Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 10

After weeding out all the strong players, the Villains finally got rid of some dead weight in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 9. The real story was that JT threw his hidden immunity idol away by giving it to an enemy, Russell of all people.

Treemail sends the Villains with a map to the Heroes camp and a key.

Russell’s story is that he didn’t do as instructed just in case both he and Parvati played idols. This is not going to be a hard sell to JT, who just assumes that both Russell and Parvati played idols before even hearing a word.

Nobody is surprised to find out they are merging. Jerri suggests naming their tribe All Villains.

Parvati realizes that nobody wants her there either.

Sandra’s got a reality check for Rupert, one he’ll consider cashing if he wants to survive. Whatever Russell says, he’s lying. I’m still struggling to identify who to root for here. The Heroes are a bunch of idiots, but Russell needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

Rupert is now becoming the voice of reason. JT refuses to believe Russell hasn’t flipped. Even Amanda doesn’t believe it, and I thought she was the smart one. Their plan is to vote for somebody other than who they tell Russell they’re voting for. That’s about as far as they’re willing to go to humor Rupert.

Amanda warns Parvati what she already knows: everybody wants her gone. After Amanda promises to be really honest with her, Parvati has to tell her something. She has an idol, which Amanda interprets to mean she’s got another idol. As much as Amanda may possibly be willing to work with Parvati, neither of them fully trust each other, and Amanda views Parvati as a threat to beat her (again).

The new tribe name turns out to be Yin-Yang.

Individual immunity is now what they seek. Last person hanging on a pole wins. JT, Candice, and Parvati have all competed in this challenge previously. This will probably go to a woman. Amanda, Colby, and Sandra start off quickly inching down their poles. Sandra and Colby are the first ones eliminated. Russell is the next one down. Rupert’s out next. 20 minutes elapse before Amanda is eliminated. JT drops next. After an hour and a half, Parvati’s just hanging around getting a tan. Jerri is the next one down. Candice, Parvati, and Danielle all remain at the top. Candice wishes them luck as she goes to step down. Before she steps down, Jeff asks why seeing as he considers her the odds on favorite. Her reasoning: they look like they could go for a while. Danielle ain’t giving up. Parvati already has an idol that Danielle wouldn’t mind her burning. So Parvati agrees to drop. Danielle wins immunity. Perhaps not the strategically best move, but better safe three more days than possibly not I suppose.

The Heroes will be voting for Sandra or Jerri but plan to tell Russell they’re going to get rid of Parvati.

Sandra realizes she’s stuck with Russell for now, whether she likes it or not.

Russell’s plan is to give his idol to Parvati again. Well, she doesn’t need one since she’s already got one, but she could always use a second.

Amanda tells Parvati she’d better play that idol, just in case, which Parvati can tell is a lie.

So who are the Villains voting for? Whatever they do, they should plan to be a united front for a change. Russell’s target is his new buddy JT.

Rupert hopes this vote reveals Russell to be a liar.

Parvati hands her idol over to Sandra. Interesting. Too bad she picked the wrong person since the Heroes targeted Jerri, believing that she’s the least likely person to receive an idol from someone. The Heroes smile realizing the error in Parvati’s ways. Oh, but it ain’t over yet. Jerri, you can have one, too. Okay, hard not to be a Parvati fan after that. Within 5 seconds, she outsmarted all the Heroes while keeping her side safe, made Amanda realize she’s not a convincing enough liar, secured some goodwill from Jerri and Sandra, and knocked Russell off his high horse.

Jerri (does not count)
Jerri (does not count)
Jerri (does not count)
Jerri (does not count)
Jerri (does not count)

One of the best tribal councils ever. With 3 votes, JT has been voted off the island. He got himself served. He’s learned not to trust Villains. Or women.

Having kept Russell in the dark, despite the fact that her plan saved the day, Parvati now has some explaining to do about her little secret.

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