Heroes Season 3 Episode 24

The family reunited to dig up some bones in Heroes Season 3 Episode 23. They plan to put their lives back together. Nathan wants to start things off by going back to Washington, but somebody beat him to it.

Big Matt Parkman’s afraid he’ll miss out on little Matt Parkman’s childhood. He’s going to win his family back. Hiro and Ando want to go to building 26, but Parkman won’t give them directions in an effort to protect them.

One of the agents spotted Sylar on a surveillance camera. Danko assured him Sylar’s dead. That may well be true. Sylar is slowly losing himself. He’s shifting and reassembling so much that he’s not coming together the same way.

Sylar finds a guy who can smash objects into dust with his mind. Just before the guy is captured by the agents, Sylar kills him, spraying his blood on the wall with the words “I am Sylar”.

Danko tells Sylar to find an anchor, something that reminds him of him, so he has something to hang on to when he’s feeling lost.

Hiro’s got a plan. Ando is bait. He will be knocked unconscious and be taken to the lair. He considers his power superior to Ando’s. When shots are fired and Hiro freezes time, though, Ando is not frozen, so neither of them has to be bait.

Sylar gets a box from an unsolved murder victim, Virginia Grey, Sylar’s mom, who he killed.

Hiro unfreezes time to allow Ando to get tasered to continue with the original plan to have him be bait.

Danko believes he’s located Rebel. They shut down the power because no electricity means no machines. Micah sees Sylar and says he can help him with his problem. He just has to join the people with abilities instead of working against them.

Hiro’s disguised himself as one of the kidnappers so he can travel along with Ando. He gets busted because the guy he took the place of didn’t wear glasses, so Ando bails him out with his power. They’ll have to do things the old fashioned way and locate building 26 by GPS.

The agents get Micah in their sights. They shoot and knock him into the water. Another Micah runs away, though.

Micah suggests changing into someone who can make a difference, like Nathan Petrelli. He could tell the President he’s made a big mistake.

Sylar wanted his mom to die. It was no accident. Now he wants to know how he can be special when he killed the only woman that ever loved him. In memory of his mom, he can be whatever he wants, even President of the United States.

Parkman has returned baby Matt to his mom. When he arrives, he knows they’re being watched.

Nathan/Sylar is holding a press conference. He blames the President for being unwilling to meet with him despite his talk about wanting change. When the President agrees to meet him and shake his hand, real change will come to the country.

Nathan hopes to be able to get there first.

Ando wants to be equal partners with Hiro. He agrees and then tries to use his power, which causes his head to hurt.

Janice is ready to leave, but Matt says he can’t go with her. Until he ends what’s going on, he can’t have a life together with her, which he maybe wants.

Nathan Petrelli goes to confront Nathan Petrelli. It’s people like Sylar that caused him to go to the President in the first place. Just as Sylar’s about to off him, a shot is fired by Danko. You can’t go around killing US Senators. Because Sylar doesn’t want to listen to him, he jabs something in the back of his skull. He’ll have to try harder than that to kill him.

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