Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 8

Coach and Jerri flipped to allow for Boston Rob to be voted out in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 7.

Now we get to hear more about how great Russell is. Last season it was entertaining. This season it’s just getting old.

Coach complains that he did not want Boston Rob out. There was a simple solution: don’t vote against him (the cowardly move of voting for Courtney still counts as a vote against Rob). Jerri, who was the one of that pair to write Rob’s name down, says she misses Rob already.

The Heroes may have made a deal to go look for the idol together, but that doesn’t stop JT from going off on his own to search and find it. Amanda discovers him before he can move. Candice is right behind her. Since everybody will know anyway, he decides to show the rest of the tribe.

Treemail leads the Villains to assume they’re merging, to the extent that they pack up their camp and bring it with them. Are they really that desperate to move on?

The Heroes point out that it looks like the Villains have got an all girl alliance.

When Jeff greets them, he points out the very nice feast behind them. Before they move any further, he tells everybody to drop their… expectations. It’s not a merge. Both tribes have an opportunity to win this challenge (Survivor bowling). They win it, they eat. Sandra and Courtney sit out for the Villains. Probably not the smartest move if the immunity challenge is remotely physical, and Coach’s influence and desire to eat is likely to get the blame in hindsight. Parvati gets a gutter ball. Rupert scores 3. Parvati gets a second gutter ball. Heroes lead 1-0. JT knocks down 6. Danielle misses. JT stays at 6. Danielle’s gutter ball brings the Heroes to a 2-0 lead. Russell gets a gutter ball. Colby follows suit. Russell knocks over 5 pins. Colby hits just 1. Villains are behind 2-1. Coach hits 5. Amanda does the same. Coach hits 1 on his second roll. Amanda hits 2 to win reward.

The Heroes consider it a silly move to have gotten rid of Boston Rob, their best physical and mental competitor.

Jerri says that every single person on their tribe is an idiot. Oh, and voting Boston Rob out was stupid, and they’re screwed in an immunity challenge since they sat out Sandra and Courtney. As Jerri stands there whining, Sandra’s sitting right behind her, not clear why they’re blaming her for their loss.

Sandra decides she hates most of her tribe, and she suggests getting even with Coach. Russell’s the kind of person who will vote for someone who’s gunning for him. What if the rumor starts that Coach wants him out?

Russell eats this up pretty easily. He’s onboard with getting rid of Coach, which further would make it even easier for the Heroes to believe it’s a women’s alliance.

For the immunity challenge, they will be belted together in pairs, going through a muddy obstacle course to retrieve flags. Jerri and Danielle sit out for the Villains. Russell and Sandra go against Amanda and Candice. Amanda and Candice have the lead the whole time, which opens into a massive gap as the leg plays on. Heroes lead 1-0. Coach and Rupert go against each other in the one-on-one challenge. Coach is leading at the start, but Rupert passes him on the way back. In a footrace to the finish, Coach edges him out to tie it 1-1. In the final round, Parvati and Courtney go against JT and Colby. It’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen here. Heroes win immunity.

Danielle is upset. She doesn’t want people who can’t compete in challenges in the tribe. If she weren’t following Russell around like a lost puppy, she would have done something about that last week and gotten rid of Courtney instead of Boston Rob.

Coach kind of wants to vote out Russell, but he’d rather get rid of the weakest link, Courtney.

Russell would prefer to get rid of Coach. However, Danielle tries to get her point across to Russell that they should get rid of Courtney. He doesn’t want to hear a word of it and walks away.

Shortly thereafter, Russell says he’s changed his mind. Now he wants to vote out Courtney.

Jeff points out the result of voting out Tyson and Rob: the tribe has now lost 4 times in a row. They’re pretty much getting what they deserve. Whatever blame he may want to assign to Courtney, it’s not her fault. She didn’t vote them out.


By a vote of 4-3, Coach has been voted off the island. Interestingly, Russell voted for Courtney, but his girls did not.

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