Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 7

Both tribes went to tribal council in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 6. After Boston Rob pieced together the correct strategy, bonehead Tyson went off on his own and got himself eliminated. Then James got voted out due to his injured leg.

Russell wants to work on Jerri next. Well, good luck getting Jerri and Parvati to not hate each other.

Colby realizes it’s put up or shut up time for him. Wouldn’t hurt for someone else on the Heroes tribe to step up either.

The reward challenge involves a race through the water to get a ball and score a basket. The winning tribe will go to an outdoor waterfall with lunch. Courtney, Sandra, and Parvati sit out for the Villains. Colby misses twice. Then Coach misses twice. Then Colby finally makes a basket to lead 1-0. On the next point, an aggressive Heroes tribe takes the 2-0 lead on a score by Candice. Colby scores again to take win reward 3-0.

In addition to the food, they get a clue telling them there’s another immunity idol at their beach. They pretend like they’re going to ignore the clue. For a few minutes. They agree to use it together against the other tribe.

Russell tells Jerri and Coach that he wants to be in the final three with them. Coach thinks this is all bunk, but that Jerri is buying it. While these two may say they’re allies, they don’t seem to be on the same path.

For the immunity challenge, three members of each tribe will race relay style across a net, then climb up a rope web to retrieve puzzle pieces. Once they’ve collected all six bags, the two remaining tribe members will solve the puzzle. Jerri, Danielle, and Russell sit out for the Villains. JT and Amanda are on the puzzle for the Heroes; Boston Rob and Sandra are on the puzzle for the Villains. Parvati gets a slight lead over Rupert for the Villains. Courtney extends that lead over Candice. Coach continues the lead over Colby. Parvati loses some of the lead. Then Courtney completely loses it with her slow climbing and fear of jumping off the net, falling way behind Candice. Colby then runs with it to give the Heroes the early start on the puzzle. For a change, it looks like the Heroes may actually win on a puzzle, and they do.

Coach says that they need to get rid of the weak link, which would be Courtney following that challenge.

Russell is talking to Rob, Courtney, and Sandra. He wants to get rid of the weak. Either Courtney or Sandra. At least he’s not hiding his plans.

Coach agrees with that logic. They have to be too careful at the challenges because Courtney and Sandra are weak.

Rob’s plan is to get rid of the threat, Russell. His theory is that the thing most important to Coach is his loyalty. Either he sticks to the alliance, or it will be known he’s a liar.

In turn, Russell would like to get rid of Rob. This is going to be a harder sell than Courtney, who clearly blew the challenge.

Coach says that the elimination of Tyson removed the bridge of the gap between the sides. He begs Rob and Russell to stop being at each other’s throats.


By a vote of 4-3, Boston Rob has been voted off the island. That pretty firmly establishes Russell’s control of the game.

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