Big Brother 11 Episode 15

In the likely to be completely pointless Big Brother 11 Episode 14, Chima nominated Russell and Lydia. Tonight’s episode actually matters, though, for just one reason. There are only three people guaranteed safety this week regardless of who’s nominated: the HOH winner, the person who was handed the coup d’etat by the producers, and the veto winner.

Lydia believes Russell is the real target, but she’s worried that Russell will be able to act nice enough to get off the hook. She wants to stir pot, telling him it must suck that he got nominated by his friends.

Big Brother tells Jeff to go to the diary room. Jessie thinks he’s got the power. Natalie doesn’t think he’s got it, and even if he does, he’s not stupid enough to use it.

Russell’s plan now is to get on the other team because he has no team any more. He was never ever going to go after Jeff and Jordan, not even when he was being a big baby about how bad Jeff’s spelling is. He also would like to try to mend fences with Michele, who doesn’t trust his big mouth. How’s he going to get her on his side? By calling her a liar.

This forces her to run upstairs to Natalie and Chima, who continues to push her girl power alliance, which will require the elimination of Russell and Jeff.

Having just gotten done telling Michele that Ronnie was completely wrong and should have never said what he did, Russell’s new opinion is that Ronnie was dead on about her. Also, she’s crazy and needs to be medicated.

Because there are nine people left in the house, that leaves three people unable to even have a chance at protecting themselves from the mystery power.

Chima chooses Natalie to play in veto.
Russell chooses Jeff as houseguest’s choice.
Lydia chooses Kevein as houseguests choice.

That leaves Michele, Jessie, and Jordan out in the cold, although Jordan has nothing to worry about. Jessie views Russell’s pick as the official end of the road for their alliance.

The houseguests get dressed up as chickens. Their job is to rescue the eggs by getting them up the fence, through the hole, and across the sizzling bacon. The first player to get 12 eggs will win the power of veto. This competition looks like it could go on and on and on. Kevin is the first to score a point. Natalie is the first to drop an egg. Russell and Jeff score. Lydia follows. Natalie just keeps breaking eggs and swearing at them. Kevin has taken the lead with two eggs. Russell and Kevin stay close. In the end and by mere seconds, Kevin wins the challenge.

Logically, Kevin will use this power to save his closest ally. He’s not so sure that’s a good idea. Will it create enemies?

Russell warns Jessie that voting him out will cost him the game. Might have been more convincing before he chose Jeff to play for him in POV. His suggestion: get Jeff nominated. Jessie has no intention of doing any such thing. Rather, he wants to use this information to make it clear that Jeff can’t trust Russell. He also tells Jordan the same thing, but she doesn’t trust him. While trusting Jessie is not a good idea, trusting Russell is an even worse idea.

If Jordan gets HOH next week, who should she put up next week? More than anything, Jeff would like to see Natalie on the block against Jessie. Heat of the moment comment, or overly predictable indication of things to come on Thursday?

While he’s pretending with the rest of the house (Michele notwithstanding), Russell continues to be a jerk to Chima, as if that will win him friends. Then we get a montage of the people Russell’s picked on. Chima won’t sit by idly or start crying. Instead, she’ll yell at the same annoying volume as he does.

Lydia is 100% convinced that Kevin won’t use the veto. Like Russell, nobody is looking out for her. If Kevin wanted Russell (and consequently the rest of the house) to know this information, he would have told them.

Kevin’s fear is that Chima will be angry if he uses the veto. She backs this up, saying she will no longer trust him.

Knowing it would take a miracle (and even that wouldn’t be enough) for Kevin to use the veto on him, Russell takes the opportunity to get in a jab at Kevin at the veto ceremony: Lydia’s his friend. Kevin has decided to use the veto on no one. He hopes this doesn’t put a strain on their relationship.

Aside from the coup d’etat holder, Russell’s the only person looking forward to it. His game’s pretty much over because he’s played it so poorly, but now someone who’s played the game well may be in danger instead.

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