Survivor: Borneo Episode 11

Sean finally stopped voting in alphabetical order, not that it mattered because the alliance now has enough votes to control the game, and Gervase was voted out in Survivor: Borneo Episode 10. As for the remaining Pagong members, they were stupid again, this time voting for Sean, their best swing vote hope.

With everybody else gone, Colleen is now the last Pagong standing. She believes that the alliance is scrambling, each trying to further themselves in the game, with the exception of Rudy, who will just watch it all happen. Even Sean’s starting to treat the game a little more like a game. With all that’s going on around her, Colleen has absolutely no interest in improving her standing. She doesn’t enjoy playing the game and pretty much seems resigned to go home.

Reward is a night on a yacht with TV, stereo, luxury dinner, bed, and shower. It is a multiple choice challenge.

Pound for pound, insects are a better source of protein than beef. True or false?
Everybody answers true. Everybody is correct. Almost 80% of an insect is good for protein.

What must be done to water collected from inside green bamboo to make it safe to drink?
The correct answer is nothing. Rudy and Colleen are correct.

After some more questions that we don’t get to see, Kelly is eliminated.

If you do not have water, you should:
Not eat. Digestion removes even more fluid. Everybody is correct, but because she’s one color behind the others, Susan has been eliminated.

If you eat a poisonous mushroom and survive the first 24 hours, you have a 90% chance of full recovery. True or false?
False. Some mushrooms will kill you 2-10 days later. Richard is correct.

What is the longest venemous snake in the world?
King cobra. Sean is correct.

The dangerous female black widow spider is identified by a blue hourglass pattern on her abdomen. True or false?
False. The answer is red. Since they have advanced all the way to the mat, Sean and Richard move on to the tie breaker.

Which can you drink to kill intestinal parasites?
Kerosene. Just hope that doesn’t kill you before it kills the parasites. Sean wins reward.

One person may be able to join him for breakfast. He said he’s going to bring Kelly because he owes her a dinner.

With the growing rain storms, the castaways are becoming increasingly miserable. As the sun comes out, Sean sees his yacht and a rainbow, which has a pot of gold at the end for somebody. Jeff tells him he can invite someone for breakfast. He asks Kelly if she wants that to be her meal. She does not respond yes, but rather tells him not to pawn the decision off on her. The girls want him to grow a pair and make up his mind. Okay then. Rich can join him for breakfast the next morning. Following his dinner, shower, and massage, Sean gets a surprise visit from his father.

Now Kelly’s mad at Sean. Dumbass. She should have said yes when he asked, rather than saying it wasn’t her decision. She got what she deserved.

Colleen thought it was a pretty smart move if Sean’s buttering up Rich to save himself.

Sue wants to know what’s going on in the world, but Sean’s father doesn’t know. He has, however, brought a care package for each person, which does include some food.

The immunity challenge is to stand on planks. Over time, planks will be removed until each person is standing on just one plank. Last one standing wins. The first plank is cut with nobody budging. Then it’s time to cut a second plank. Rudy is the first one out, perhaps to get away from Hatch’s singing. The others get away from it next, as Richard falls in. Rich and Rudy are on the beach discussing how Kelly is going home tonight, and Colleen’s in no danger. The final plank has been removed. Sean falls in as it’s being removed. Sue’s right behind him. If Kelly hangs in there, Sue wants to eliminate Sean instead of Colleen. Rich and Rudy are onboard with that. Colleen asks Kelly if she’s getting voted off if she falls. Not by Kelly. What about the rest? Colleen eventually falls as the sun’s going down, and Kelly wins immunity.

Kelly says she’s out of the alliance. Yeah, this again. Pagong didn’t trust her because they saw her as a double agent, and Tagi doesn’t trust her because they see her over on the other side. Kelly has decided she doesn’t care how she treats the rest of the tribe, whether they’re on the jury or not.

At tribal council, Kelly’s still complaining about her decision to not ask Sean to take her with him. His explanation for his choice is that Rich provides them with so much food.


With 4 votes, Colleen has been voted off the island. It was her time to go, as she wasn’t going to bother playing, like the rest of Pagong. Her last words: play fair, be nice. Good luck with that.

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