Survivor: Borneo Episode 9

Instead of banding together and trying to bring in Dr. Sean’s vote from the other side, the members of Pagong voted against one of their own, Jenna. The other side, however, decided unanimously to vote out Greg in Survivor: Gabon Episode 8, with an assist from Sean’s silly alphabetical order strategy.

Colleen has finally realized that there is an alliance (duh), and she realizes her number is up.

Kelly says she’s not having fun Pagonging people. She’d rather do this all on her own. If she were on her own, she wouldn’t be in the powerful position she’s in now, though.

Hatch doesn’t believe that he’s sticking around due to his fishing. Rather, he’s still there because he’s smart enough to have maneuvered himself into a good spot. The fishing’s just a nice bonus.

Now they just have to figure out how the heck to cook the fish, and Rudy’s not helping any. Half of the fish has been wasted, and Hatch isn’t happy with that. He says he doesn’t plan to catch any more fish for a while.

The others continue fishing, but they still haven’t caught anything. For a change, though, the girls do manage to catch a single fish in their traps.

Reward is a BBQ including steak, hot dogs, burgers, chicken, kabobs, chips, etc. Additionally, they have letters from home, even Jenna. Rudy’s fully prepared to eat rice tonight. The challenge is to navigate their way through 16 legs of a rope contraption and pick up their number at each station. In this competition, Jeff’s starting to do some talking, a staple of future challenges. Kelly has taken the lead, with Colleen in second and Jenna in third. Colleen edges out Kelly by seconds to win reward. After her win, Jeff starts talking about inviting someone. She wants to invite everyone. Nope, time to choose. Jenna has been invited so she can read her letter.

Although Colleen knows there’s an alliance, somebody’s still not convinced. Sean told her that, if it happens one more time, he’ll know for sure there’s an alliance. She is finally planning to actually make a move, seeing if they can swing Sean over to their side and force a tie.

Rich celebrates his 39th birthday in his birthday suit. Tagi is kinda sorta used to this, but Colleen and Jenna run away and cover their eyes.

Sean’s alphabetical order strategy may be stupid, but it’s a valid strategy. Here’s the big problem. He’s told everyone on the tribe his strategy, so they all know exactly how he’ll vote.

The immunity challenge is mental for a change. They have to step on a square and flip it over to reveal a yellow square. When they run out of red squares to move to, they’re out. Colleen is the first one out. Kelly is the next one out. Sue is out third. Sean chooses to step toward Jenna instead of going the other way, effectively ending her run. She is eliminated after a couple more moves, so now she’s rooting for/helping Rudy. Rich follows her. Gervase is next out, and Sean is after him. Rudy wins immunity.

Pagong is all pretty much onboard with the fact that they were playing a very stupid game.

Rich and Sue are concerned that Kelly may flip and join with the girls around her age. Rudy doesn’t think they’ve got enough brains to join together.

Greg, voted out at the previous tribal council, has become the first member of the jury, so he will be observing them.

If Sean felt that Jenna were in danger, he’d cancel her alphabetical vote. Sue thinks Sean’s a neurotic idiot, but he says he just doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body, so he doesn’t want to vote against anyone out of strategy.


With four votes, Jenna has been sent home, sunk by the alphabetical order strategy. Pagong’s effort to eliminate the biggest threat in the game has failed. Having voted for Sean, Kelly didn’t vote with her alliance, but she didn’t vote against them either.

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