Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 9

Continuing their trend of voting off their strongest members, the Villains got rid of Coach in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 8.

Jerri’s worried she may be next. A valid concern. If so, she has herself to blame.

Russell promises us that Sandra and Courtney will be the next ones go to, since they’re the ones he doesn’t trust. Heard that one before.

The reward challenge will test their endurance and threshold for pain. This is the one from Tocantins where Coach dramatically fell over at the end. They will have to rank their tribe from strongest to weakest and then compete against the matching rank from the other side. Rupert’s pride tells him he’s the strongest on his tribe, but his tribe doesn’t think that’s a wise move. While Russell would like to be ranked as the strongest on his tribe, they realize as well that this will probably be easiest for the women.

The winning tribe will receive a feast from Outback Steakhouse. By default, Russell will sit out for the Villains, being ranked as their weakest. By order of strongest to weakest, Danielle and Candice, Courtney and Amanda, Parvati and JT (who won this in Tocantins), Colby and Jerri (old friends), and Sandra and Rupert face off against each other. Everybody makes it to the second footholds. After another ten minutes, everybody advances to the third and final set of footholds. Colby is first to fall, and Jerri puts the Villains up 1-0. Rupert’s the next one down, as Sandra takes the lead 2-0. Amanda’s the third person to fall, as the Villains sweep the challenge, a change of pace from their 4 challenge losing streak.

As a side note, Amanda, who placed third in China and second in Micronesia, is the first person in Survivor history to reach the 100 day mark. If only she could stop going to the finals with people who beat her.

Inside Parvati’s napkin is a tiny rolled up clue. Nobody else saw that, so depending on how many people go into her underpants, this should give her an advantage over the rest of her tribe. After, she does show it to Danielle. Danielle doesn’t have any pockets either, but she can stash it in her boobs. For now, Russell doesn’t need to know.

The Villains find it amusing that the other tribe thinks there’s an all girl alliance. However, there is no all girl alliance. So is that a good thing or a bad thing?

JT’s got a plan. If they win the next immunity challenge, JT gives Russell the hidden immunity idol, and he votes out Parvati. Worst. Idea. Ever. Give a hidden idol to the opposing tribe? Really? Amanda’s skeptical. For all they know, he could be in with the girls. Candice says that at least JT wouldn’t have the idol any more, though.

The next morning, Amanda and Danielle go for a walk with a shovel. In their travels, they find the idol pretty quickly. It’s not all about King Russell. It’s about Queen Parvati.

JT proceeds to write his letter to Russell, instructions what to do with the idol. This could turn out to be one of the biggest moves of the season. Too bad it’s going to blow up in JT’s face.

Both tribes will have to move puzzle pieces through a series of obstacles in the water. Sandra sits out for the Villains. Jerri takes a slight lead over Rupert, but that doesn’t last long. JT’s off first to be squaring off against Danielle. Amanda’s got the third bag with a large lead still intact, and she’s going against Parvati. Candice and Courtney take off fourth. There’s just enough time here for Colby to tell Russell to go see JT after the challenge is over. Colby returns first as the Heroes start their puzzle first. Before Russell can get back to the beach, Heroes win immunity. Then JT gives Russell his idol. Wow. Just. Wow.

At the top of the note is a request for Russell to read it in complete privacy. So he lets Parvati read it out loud. Yeah, Parvati finds out that the other tribe all wants her gone, too. She can’t believe that guy actually won.

Apparently, the people in control will be getting rid of Courtney, again. Courtney approaches Parvati to make a deal, which Parvati believes may be a better deal than Russell’s alliance.

Russell says that it’s all about who he can trust. They’re not voting along the lines of who can or cannot help them in challenges. I noticed.

Jerri says she’s not in anybody’s alliance and never was.


With 4 votes, Courtney has been voted off the island. Sandra’s a much bigger threat, although she’s unlikely to win because she already won before.

The winner of Micronesia and the sixth place finisher in Cook Islands, Parvati will join Amanda at the 100 day mark as of tomorrow. The only other person with a shot at hitting that is Rupert, assuming he makes it all the way to the end.

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