American Idol Season 8 Winner

The final two, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, each performed three songs in American Idol 8 Episode 39. Tonight, one of them will be crowned the American Idol Season 8 winner based on America’s votes.

Tonight’s show will run long. On purpose. The producers know it, and they have just two words for anyone who’s recording the show hoping to see who wins: tough noogies.

Now here comes the two hours of filler. It’ll be interesting to see whether anything actually worthwhile happens in the meantime. Outlook not good.

After the record vote of nearly 100 million (closing in on the number of votes for a Presidential election), Kris Allen is the American Idol Season 8 winner.

As always, American Idol ranked as the #1 show on television by far this year, so it will obviously be returning next January for season 9.

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