Survivor: Marquesas Episode 6

Maraamu finally won something in Survivor: Marquesas Episode 5 (it was weird), and after revealing he “not there to play the game,” Gabe’s own tribe turned on him to vote him out.

John believes he’s in control now. He’s completely willing to throw the immunity challenge. Robert is okay with John making the decisions because that makes him the target.

Vecepia is trying to make it clear that she’s not with Rob or Sean any more.

The little Maraamu tribe doesn’t have to work at finding food. It’s just sitting there at their feet. On the contrary, Rotu is just eating one meal a day.

Maraamu assumes that either Rob or Sean has been voted off. Wait until they find out it’s really Gabe. Jaws drop.

The reward challenge is a relay challenge. On the first leg, one member will race through the jungle to untie a paddle. That person will tag another tribemate and find another paddle tied up. The second leg is to break a pile of coconuts and find a key. The other two members will then use the key to unlock the canoe, paddle out to grab a flag, and return to the beach. Reward is Sierra Mist, chicken, quiche, bean salad, and cookies. Vecepia, Sean, and Tammy sit out for Rotu. Leg 1 is Rob against Paschal. It’s obvious how this ends. Rob tags Zoe to grab the next paddle. Pappy tags Neleh. Rob and Zoe find the key, as the other tribe is still trying to get their paddles. Robert forgets his paddle, which costs them a little time, but it looks like a moot issue. Robert and John are paddling for Rotu. Well, that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. They are completely clueless. By some miracle, Kathy and Gina still have a chance to win this. Rob and Zoe did their part, but John and Robert are turning out to be idiots. Kathy and Gina are the first to get their flag, but it’s now a close race to the finish. By this point, it looks like Robert and John have figured things out to an extent, but they’re still quite a ways behind. Now it’s time for Maraamu to make a time wasting mistake. They forget the flag. Rotu returns with their flag first. They win reward. Maraamu protests. Both paddlers have to be at the post. Robert is not there. He’s sitting elsewhere resting. Additionally, their boat is not within the chain length. Scratch that. Reverse it. Maraamu wins reward.

John refuses to apologize for screwing up the challenge, and he claims it’s not that big a deal. He further pretends that it would not be worth winning. Tammy joins him to make him feel better.

Paschal views Gabe as a son, and he was bitterly disappointed to see him voted out. This is an element John failed to consider when he put together his four.

Although the Maraamu tribe all say they’re a family, they know that there’s a good chance they could lose again. In that event, Paschal and Neleh would vote together, so it’s a question of who they vote for. Kathy is worried it may be her.

Boston Rob knows there’s an alliance. So he asks because he wants to see them lie to his face. Zoe tells him there is no alliance. He tells her he won’t forget her lying. Then he asks John, who responds you’d have to be blind not to see they have an alliance. They give each other their words that ex-Rotu will go first. John may possibly be able to be believed. As for the Robfather, well, we know better.

John hopes to throw the challenge because Rob is dangerous and desperate to do something to flip the game on its head. He should have thought of this yesterday. Sean and Vecepia both sat out yesterday, so they will definitely be in the next one. Tammy’s the other one who sat out, and she says she can’t throw the challenge. So that’s 3 out of the 4 who will be trying as hard as they can. It’s the maze challenge. In addition to Vecepia, Sean, and Tammy, Rob will be leading the charge for Rotu. Tammy will be lumped somewhere in the middle of the three ex-Maraamu. She can drag her feet a bit, but this is going to be hard to throw convincingly even if she wants to. Rotu takes the lead with their first step. Then they get their second. Then they get their third. Maraamu finally gets their first. Then they get their second. Rotu has 4. And 5. Rotu wins immunity. For all John’s talk, it would have been nearly impossible for Tammy to single handedly throw this challenge.

Kathy is worried. Her leadership was not very good on the maze, and now the fire’s out because she put sand on it, which they used to do at Rotu. She wants to talk to Gina about the vote, but Gina doesn’t want to talk.

When they get to tribal council, Neleh says she hasn’t yet decided yet who she’s going to vote for. That’s a hard statement to swallow. The four of them say they’re all one tribe and would be going four strong together, which is a good thing because the Rotu 4 have already forgotten about them.


Tribal lines hold, and by a vote of 3-1, Gina has been voted off the island.

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