s not happy, and Jerri knows it. If you’re going to vote stupidly, at least back that up with your other actions.

Back at camp, Russell takes credit for taking care of Jerri the entire time. Parvati, too, is an unappreciative little bitch. That said, he makes a final three deal with Colby and Rupert. Rupert doesn’t really trust this villain, but he’s a great guy to take to the end because nobody is going to vote for him. They’d like Russell to pretend like Jerri’s still on his side so that they can get rid of Parvati.

Rupert is keeping people up at night. This is a great time to do as much physical labor as possible.

With their arms outstretched, they will use the palms of their hands to hold two poles in the air. If their poles drop, they’re out. These poles are very light, and it won’t take much time for them to fall to the side. Speaking of which, Colby is out at 15 seconds. Sandra’s out after less than 1 minute. Russell is the next to fall. Just as Jeff’s saying that Jerri’s poles are dead center right where they started, she’s out. Rupert was one of the first to start shaking, but he’s still up there with Parvati at 17 minutes. Rupert’s flirting with disaster and is on the edge of elimination. Parvati starts to move as well. In the end, Parvati wins immunity.

Russell’s plan to take out another ally is up in smoke. Now he’ll have to burn his newest alliance instead, aiming for Rupert.

Sandra wants to get rid of Russell. Still. Armed with this information, Rupert goes to Russell to warn him about the girls. Russell approaches Sandra, who says she’s against him, but he ain’t going anywhere. Her advice to Rupert: loose lips sink ships. Now that they’re pushing his buttons, Russell wants to get rid of Sandra, too.

This is the final night on which Sandra can use her hidden immunity idol. Better safe than stupid. She would hate to go home with the idol in her bra, so she plays it. Nobody had any idea.

Sandra (does not count)
Sandra (does not count)

With 4 votes, Rupert has been voted off the island.

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