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Following the elimination of Amanda in The Bachelor 12 Episode 7, we’re now down to the final two: Shayne Lamas and Chelsea Wanstrath. I’m still having trouble taking Shayne seriously, and Matt has greater chemistry with a turtle than with Chelsea. It’ll still be interesting to see who The Bachelor 12: London Calling winner is, but I can’t say I’m rooting for anyone with Amanda out of the picture.

The girls head to London to meet Matt’s family. Chelsea is up first. She meets his brother Simon, mom Trish, and dad Tony. The family seems to be sold on Chelsea. She tells them it’s been a hard situation but that he’s more than worth it. Matt’s mom feels she’s very honest and open.

Shayne’s next. One of the first questions Shayne gets is about her age. Despite the first impressions, though, she does manage to impress the family. Matt’s brother finds her surprisingly mature. Shayne says she’s afraid of ending up like her parents, but yet she’s looking forward to getting married right away.

Matt feels the most at ease with Shayne but feels more passion for Chelsea. His parents believe Shayne was more sincere, but his brother could imagine him being with Chelsea more.

Back to Barbados, where the final decision will be made. Matt wants to blindfold Chelsea but insists it’s nothing kinky. He takes her to a helicopter where they’re able to fly over Barbados. The destination is a secluded beach. Chelsea’s got one last night to show Matt how she feels. She’s made a gift basket for him of things he’ll need when he comes to California. He puts her mind at ease and tells her he’s falling in love with her as well.

Matt and Shayne will be going parasailing. When they get back to the hotel, she’s got a present for him as well, which she says will be the most amazing gift ever. She wrote the words “I Love You” in the sand on a beach. He’s falling in love with her, too. He says he’s completely confused now that both dates are over.

It’s the moment of truth. Chelsea goes first. He feels he can’t give her everything she needs. She fights back tears and doesn’t understand how she got this so wrong. After that, she lashes out at Shayne, who she calls the falsest person there. She thinks he’s a fool.

So now it’s Shayne’s turn. What we do know already is that Matt won’t be like that asshat Brad from last season. He knows she’ll always be there for him and hopes she knows the same. With that, he gets down on one knee. A stunned Shayne accepts his proposal of “Monkey, will you marry me?”

I’m still having trouble believing Shayne isn’t on the show at least in part to further her acting career, but despite a horrible start, she’s been a good addition to the show.

DeAnna, who started off last season as the mean girl but ended up being the one a lot of people thought would win, gets a second shot. She will be The Bachelorette in season 4. The season premieres next week on ABC. Stay tuned to dingoRUE for recaps.

5 thoughts on “The Bachelor 12 Winner”

  1. Shane and Matt, Congratulations. Finally the show turned out as it should. I am Over The Moon for both of you. Matt you’ve found a sweet, giving, larger than life heart full of love American girl. I had a feeling in a glimpse on TV of the final evening a couple weeks ago that it was Shane’s hand and I’ve been excited since. I wish you all the love and happiness in the world and lots of beautiful babies. She is the real deal Matt, not just another Hollywood brought up child and actress. Treat her like a pearl for you have all of America to answer to. You two make a beautiful couple.
    Matt and Monkey, just love,love,love. My best to you both, marci,Avon,Ct. U.S.A.

  2. I knew it was going to be Shane. You could see the french manicure during the previews. Just had to watch the hands.
    Congrats to both of you and get yourself married asap. You two have this lifetime to enjoy.

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