Big Brother 9 Episode 4

Ryan and Jen let their secret out of the bag to their partners. Rather than just use the twist to their advantage, Allison threatened to tell everybody in Big Brother 9 Episode 3, but just so they could get the information out on their own terms, Parker & Jen decided they would tell everybody instead. Either way, and regardless of how much they all blamed each other, the net result was the nomination of both Parker & Jen and Ryan & Allison.

Parker blames Jen and thinks he’s teamed with an idiot. Allison blames Jen and is still whining about her. Ryan’s not sure Allison will ever trust him, and she wants him to tell her every day that she can trust him. Ryan would rather play for himself than Jen. Amanda says they need Ryan out of there, and Jen gives her the word that she’s getting rid of Ryan no matter what.

Neil will be leaving the game due to “an urgent personal matter.” Since this is a couples game, Joshuah is allowed to choose between Jacob and Sharon as the replacement. Gee, I wonder what he’ll do. He chooses Sharon, considering everybody hates Jacob. Considering her ex-boyfriend screwed up her game, I’m glad to see Sharon returning. Like everybody else, Sharon’s pissed off to find out that Ryan and Jen are dating.

Amanda and Alex, who seemed to like each other initially, are starting to get tired of each other, although he says he still really likes her. She’s getting along a lot better with Parker now than anybody else.

Despite the fact that they’ve been nominated because they’re a couple, Ryan and Jen are having trouble keeping their hands off each other. Unable to control themselves, they decide to have a very quickie in the bathroom (he promises it’ll take about 20 seconds, and she’s okay with that). An eavesdropping Parker is quite amused.

Allison and Sheila are continuing their “lesbian love affair.” Somehow, James is dumb enough to take this information and run with it. He thinks there’s another couple in the house, which he bases on a puzzle piece with four colors. This leads Alex to believe that maybe that other couple is Amanda and Parker. She’s offended because she put her hand on the bible, a ceremony that meant nothing to him like it meant nothing to half the people in the house. In true Parker style, he takes this public and starts yelling at people. Ultimately, this just further divides Amanda and Alex. All things considered, this whole story about how they’re a lesbian couple, which seemed entirely pointless to begin with, looks like it may actually be working in their favor, at least for now. Alex and Amanda are growing further apart, while Parker has made himself yet another enemy in James.

Amanda doesn’t know what to do with this love triangle. Alex says he’s tired of her walking around like a slut but says he has feelings for her, though he doesn’t expect it will work out.

Natalie & Matt are selected randomly to play for veto, along with the HOH couple and the two teams who have been nominated. Matt pretends he’ll use the veto to save Parker, but he doesn’t plan to live up to that since Parker causes way too much drama. One player will be on a spinning heart, and the other will spin them. The first to spin 300 times will win veto. Allison & Ryan get off to an early lead, but Matt & Natalie take it from them around 50 spins. Eventually, Amanda & Alex pass Allison & Ryan to take second. Ryan’s slowing down, but it doesn’t matter because Allison lets go at 135 spins. Parker & Jen, meanwhile, aren’t even close to being in it at any point. Amanda “threw” the competition, one she wasn’t going to win regardless, by letting go on purpose, although it is smart to have their most trusted alliance win rather than painting a bigger target on themselves. Of course, in the event that Natalie were to slip, that would leave nobody to defend against Parker & Jen winning, forcing Amanda & Alex to nominate yet another couple, making this move decidedly foolish. As has been obvious almost the entire time, though, Matt & Natalie win veto.

Parker’s completely convinced that Matt will remove him with veto. Alex tells Amanda he doesn’t want to waste his time and comes up with the plan to not be attached to anybody else in the house, which doesn’t sit well with her. When she reveals this to Parker, he for once says he’s just going to bite his tongue, but he’s concerned enough that he wants Matt to take them off the block more now than ever.

Matt’s dilemma is simple. Parker’s partner is Jen. In the end, they decide not to use the power of veto. Parker thinks the game blows and claims he doesn’t really care.

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