Lost Season 5 Episode 15

Faraday came up with a plan in Lost Season 5 Episode 14. He’s going to stop the events of the last 5 seasons from happening by activating a hydrogen bomb. Upon requesting said bomb, he was shot in the back by his mom.

Not wanting to be additional victims of the shooting, Kate and Jack hope to run, but they’re unable to get away in time. Jack begins getting beaten, while Kate is told to not move at gunpoint. Eloise asks for them to be put in her tent because she knows they’re not from the Dharma Initiative.

Flash forward thirty years. Richard gets a visit from John Locke. It’s been a while. He’ll explain what happened on the way, but he doesn’t have a lot of time to talk. Ben and Sun are with him. Ben says that Richard is a kind of advisor, and he’s had that job for a very, very long time. Sun asks him if he was there in 1977 and if he remembers Jack, Kate, and Hurley. He remembers very clearly because he watched them all die.

Before he leaves, Locke gives Sun his word that, if there’s a way to save Jin and their people, he’ll find it.

Kate wants to know: what about them? If they change the plane crash, they’ve never met. It was not all misery.

Eloise asks why Daniel needed the bomb. She met a man from the future when she was younger, the same man she just shot in the back. One additional benefit to changing the future/past would be that Dan doesn’t have to be dead. She agrees to take them to the bomb. There’s a problem, though. They secured it in the ground, but since that time, someone has built an entire village over it.

Now Sawyer’s being roughed up. They want to know where Kate is. He ain’t talking. Juliet starts to say something, but Sawyer tells her not to. After beating him for a while and not getting anywhere, they realize perhaps Hugo might know something.

Since they’re outnumbered and outgunned, Miles and Jin are in the process of leaving with Hurley. They run into Dr. Chang. He believes this future story. Hugo says that’s ridiculous. What year was he born? 1931. So he’s 46 and fought in the Korean War? There’s no such thing as the Korean War. Who’s the President of the United States? Okay, enough questions. They’re from the future, and Miles is his son. Miles says that Faraday’s been right about everything, so if he said to get people off the island, it’s probably a good idea to listen.

Locke wants Richard to take him to see Jacob after they get to the plane. That’s not going to be a problem, is it? First, he takes him to the Nigerian plane. Richard must go see a man come out of the jungle who’s been shot in the leg, and tell him to bring everybody back to the island by dying. That man is/was John Locke. He knew when to be there because the island told him. Richard’s sure glad that John didn’t actually end up dying, except he did.

Dr. Chang goes to warn everyone to get off the island, and he finds Sawyer being tortured. Stuart tells him they’re going to proceed as planned, and that he’s now the one in charge. Sawyer asks that they put the women and children on the sub and get them out of there, and they’ll tell him anything they need to know if they put him and Juliet on that sub as well.

Kate has decided she doesn’t want to keep going. Maybe the gun will change her mind. Nope, she keeps walking. Shots are fired from the woods. It’s Sayid.

Sayid believes he already changed things by killing Ben. Yeah, about that, Kate saved him by taking him to the others. She doesn’t believe that killing kids and detonating bombs is okay, and she’s going back to find the rest of their people because maybe they can stop Jack if she can’t.

Sawyer is sorry he didn’t listen to Juliet when she wanted to get on the sub three years ago, but she’s glad he talked her out of it. He bids the island good riddance.

Jack follows Richard underwater to the tunnels, and Sayid decides to go with them. Either they’re going to be saved, or they’ll be put out of their misery.

Seeing as Jacob is telling them what to do, Locke wants to know who he is, especially since nobody has ever seen him before. Richard will be taking him to Jacob, and Locke invites everybody along with them for the journey. Ben’s starting to think Locke is going to be trouble. Why do you think he tried to kill him?

Sawyer’s plan is to get back to the real world, where they will be free because the Dharma Initiative has no power there.

Kate will be joining them on the sub. She’s been caught coming back.

They’ve arrived at the bomb. Now what?

Locke tells Ben the real reason they’re going to Jacob is so he can kill him.

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