Prison Break Season 3 Episode 10

After two months on hiatus, Prison Break Season 3 Episode 9 was the first of five new episodes. General Zavala managed to get Susan’s name out of Michael, along with a location of where she would be. She played along as if Zavala had the upper hand, just long enough to take the opportunity to kill him. Meanwhile, inside Sona, the struggle for power continued. Sammy managed to get ahold of a gun thanks to Sucre unintentionally assisting him, a pretty good advantage to have.

Lechero is afraid Scofield’s a hero now, since he survived the box, or so he says. As such, he refuses Sammy’s request to kill him.

Mahone gets a picture of his son in the mail.

Whistler informs Scofield T-Bag’s coming with them. Mahone wants in, too. Michael may as well just accept they’re all in this together whether they want to be or not. Now that last week’s drama’s done, it’s time to start digging again, at least that’s the plan. Michael says it’ll be two days.

Sammy pulls out his gun and lets Lechero know he’s done. Then he lets everybody else know he’s in charge. When nobody objects, he offers a case of rum for whoever brings him Michael.

Lincoln’s trying to find out what he can about Gary Miller.

T-Bag wants to take Sammy out. He doesn’t want to risk his own neck, but he’s got no problem risking Bellick, asking that he chicken foot Sammy and cheat again like he did last time.

Sofia doesn’t want to turn her back on Whistler, even if she doesn’t exactly trust him. She makes Lincoln give her his word that he’ll be okay.

Sucre goes to meet Susan and tells her Lincoln’s not playing any games. She tells him she believes him, then she gives him a cashier’s check for $25,000, with the other half payable later.

Whistler tells Scofield he was supposed to kill him but didn’t. So now apparently he’s supposed to be grateful.

Bellick approaches Sammy asking for the chicken foot. After he does this, though, he realizes he doesn’t have any acetone left, so it looks like the first plan’s out the window. He pretends he made a mistake and wasn’t actually talking about Sammy, but it doesn’t get him anywhere.

Lincoln and Sofia buy some explosives.

Mahone, Scofield, and Whistler use the distraction of the fight as an excuse to come out from digging. They’re quickly stopped by Sammy’s goons. Their location is no longer secret, but at least they’re able to get back into it, well, two of them anyway. Just as Sammy’s about to kill Bellick, they call for him. They threaten to kill Whistler if he doesn’t help them get through the door. Not at all intimidated, Whistler’s request to Michael is simply to not open the door.

Sucre doesn’t bother telling Lincoln the part about how he’s got cash in his pocket. Susan knows something’s up, and she tells Sucre she knows where he sent the money and that if he doesn’t cooperate, she’ll kill Maricruz.

Sammy and his boys get Lechero and go ask him for the combination. Then Michael opens the door. He offers Sammy a deal to go with them. Sammy agrees but not to the part of going with them. He wants their plans all to himself. Michael wants them to take Whistler with them. Obviously a setup. Sammy pokes his head in the tunnel, which comes crashing down around him. Then Lechero kills his goons with his gun.

Bellick wants in, too, and if not, he’ll blow their cover, so T-Bag accepts. McGrady wants to go with them as well, but Michael tells him he doesn’t want any part of it.

Sofia does some digging and finds a briefcase. As we’ve seen before, the show ends with us wondering what’s inside.

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