Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 11

In one of the most awesome moves ever, Parvati blindsided the whole cast in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 10 when she gave away both of her hidden immunity idols to keep her tribe safe and eliminate the not so bright giving your idol away to the other tribe JT.

Russell considers Parvati not telling him about the idol to be a lie. He’s digging his own grave if he doesn’t get over himself. Parvati finds Russell’s panic to be amusing.

The Heroes were too stupid to listen to Rupert in the first place. Now his only hope is to try to get Sandra to open that door they slammed in her face once already.

Not trusting Sandra, Russell wants Candice to jump over to the Villains. A good choice. Unlike the other Heroes who talk about loyalty and integrity and all those other things that are just plain lies in a game of Survivor, we’ve seen Candice flip before to get away from a tribe that she hated (and vice versa).

The reward challenge is Survivor shuffleboard. Reward is to go to the home of Robert Louis Stevenson, which is now a museum, for a screening of the movie Treasure Island and a night’s stay. Candice, Parvati, and Jerri are the black team. Rupert, Russell, and Sandra are the red team. Colby, Danielle, and Amanda are the blue team. Candice starts things off. Russell manages to beat her mark. Jerri knocks him closer. Rupert gets the red team closer still. Danielle knocks Rupert out of the way, but that still gives red the lead. With the final shot of the game, Colby lands right on the X to win the reward for the blue team.

A rather boring trio to be at the reward. No chance these guys are going to make a move to bond with Danielle. One thing they are all focused on, though, is the fact that they assume a hidden immunity idol has been replanted. Danielle finds it in the bowl of popcorn. Amanda acts suspiciously, wanting Danielle to move over on the bed. When Danielle doesn’t move over, Amanda spots the clue on the ground and takes it. Chick fight ensues. Colby thinks it would only be fair that Amanda give the clue back. So much for keeping it a secret.

Danielle shares the clue with the other Villains. Russell finds the idol, and he has no plans of letting his tribe know he’s got it because he is the king. He does, however, tell Candice, promising her final three.

Sandra’s talking to Colby. If she makes a move, that would still be 5-4, with her at the bottom regardless, in either scenario hoping to make a climb up that ladder. They have decided that Danielle has the idol, but that it doesn’t matter since she won’t think she’s in danger. Russell warns her that she can flip if she really wants, but they have 6 votes currently. Whatever the case, Sandra has to decide how desperate she is to get rid of Russell.

For the immunity challenge, each person will have 150 wooden tiles that they will use to build a house of cards 10 feet tall. Jerri, Russell, Danielle, and Colby are building a nice house of cards. Colby’s comes tumbling down. Jerri’s got the lead at 6 feet, with Russell at 5 feet and Danielle at 4. Sandra’s next to collapse. Jerri and Russell are approaching 8 feet with caution. Jerri hits 9 feet first. Nobody else is close to her and Russell, and many of them are just watching the show. In a close finish, Jerri wins immunity, her first ever.

Sandra will be voting for Russell. She’s been wanting to get rid of him for 30 days and is doing it for Boston Rob, Tyson, Courtney, and even Coach, who she doesn’t care about.

Russell wants to get rid of Amanda because she’s an aggressive strategic player.

Candice is aware that either move she makes could be the winning of the end. At least she’s not with a bunch of babies like on Cook Islands where they sent her to Exile Island over and over and over again to seek revenge.

In true Russell style, he marches right up to Sandra to confront her once he hears from Candice that he’s the target, telling her that Candice told him the plan. Now Sandra’s worried that they’re hanging her out to dry.

Based on, well, something entirely unclear, they are now going to vote for Parvati instead. With Candice sitting right next to him, Colby says that, if this doesn’t work, it’s her fault.

Candice and Sandra are now attempting to come to some sort of unified conclusion so that either way they are both still in the majority.

Russell will be playing his idol.


With 6 votes, Amanda has been voted off the island, the first time she’s had her torch snuffed in three seasons. It sure would have made things interesting if Sandra flipped, but for sheer stupidity alone, the Heroes deserve to be getting picked off.

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