Survivor: Marquesas Episode 7

Following another Maraamu challenge loss, Gina was voted off the island in Survivor: Marquesas Episode 6.

The Maraamu tribe find the skull of a man. Friend or foe? That island may be uninhabited now, but at one point there were apparently people living and killing each other there.

Vecepia continues to kiss butt and pretend she’s friends with the Rotu 4.

The tribes get treemail, which is a map to send one person on a quest. Since nobody else is volunteering, Boston Rob agrees to go. He doesn’t wanna be with these people any longer than he has to. Obviously, Paschal and Neleh aren’t splitting up, so Kathy will go for Maraamu. They arrive to beds and food and will be ambassadors for the merge. Rob feels bad that the other people are missing this. Honest. Rob tells Kathy that she’s the next target. She informs him that Gina called him a lazy two-faced mean bum. They make a pact to stick together. This is quick. Too quick for Kathy. The two of them in the end would be the best showdown ever, though.

When they return to Maraamu beach, they’ve got 5 minutes to gather everything. So long crabs and fruit. From there they go to Rotu beach, described by those who have lived at both beaches as being the worst of the two.

Kathy doesn’t trust anyone when she returns, and she shouldn’t. She warns Paschal that she’s about to get axed, and he and Neleh are being played, too.

They have named their new tribe Soliantu, sacred allegiance to the sun. The new tribe will wear pink buffs. The General denies that real men wear pink.

Tammy realizes that the let’s not lie ever strategy isn’t realistic. She’s fully willing to do whatever she needs to do to win the game.

With Kathy present, Rob confronts Zoe about the agreement they made to pick off the other island. Risky strategy, but it’s not like he has anything to lose. Zoe denies any knowledge of any such plan. She pauses, then she lies. Kathy just walks away but ultimately has decided that Rob is telling the truth and she’d better win immunity to stick around.

The immunity challenge is to remain standing on a platform in the water. Neleh is eliminated. The General follows her. Paschal is next. Vecepia follows. Some of the others are getting a little too comfortable, dancing around out there. Sean is the next one out. Zoe appeared quite comfortable but has been eliminated. John’s been wobbling for quite some time. Boston Rob reaches into the water to splash (it was later revealed that Probst dared him to do so), and his hands touch the platform in the process. Tammy takes a header. John just barely touches, or so it appears. Kathy wins immunity.

Rob still plans to take John down. Within the next two tribal councils, he will be exposed. Better sooner than later.

John’s not sure who’s going. What happened to “my word is my bond”? That went away when Rob blabbed to Kathy. This very loud conversation is overheard by the entire tribe. If there were any secrets, they’re going to be a lot harder to keep now.

Boston Rob admits to lying. Then he admits that others are lying, too, particularly those who are pretending they’re honest.


With 7 votes, Boston Rob has been voted off the island. He didn’t go down without a fight, though, so it’s just a question of whether the rest of the tribe wakes up in time. Rob’s buddy Sean stuck by him. The Zoe vote came from Kathy.

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