The Amazing Race 14 Episode 3

Having dragged behind the pack for both episodes, Steve & Linda were eliminated in The Amazing Race 14 Episode 2.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Tammy & Victor – 10:13AM
Second: Mel & Mike – 12:01PM
Third: Amanda & Kris – 12:12PM
Fourth: Margie & Luke – 12:30PM
Fifth: Brad & Victoria – 12:53PM
Sixth: Jaime & Cara – 1:17PM
Seventh: Kisha & Jen – 1:51PM
Eighth: Mark & Michael – 2:00PM
Ninth: Christie & Jodi – 2:42PM

Teams will travel by train to Munich, then fly over 700 miles to Bucharest, Romania. Upon arrival, they will go to the gymnastics hall where Nadia Comaneci trained. Tammy & Victor have opened up a surprisingly large gap on the other teams.

Tammy considers her brother Victor super smart… but his problem is that he doesn’t want to be wrong. Luke doesn’t like that he has to rely so much on his mom to communicate. Kisha & Jen believe they need to communicate better.

Tammy & Victor stop at a travel agent before taking the train. They get put on standby for the earliest flight. The group on the second train is having the locals call around, and it looks like they’ve got about 30 minutes from the time the train arrives to make the 4:45PM flight. They’re told the next flight after that is 9:30PM, which is more than 6 hours after the first flight departs. When they get to the airport, some more options do open up, but there’s still a gap.

First flight (3:20PM – forced to turn around after takeoff): Tammy & Victor
Second flight (4:45PM): Mel & Mike, Margie & Luke, Amanda & Kris
Third flight (7:30PM – delayed and with a tight connection): Brad & Victoria
Fourth flight (9:30PM): Tammy & Victor (no other alternative after their plane turned around for repairs), Jaime & Cara, Michael & Mark, Kisha & Jen, Christie & Jodi

Brad & Victoria knew they were taking a risk by staying on the 7:30 flight, and it didn’t pay off. Their flight already left, and because of the fog, there are no more flights that day. They will be on the 9:15AM flight the next morning. Disastrous.

The road block is to perform gymnastics: balance beam, parallel bars, and floor exercises. They will need to perform the moves correctly and in the right order. It’s not readily apparent who actually performed the road block because I still can’t tell the all male/female teams apart. Perhaps the most critical thing that happened at the road block is that Tammy & Victor first got lost, then she froze up and took a long time when they did get there.

From there, teams will travel by train to Brasov, Transylvania. The earliest train is 6:30AM, about 6 hours after the 9:30 flight lands. This should bunch up everybody except Brad & Victoria. On the ride over, Jaime & Cara are bonding with Luke.

The detour is a choice between gypsy moves or vampire remains. In gypsy moves, teams will load belongings on to horsedrawn carts, then navigate them to the new encampment and unload the belongings. In vampire remains, teams will drag a coffin to the clearing, unlock and open it to reveal antique frames inside, and impale the frames on a stake to find a hidden flag.

Gypsy moves: Amanda & Kris, Kisha & Jen, Mel & Mike, Mark & Michael
Vampire remains: Christie & Jodi, Tammy & Victor, Jaime & Cara, Margie & Luke, Brad & Victoria

Mel & Mike have picked the physical task, which they know is dumb. Victor insists that he’s following the right marked path, even though he’s just following some random path. Tammy corrects him, but he insists to just keep going. Jaime & Cara (and Margie & Luke who are following them) get lost on the way to the detour. While they’re unloading, Kris says he doesn’t have his fanny pack, but Amanda tells him not to worry and that they’ll get it. This could potentially be a worse mistake than Brad & Victoria made. Tammy & Victor? They’re still walking and walking and walking. He has no plans to listen to her. After running around for a while, Amanda & Kris have found the fanny pack, which cost them first place but still keeps them in the game. Now that they’ve walked up the mountain and found nothing, Victor finally agrees to listen to Tammy. When they finally find the coffin, they lose the key on the way down the hill and have to crawl around on the ground to find it. Nicely planned task.

First: Mel & Mike (win a trip to Costa Rica)
Second: Amanda & Kris
Third: Kisha & Jen
Fourth: Margie & Luke
Fifth: Mark & Michael
Sixth: Christie & Jodi
Seventh: Jaime & Cara
Eighth: Tammy & Victor
Eliminated: Brad & Victoria

The sun has set, and Brad & Victoria keep going and have finally arrived at the mat, unsurprisingly being eliminated.

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