The Biggest Loser Families Episode 3

Despite Jerry & Coleen’s overconfidence and subsequent putting themselves below the yellow line, Tom & LT were sent packing in The Biggest Loser Families Episode 2.

Everybody’s going on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Everybody’s skeptical that there’s going to be a catch. When they arrive, they find out they will be camping, though two of them will be camping inside.

They first go to a convenience store. It’s a temptation. The winning family that wins three packs of the sponsor’s gum will stay in an RV. If they get the closest to the correct amount of calories, they will get a pack of gum. If they aren’t closest, they’ll have to eat the snack.

Pink, purple, orange, and red are in to guess a chocolate covered caramel. There are 26 calories, and Ed & Heba come closest. Because they won the last round, orange must continue. Pink, purple, and red are in again. Next up is string cheese. It’s 80 calories, and Ed & Heba are again right, winning their second pack of gum. No takers since orange already has this locked up, so the others bow out and let them have it. It’s a hot dog on a bun. It’s 240 calories, and Ed & Heba lowball the answer so that they win. They will be getting the RV.

Nobody’s impressed with the workout facilities at the campsite, and they’re not trying very hard to improvise either. Much better to just sit around and do nothing.

At least there’s a challenge. One family member paddles in a kayak. After 90 seconds, the other family member must pull the ropes of their opponents’ kayaks back. The reward if they win will be their very own RV. Shellay makes the mistake of believing she can just throw the rope into the water all at once, which obviously creates knots. The order of teams (furthest first) ends up as: orange, red, yellow, brown, pink, purple. Pink is the first one pulled back. Purple was clearly going to be pulled back as well. Brown and yellow are next. It’s between red and orange, the two that got the furthest out. Red ends up losing, and Ed & Heba win the challenge, an indication that them being the only team to put a guy in the boat may have been a wise idea.

Ed & Heba plan to dominate the competition. While that’s good if it works, one bad week, and they’re gone because they’re a threat.

Jillian thinks she’s being Punk’d when they tell her about the trip. Maybe she’ll get to meet Ashton. She wants to show them how to cook in advance for the week so that they’re always ready. As for the lack of exercise, she’ll have to punish them for that later.

Both Jillian and Bob use their last chance workout as a lesson: they don’t need a gym to get a good workout. They could have easily not been lazy and made an effort at the canyon.

Jerry’s been having trouble with his leg, but he’s been trying to not complain. Jillian sees him limping and sends him to the medic. He has to go to the hospital on the medical staff’s advice, as he may have an infection or blood clot. It turns out that he does not have a blood clot, but he does have a torn hamstring.

Jillian’s beating up Michelle because she wants to convince her that she has to speak up and let her voice be heard. She wants her to be able to say things like “Stop hitting me, crazy person.”

Alison points out the obvious: Ed & Heba are making themselves targets. Then she’s got a surprise. Nobody will be voting. Only one family will fall below the yellow line. There’s more. Only one person from that team will be going home. As a family, they will decide which one stays and which one goes. Harsh.

Amy: 204 (-5)
Phil: 290 (-10)
Total: 494 pounds (-15, 2.95%)

Vicky: 220 (-3)
Brady: 301 (-5)
Total: 521 pounds (-8, 1.51%)

Michelle: 220 (-3)
Renee: 242 (-6)
Total: 462 pounds (-9, 1.91%)

Heba: 274 (-6)
Ed: 299 (-10)
Total: 573 pounds (-16, 2.72%)

Amy: 213 (-6)
Shellay: 198 (-3)
Total: 411 pounds (-9, 2.14%)

Coleen: 195 (-7)
Jerry: 360 (+2)
Total: 555 pounds (-5, 0.89%)

Coleen had an awesome week, but her father struggled with an injury and the camping trip. The question is whether he sticks around because he needs it more than most, or heads home to heal and then continues forward on his own. Since they are below the yellow line, they’ve gotta decide who should go home between the two of them.

The arguments presented are as expected. He doesn’t think he can put the full effort forward considering his injury, and he also wants to see his daughter make herself better so that she doesn’t end up as unhealthy as he is. She wants him to stay because she knows that he has a real health issue that needs to be addressed.

The other teams have nothing but positive things to say about Jerry & Coleen. In the end, they have decided to vote out Jerry.

Jerry has managed to eliminate his blood pressure medicine in three weeks, which he’s been on for 15 years. The doc is back to talk with him because he was so far gone when he began. He’s off most of his medicine, and his back and knees are better. Today, Jerry is down 70 pounds from his starting weight of 380.

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