The Bachelorette 4 Episode 5

The story of the final 6 guys continues later tonight, but first, DeAnna tells all.

DeAnna tells us she’s surprised that Ryan is a virgin, which is surprising since he told everybody else about it.

Chris asks how much of this is real, and DeAnna responds that it’s all real (as real as someone dating 25 guys on national TV can be anyway).

The first question on everyone’s mind is Richard and why she axed him. Watching the show, she said she thought she was an idiot for getting rid of him, but she remembers that she knew she didn’t have a deep enough connection with him to let him keep going.

From there we relive DeAnna’s hissy fit at the barbeque. She felt like her heart was being broken and that the guys weren’t making enough of an effort, an odd statement considering some of the guys left in the final six who still aren’t making an effort yet weren’t eliminated.

DeAnna tells us it was hard to watch how hurt Robert was after his elimination. But that was the obvious thing of that night. It’s what happened to Fred that had people wondering what the heck was going on. She reiterates she wasn’t going to lead him on. But as I’ve said before, Brad did the same thing when he cut both women when he didn’t love them, yet he’s labelled as an asshat.

Trista and Ryan are back yet again because it’s not like there are any other success stories from this show. We get a look at their family life and their child. Also, like DeAnna, though, Trista had been rejected on a previous season but came back to be The Bachelorette where she met Ryan. She likes Graham and Jason.

Jesse gets into detail about what he’s broken and that he’s never been in a wheelchair (for too long). His plan is to just be himself, except when she wants him to not be himself.

Twilley (he’s still here?) also plans to just be himself, which appears to be very loud. He tells us about his artistic side and how he started a business when he was younger. He hopes she’ll notice there’s more to him than just the guy trying to grab her attention.

Jason says he’s just a regular guy who always does his own thing. He just hopes DeAnna’s ready to be a mom.

Sean originally went into martial arts because he was small for his age as a child. He discusses how he’s entirely too vain (no need to go over his list of bragging). He admits he’s a mama’s boy and considers himself a good southern boy.

Graham is apparently surprised that DeAnna has feelings for other guys when this whole show is about dating a bunch of different people. He believes the conflict between them is healthy.

Jeremy likes extreme sports. As an attorney, he says there’s a lack of time for socializing. He’s afraid that he’s holding back with DeAnna like he always does.

Unwilling to commit to a particular answer (not that the producers would let her anyway), DeAnna says she’s got feelings for everybody and doesn’t have a favorite yet.

Up next is another new episode of The Bachelorette 4.

2 thoughts on “The Bachelorette 4 Episode 5”

  1. Hello Shane,

    I think DeAnna does have a fovarite, how about you. I’m still supprised that she picked Jesse over Sean, even though I can’t see her with either of them. And at dinner with Sean it said if there was a rose she would have given it to him. So why not at the rose ceremony. So Trista likes Jason and Graham, I think it will be between them also, how about you. How about Matt and Shayne, are they still together. I’m also supprised not to see any other comments yet. Looks like I’m the first??

  2. I’ve been thinking Jeremy’s the front runner pretty much from the beginning when she gave him a rose based on looks alone. I could definitely see Jason going all the way, though. I’m not sure her connection with Graham is enough to build a relationship on, but there’s definitely something there. I was expecting her to pick Sean as well, although I agree that both Jesse and Sean were likely the next to be cut. I think it’s fair to say she’d have been leading either of them on, but that’s how things go on this show. I noticed that she said she’d give Sean a rose but didn’t notice it after the fact. Interesting observation.

    There was a post a few days back about how Matt moved out of Shayne’s house. . Now what that means is open for interpretation. I’d be surprised if it lasts. I never really did get those two together aside from the physical attraction and potential for a fling.

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