Survivor: Micronesia Episode 13

The girls have been in control of the game, but following Erik’s immunity win in Survivor: Micronesia Episode 12, they had to turn on each other. Amanda was voted off the island 4-2, but since she played the hidden immunity idol, the person with the next most votes, Alexis, was sent home, thus making Amanda an even bigger hero to the jury.

Erik felt like a fool at tribal council, and he’s pissed off about it. He’s hoping to be exiled and get the idol. How many hidden idols are there anyway?

Amanda believes Cirie’s on her side, and it’s obvious Parvati is as well. They hope to be able to get her into Erik’s head and pretend she’s forgiven everything. She approaches him and tells him whoever wins should take the other one on the reward (to prevent him from going to Exile Island). She asks him to send her good buddy Parvati to Exile instead.

The reward challenge is about favorite moments from past seasons of Survivor. Reward is a helicopter flight to a luxury resort for a massage, meal, and overnight stay. Jeff tells us there is yet another (emphasis on another) hidden immunity idol. Cirie and Erik know Rupert from Pearl Islands had a pet snake. Natalie and Amanda know that Richard Hatch bit a shark in All Stars. Erik knows John asked Kathy to pee on him in Marquesas. Cirie, Parvati, and Erik know that Michael Skupin fell in the fire in Australia. Cirie, Natalie, and Erik know that Exile Island was the first season that the teams were divided into four teams. Erik wins reward. He sends Parvati to Exile Island. Natalie’s not happy. Amanda’s thrilled, and even happier that he’s going to take her with him on the reward.

Cirie has fun screwing with Natalie’s mind.

A part of Erik wanted to spend some time with Amanda. He doesn’t say which part. He’s happy he took her instead of Natalie, who he doesn’t trust. If Amanda’s smart, she’ll keep the guy in her back pocket and dump Natalie, who nobody trusts. Erik says he’s just not used to being in a power position or making decisions.

Parvati doesn’t look like she could care less that she’s on Exile Island. She’s working on her tan first. A very silly move for a half star. She feels way too comfortable.

Natalie doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s upset with Erik. She won’t look at or talk to him. The eavesdropping she does to hear Erik and Cirie plotting doesn’t help him any, though it may give Natalie some ammo to approach Amanda with, as he’s targeting one of them but not sure which one.

It’s not long before the girls all realize that he’s telling them each different things, and he knows the fact they’re sitting together is a bad thing. Amanda tells him he might consider picking a side.

At the immunity challenge, they’ll need to find a spot with a set of coordinates, dig down, get some puzzle pieces, solve a puzzle for more coordinates, and repeat. The first person to solve all three puzzles wins immunity. Erik is the first to get a bag of pieces. Cirie is behind him, with Amanda behind her. Erik has solved his first puzzle, followed by Cirie. Natalie has her first bag of pieces, and Erik’s behind her with his second set. Amanda has solved her first puzzle. Natalie has solved her first puzzle, and Erik’s now done with his second. Parvati’s not even a factor but solves her first puzzle eventually. Erik, who’s obviously going to be the winner of this challenge, has his third bag of puzzle pieces. Erik wins immunity and has guaranteed himself a spot in the final four.

Natalie wants to know if it’s her. Cirie tells her it probably is since Erik has immunity. Cirie wonders if he would give her the necklace. She doesn’t know who would fall for it. Parvati wants to see him become a putz like Ozzy and Jason, and the girls get her to go along. She makes a pitch to him. It’s an iffy pitch, but he goes to Cirie to verify.

The plan is simple. If he gives up immunity to prove he trusts them, Cirie and Natalie will vote along with him to get rid of Amanda. He would have to be monumentally stupid to agree to this, but it looks like it may be working. He decides he wants to vote out Parvati instead of Amanda. Cirie has no trouble agreeing to this since it really doesn’t matter. As additional ammo, Parvati and Amanda will attack Erik at tribal council, while Natalie and Cirie keep their mouths shut.

As planned, Parvati and Amanda attack Erik when they do get to tribal and refuse to accept his apology. Erik knows he doesn’t have the jury votes, and the jury seems to agree. I’d rather finish second or third than risk fifth like this, though. It’s not as if taking a risk like this would even impress them anyway.

Erik has decided to give immunity to Natalie. The jury finds this hilarious. Jenna is the only other person to have done this, giving it to Heidi in Survivor: Amazon. She went on to win regardless (yeah, she sucked at the game, too).


Parvati calls Erik the dumbest Survivor ever. In the history of Survivor. Ever. That about sums it up. James is happy to no longer be the dumbest Survivor ever.

The Survivor: Micronesia winner will be revealed on the three hour finale and reunion on Sunday. As always, stick around for a live blog from the east coast.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: Micronesia Episode 14, where we will find out who the winner of this Fans Vs. Favorites season is, which airs Thursday at 8/7c on CBS.

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