Prison Break Season 3 Episode 13

Everybody got out and started running in Prison Break Season 3 Episode 12. Bellick, Lechero, and T-Bag made it all of about 20 feet. Scofield, Whistler, Mahone, and McGrady made it outside the fence. McGrady’s with his father, and we’re waiting to see how they get past the police blockade. Whistler faked an injury and then took off, just in time to prevent Lincoln from killing Mahone.

As Whistler takes off, a chase ensues. He gets a cell phone from a pedestrian and calls Susan, just in time for Lincoln to start punching and kicking him.

McGrady and his father are approaching a police blockade. They stop and ask him some questions. McGrady hides, and his father pretends he doesn’t know anything. They demand to inspect the car.

Sucre’s being tortured back at Sona, but it’s not getting them anywhere.

Michael and Susan talk on the phone. He tells her he wants to meet in 10 minutes, alone. So she rounds everyone up.

Sona’s a free-for-all. There’s plenty of looting and violence for to go around. As Lechero’s being beaten up, T-bag insists on helping him, even though Bellick would rather leave him for dead.

Mahone makes his way into a bar for a club soda. Interesting strategy for someone running from the man.

Sucre’s brought outside and given a shovel so he can dig his own grave. He starts digging.

Susan meets Michael. She suggests he should be on the same side with the Company, since they pay well. He’s got Whistler; she has Sofia and LJ. It’s not time to exchange them, though. Michael isn’t interested in doing that just yet. He just wants to make sure everybody’s alive.

McGrady’s father has fertilizer in the back of his truck. They let him go. After they drive away, McGrady crawls through a hidden compartment behind the seat.

Lechero and Bellick are both trying to convince T-Bag to get lost and stop risking his life for Lechero. T-Bag believes the guards have a price.

LJ finds the concept of Susan thinking she can outsmart Scofield to be amusing. He leads them to a building with metal detectors. Inside, they make the exchange. Everybody else is ready to just walk away, but Sofia demands that he give the coordinates. Susan reveals that there are no coordinates. James wants Sofia to come with him, but she’s not real thrilled with the idea. Susan, meanwhile, expects Michael to just walk into a trap, but he knows she’s got shooters ready at each exit, so he makes an alarm go off so that everybody will go outside together.

Sucre’s done digging his grave. He lies down as the guard demands. Then they start burying him alive.

Once they get the money, T-Bag reveals his true intent. He’s not trying to help Lechero. He wants to take the money and kill him. Lechero hands him a pillow, which he uses to smother him to death.

At the exit, Susan and Whistler are stopped by the guards, since Michael’s planted evidence on them. One of Susan’s goons comes up and shoots. He’s shoved out of the way, and his misfire hits Sofia. Lincoln refuses to leave her there, which should be an indication to her and to Whistler which side is the right side. LJ agrees to stay with her so that Lincoln can run.

Whistler has some bad news for Susan. The book is gone.

McGrady and his father stop for a homecoming party.

Once he’s all the way buried, the guards finally realize that burying Sucre isn’t going to work. Once they unbury him, the phone rings, and Sucre’s told he has to find out where they are if it’s Scofield, which it is. After finding out how everybody is, he drops the phone and breaks it, daring the guard to kill him.

T-Bag makes an announcement in the middle of the yard. He tells everybody that Lechero is dead and gives a speech about how everybody is equal. Then he holds up a fistful of cash, which he starts throwing around to the other prisoners.

Sucre’s not dead. He’s just a prisoner in Sona now.

LJ gives Michael a paper rose that he’d left for Sara back when they were in Fox River.

From her hospital bed, Sofia whispers to LJ that she found something under Whistler’s bed. Lincoln isn’t interested, but Scofield. They find some papers with the name Jason Lief. Michael doesn’t want to just get away. He wants revenge. While Lincoln heads off to the hospital to see Sofia, Michael goes to hunt down Susan.

Whistler shows up at the bar with Susan, and he’s there to get Mahone, who says he’s in. In the process, Mahone also suggests that Susan’s the weak link, and if that’s the case, Scofield will find them.

At this point, Prison Break has neither been officially cancelled nor renewed. Hopefully they pick it up for a fourth season, as there’s still obviously more left to the story. Stay tuned to dingoRUE for continued coverage.

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  1. Definitely the last episode of season 3. The future is unknown, as Fox has not yet made any official comments. However, TV Guide has suggested that there will almost definitely be a fourth season, so here’s hoping that’s true.

  2. I dont want to be this the last episode of Prison Break.Sucre you are the best man.I WANT TO SEE MORE EPISODES OF PRISON BREAK Scolfild.;-)

  3. please make sure sarah is back and let everything end in season four, dont let anything happen to both brother. pls make the ending and interesting ending. pleasssssssssssss.

  4. ahhh this was a good ending for season 3 im really surprised it wasnt that bad….im waitin for season 4 and i hope their will be one Scolfild is the bomb!

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