Without a Trace, The Unit Cancelled

CBS had three dramas on the bubble due to declining ratings and rising costs. Cold Case got lucky, but the other two did not. Without a Trace and The Unit have both been cancelled. Without a Trace actually finished the season in the top 20 shows on TV, but its older skewing demographics ultimately did it in.

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  1. Its a great shame for such a sitcom like the Unit to be cancelled. I love watching the program. It would have been great if one could find out who would be the next Base Commander of the U

  2. Its a great shame that ‘The Unit’ will not be on air anymore. I am great fan of the program. There are still questions on who would be the next Base Commander on the Unit that does not exist in the U.S Army, plus Molly Blaine (Beautiful woman) left Sergent-Major Jonas Blaine how does he handle life without her and explain to his daughter. For some reason i belive ‘The Unit’ will come back in a strange way. It would be fantastic if they could do a Movie. Which be good to include Molley & Jonas. This is great show which i enjoy and respect. i say ‘BRING BACK THE UNIT

  3. CBS shows absolutelly no regard for it’s viewers. We are just considered an inconvenience to be dealt with and used in the business of aquiering as much funds as possible from advertisers. What they forget in their tunnelvision is that these undesirable viewers with their inconvenient demands for quality entertainement instead of mindnumbing copies of overexploited formats (CSI x 3 for instance) are the faceless crowd signing CBS and it’s advertisers paychecks! Without the crowd there is nobody around to hear the tree fall in the forrest (sic) and so nobody to rew up any CBS ratings. No ratings – no advertisers – no paycheck to pay for the fancy house and oversized car. Think about it Nancy – your job may be on the line!

    The Unit is not just about entertainment, it is about giving ordinary people a certain sense of understanding what all these distant wars are all about. Well written stories and a feeling of reality is of high value for those outside your demographic grid as well as for those inside it. It is a show that appeals to all age groups and creats a possible meeting point of discussion across age barriers. It is a series that inspires questions and discussions about subjects outside the United States and outside the actual stories.

    This is a poignant reason for the Unit’s popularity among us devoted followers globally! Yes globally! This is a question of more than just viewers within the CBS hemisphere being put of and dissapointed – the Unit has a global following which does not show in the CBS ranking lists, but which will influence the CBS advertisers equally strong. Be aware that this cancellation will have far greater consequences for your advertisers than you may anticipate inside your little bubble!

  4. I agree with all the above comments regarding the cancellation of the unit. I live in Ireland and I only finished watching season two last night, I actually watched the season finale 3 times, the original, then the making of, and then again with the commentary.I went on IMDB to get a taste for season three to discover it has been axed. I would like to refer back to Robert Seybert’s comments, (above) that the unit has a global audience. How much will CBS lose on dvd sales as I for one see no point in buying season 3 and season 4, only to be left hanging at the end. Surely the networks could come up with a system whereby an axed show gets to do a 2 hour series finale just to wind down and finalise the story for the fans. I say, “REINSTATE THE UNIT”

  5. I am so disappointed that The Unit was cancelled. That was my absolute favorite show on TV for drama. I enjoyed getting a feel of what it must be like to be Special Forces in the US military. I also agree that every time a great show comes around, that CBS cancels it. Why watch the new shows and get addicted just to have it taken away? Who knows.

  6. I am so sad that the best t.v.programme is canecelled for ever
    why on earth cancel a t.v.series that grips you from the 1st moment to the last. Every single member of the team were the best . I was watching the last programme and I was feeling quite
    sick that in a few minuets this would be the very last missing without a trace. what are the fans going to do NOW.
    I wish all the artists on the show well
    and thanks for many happy hours of enjoyment


  7. This is a terrible thing for Without a Trace to be cancelled. When it was switched to Tuesdays, I actually gave up Law and Order SVU to watch it. I am so sad :{

  8. Let me get this straight. Without a Trace ends the season in the top 20 and gets cancelled? What’s wrong with that picture?? Clearly CBS couldn’t care less about what their viewers really want to watch!! And I agree with Robert, enough with the 50 versions of CSI. Cut two of those and bring back both the Unit and Without a Trace. Oh wait, I’m only a peon viewer so what do they care. Shame on you CBS!!

  9. The show is of a much higher quality than that most recent pile of fecal matter… “NCIS: Los Angeles. The acting, or should I say overacting, and witty banter, or should I say forced humor are enough to make me actually change the station now on Tuesday nights. CBS is extremely lucky that NCIS can hold its own or CBS would be pulling up the rear on Tuesday nights.
    Why would you take a show as provacative as The Unit off the air to make way for your new “poop sandwiches”? The Unit gets into the optional why of military operations explanations of what happened in a certain area/ hot zone. This fan has decided to spitefully turn off the station at 9:00PM EST on Tuesday nights and go to the competitor, no matter what crap they’re serving up. I’d rather watch a DVRed Biggest Loser than what CBS so poorly chose to put on. Bring back The Unit, and I’ll be back.

  10. I cannot believe you cut GREAT shows like Without a Trace and The UNIT and can have room for crap like any of those reality shows like Big Brother, Survivor, Great Race… What morons!!! That reality crap is so “unreal” that it is sickening. What “normal” people would allow themselves to be subject to the crap you have then doing? Get REAL. People want to watch shows that are intense and have some story behind them. You are taking people for granted as idiots if you ask me…

  11. After searching the internet for the starting dates for the series Without a Trace and The Unit, I’ve only just learned that the two great shows have been cancelled. Why are the public not consulted before stupid decisions are made? Both of these shows were great and were watched faithfully. I also don’t understand how junk shows are kept on the air when there is so much more good material out there that the viewers really enjoy! Another great series was “Shark” I can’t understand the logic behind cancelling worthwile programming and keeping the crap shows which are so phony and unrealistic!

  12. The Unit was perhaps one of the best TV shows. Perhaps if the interpersonal “family-relations” were reduced by 50% the show would had kept more Fans….

  13. Without a Trace was the best show on television, and had a great
    cast. It was my favorite show and couldn’t wait for the new
    season to begin. Then, I found out that CBS stupidly cancelled
    the show. I really miss it and ask that you please! bring it
    back. There’s so much garbage on television now. The only show
    I’ll watch on CBS now is CSI: NY. Bring back Without a Trace!


  14. Just re-watched seasons 1 through 5 of ‘the Unit’ again, and damn its a good show, great actors, solid script and storylines… why oh why was it ever canceled? BRING BACK THE UNIT!

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