Survivor: Borneo Episode 10

Although Kelly didn’t vote with her alliance, Sean’s alphabetical order strategy still ensured they had enough votes to eliminate Jenna in Survivor: Borneo Episode 9.

The plan had been to vote out Gervase, but they changed it at the last minute because Jenna had to go, which they knew would only take three votes.

Gervase thinks there’s gotta be an alliance. Really? As for Sean, no, he’s not 100% sure. It seems, however, he’s realized that his alphabetical order strategy is stupid, especially when everbody knows about it.

Hatch plans to wait for a couple more people to go home before he starts to feed people like kings. He views his fellow tribe members like he views these fish. Just waiting to be picked off.

Sue’s strategy is to play the role of the dumb redneck. I’m buying it. She doesn’t trust Rich, and her plan is to burn him eventually. She does, however, trust Kelly 100%, and she has no plans to turn on her. In return, Kelly only trusts Sue, but she doubts that trust.

Gervase is again a father. His son was born while he was on the island. That makes 4 kids, although he’s never been married. When Rudy was young, you got married as soon as that stick turned blue.

They get a pizza box before they go to the challenge, so they know what reward will be. I wonder if that 30 minutes or less thing still applies. The winner will get a phone call home to the person of their choice, plus a slice of pizza delivered by helicopter. The game is a simple balancing act. The first one to get across the poles wins. Everybody runs the first leg, and the fastest four will advance. Sue, Gervase, Rich, and Sean proceed. Rich and Gervase make it to the final round. Gervase wins reward. He offers everybody a bite of his slice of pizza. He’ll call his girlfriend in the morning because she had the baby. I’d say call now. It’s 3AM in Jersey, but someone with a newborn is probably still awake.

Kelly thinks the alliance, which she’s been part of for weeks, is dirty and conniving. She decided a while ago to not be part of the alliance. She believes she’s hiding this well from Rich, but he sees she’s changing. Her plan is to either lie down and let Rich do what he wants, or she’s going to try to beat him at his own game (good luck with that).

The immunity challenge is to build a fire with kindling and torches. They have three minutes to place the wood, then they’ll head out into the water to get fire. Richard is first back to the beach. Gervase takes a long time to get back with his fire, and when he gets back, it goes out, so he has to return to the water. He’s pretty much out of it, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Hatch has a healthy lead, and nobody else is even close. Rich wins immunity.

Gervase and Colleen make costumes for tribal council. His codename is Bullseye; Colleen’s is Sitting Duck.

Sean has agreed to join an alliance with Pagong, as long as Kelly is onboard. One big problem is that the ideal target is safe at tonight’s vote.

Hatch continues to get increasingly suspicious of Kelly.

Sean has, finally, agreed to get with the program. He will be voting in his own best interest.

Sue says that alliances are the American way. So is she finally admitting there’s an alliance?


With 4 votes, Gervase has been voted off the island. Apparently aware they were unable to get Sean on their side, the Pagong folks made another vote that didn’t make a great deal of sense, rather than letting the sole survivor try to work with him over the next few days.

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