Survivor: Tocantins Episode 13

Debbie tried to turn on Coach, which in turn resulted in her getting voted off in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 12.

JT tells Coach that Debbie was plotting against him. He thanks them for protecting him. Uh, they weren’t protecting you. At least Coach has finally realized he’s no longer in control of this game.

Coach says he’s struggling with asthma and back pain. This is Coach, though. It’s hard to tell when he’s telling a story. His lips are moving, so it’s a safe bet.

For the challenge, they will race through a maze and build a pole to raise a sandbag, while their feet are shackled. Reward is comfort: bed, shower, feast. JT takes the lead. Everybody follows him except Taj. Taj is incorrect as JT builds on his lead. Coach is attached to JT’s hip. JT is first through the maze with Coach right behind. Erinn, Stephen, and Taj appear to be out of it, but they complete the maze eventually. Now everybody is working on their pole. JT’s still got a lead. He grabs his sandbag and starts swinging. JT knocks over his first target of three, then his second, then his last. JT wins reward. No volunteers to go to Exile. Despite complaints about his ailments, Coach is being sent there. He plans to not eat or build a fire, probably because he’s incapable of doing so. Erinn looks forward to this being his excuse for losing immunity. Obviously, JT’s taking Stephen with him on reward. Will the girls finally realize how close these two are and form an alliance with their arch enemy?

Taj is unworried about JT and Stephen. She plans to go to the finals with them. Erinn also plans to go as far as she can with JT and Stephen.

JT and Stephen take a private plane to the governor’s retreat. After getting cleaned, they get a Brazilian barbeque with all they can eat. They’re convinced they will be in the final two. JT would like to take Coach to the final three with them, knowing nobody will vote for him. They discuss Erinn’s little speech at the end of the challenge, and say it makes them want to keep her less.

Coach returns from Exile with his cane. Taj would like to see some mental institution come pick him up. Although he said he was so happy without any nourishment, he immediately asks for some water.

The immunity challenge will be to balance between two walls with their bare feet on footholds. They cannot use their butts, backs, or hips. After 15 minutes, they move down to a smaller foothold. Everybody is still in it. After another 15 minutes, they drop to the final foothold. Erinn falls when moving down. Everybody else is still in, and they’ll go until one person is left standing. Stephen is next to fall. Taj follows him. JT would step down if Jeff gives him a steak and beer. Coach tells him he should step down, then, unless he’s planning to vote him out. Coach looked fine until Taj told him to not hurt his back any more. Now he’s intensely struggling. He falls at about 50 minutes, then collapses to the ground. JT wins immunity. Coach says that, if medical looks at his back, he won’t be there. Jeff doesn’t push the issue, knowing there’s an excellent chance Coach is trying to get an acting gig.

JT reassures Coach he’s safe and that they’ll get rid of Erinn. Stephen says he’s not so sure what he wants to do, regardless of what promises JT has made to Coach.

Erinn says she never feels secure. The rest of tribal council is Coach babbling endlessly. The jury goes to sleep.


With three votes, Coach has been voted out. You’ve been with him this long. I would have kept him in. That jury hates him. Let’s see if Erinn and Taj can come up with some way to take control of this game next time. They’ve sure had enough chances.

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