The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 21

Stefan went all crazy in The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 20, but then as expected decided he’d like to try to live happily ever after. When all was said and done, Isobel decided to come to town.

All Isobel wanted was for Alaric to just mourn her and move on. Two years later, that still hasn’t happened. She’d like him to be her messenger boy, arranging a meeting between herself and her daughter Elena. He’s not going to do anything for this selfish bitch, at least not until she threatens to start killing off his students.

John returns home to find Isobel having fun with a half clothed chick and a gay (but not right now) cowboy. She has decided that John’s failed to get the invention, so she will be taking it from here.

Fearing she will regret not meeting her potentially homicidal mother, Elena agrees to go through with it. The very pleasant mama informs Elena that her father was just a teenage waste of space, and a name is irrelevant. So why did Isobel want to be a vampire anyway? For a long list of reasons, such as how Stefan will not get old and die, whereas Elena will. Enough with the pleasantries. Get the invention from Damon, or the blood will be on her hands. Good day.

Damon joins in on the half clothed fun while waiting for Isobel to get back home. What does she want with this little invention? They’re on the same side: Katherine’s. Katherine wants John to have the device and isn’t very happy if she doesn’t get what she wants. During their little makeout session, Damon has a message to return to Katherine. He does believe in killing the messenger, and if Katherine wants something, she can come get it herself.

Bonnie has decided that Elena’s her friend, and she’s there for her if she needs her.

According to Emily, Jonathan never actually invented anything. Emily used magic to make his inventions work. The device is a weapon to be used against vampires.

Since Caroline won’t stop yapping, she tells Isobel everything she needs to know about Elena’s inner circle. The first victim is Matt, who has a trailer fall on his arm. Then Jeremy disappears. This is going too far even for John, so it’s time to start beating him.

Perhaps Damon will hand over the device if Bonnie can prove she’s able to remove the spell from the device. He can’t trust Bonnie, but he does trust Elena.

Bonnie has successfully turned the device into a mere trinket, which Elena can now give to Isobel. First, where’s the brother? Since Elena has brought vampire bodyguards, she can now call home and find out that Jeremy’s okay. Isobel knew Elena could get the device from Damon because he’s in love with her. After exchanging the invention, they trade their final hateful words.

She may have rescued him, but that’s not going to stop Jeremy from hating Elena for being a liar and having his memory erased.

Alaric tosses aside his ring and vervain. With that aside, Isobel is now free to kill him or compel him. She opts to compel him to move on before saying goodbye.

Stefan’s warning for his brother: history will not be repeating itself where Elena’s concerned. Well, now Damon has a story to tell, as the only one capable of putting 2 and 2 together. John is Elena’s father.

On his doorstep, John has received what he’s been looking for. Katherine wants all those tomb vampires dead, and Isobel wants to add Stefan and Damon to the list, preventing Elena from having this life.

It should come as no surprise that Bonnie pretended to do something she didn’t really do.

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