The Amazing Race 12 Episode 10

TK & Rachel got hung up by a bad flight choice in The Amazing Race 12 Episode 9, but they were not eliminated, keeping hope alive that the final three won’t completely suck. That said, they were three hours behind everybody else and will need to complete a speed bump as well.

We’re in for a rare treat tonight. The show’s actually starting on time.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Ronald & Christina (7:02am)
Second: Nathan & Jennifer (7:15am)
Third: Nicolas & Donald (7:21am)
Fourth: TK & Rachel (10:18am)

The first stop is the Umeda Sky Building and the floating garden, an observatory. Hours of operation are 10am, evaporating the majority of the lead.

Once there, they’re told they’ll be travelling over 1000 miles to Taipei, Taiwan.

Nicolas says, “No competitors are left. It’s a bunch of pansies.” Yeah, pretty much.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s telling us his thoughts about heading to Taiwan. “I know absolutely nothing about Taiwan, except… I think Thai food is pretty good.” Uh…

At the airport, they see the first flight’s at 1pm. Ronald & Christina get the flight. Nathan & Jennifer continue to have their nervous breakdown and are unable to book that flight.

TK & Rachel for the first time are arguing, and it’s really not helping them any. His instincts are right, but she’s not sure why they’re going where they going. While they’re discussing it, they walk right past the clue.

First flight: Ronald & Christina
Second flight: Nicolas & Donald, Nathan & Jennifer
Third flight: TK & Rachel

When they arrive in Taiwan, Nathan & Jennifer go to exchange their money before getting in line. When they get back, they see that TK & Rachel are caught up with them. Jen overreacts as per usual.

Jennifer says she’s got hatred in her blood. We noticed.

Teams will go to Taichung by high speed rail and then to Jiji by taxi. All teams make the same train, with Nicolas & Donald just barely limping their way along to catch up.

The road block is to ride in stunt vehicles. This includes being suspended 25 feet in the air on a giant teeter totter, then driving under water for 17 seconds.

Road block (in order of arrival): Ronald, Rachel, Nathan, Donald

After the road block, TK & Rachel hit their speed bump. They must go just over one mile to participate in a traditional ritual. They’ll dress the part, run through thousands of firecrackers, and be doused in water. Probably doesn’t take them too long, but it is enough to put them in last.

The next stop is GK Teahouse in Taipei. When they arrive at the high speed rail station, the machine won’t let them get the 7:36 one even though they show up a few minutes before, so they must wait until 8:00, with the exception of Ronald & Christina, who do get on the first train. Christina’s language experience continues to come in handy as it did in Japan.

TK & Rachel use what they learned earlier, getting tickets the automated way instead of in line, which helps them to get on the same train as the others. Jen hates them even more.

At the teahouse, they’ll need to drink a cup of tea before they can leave. Unsurprisingly, Rachel burns her mouth. From there, they must head to Gong Guan Night Market to get a clue from a clown.

The detour is a choice between fire or earth. In fire, teams must write messages of luck on lanterns and send 20 of them off in the sky. In earth, they’ll walk on a 220 foot path of jagged stones (it’s supposed to relieve stress).

Earth: Ronald & Christina, Nicolas & Donald, TK & Rachel, Nathan & Jennifer

The pitstop for this leg of the race is Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall. The second and third place teams take cabs. Nathan & Jennifer get advice to go to the subway instead. He questions the decision, but she pretty much tells him to shut up. Then she wants him to be a man and make the decisions. He says he can’t stand her because she’s always freaking out. Ya think?

First: Ronald & Christina (win a trip to Curacao)
Second: TK & Rachel
Third: Nicolas & Donald
Fourth: Nathan & Jennifer (eliminated)

As much as I think Nathan & Jennifer are one of the stronger teams, her inability to deal with stress has been crippling. As a parting thought, she says they killed their relationship on the race.

Still, it is a fairly weak final three, although TK & Rachel are a fairly strong team.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 12 episode 11, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS, when we will find out who the winner is.

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 12 Episode 10”

  1. Wow, I am so relieved that Nate & Jen got eliminate, though my heart breaks for Nate, to have to endured for so long with a certified nut. Hope he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, wherever that may be.

    Is Nicholas a dumb ass or just a plain dumb ass??? Wish he would keep his mouth close when not in use. But to get a chance to race with his grandpa, I think it’s something to be cherished. By the way, Nic, Thai foods are good, if you go to THAILAND, not TAIWAN.

    Ronald, that old fart, well, he makes me want to smack some senses into him when he berated his patient daugther, god bless her. I’m of Asian descent myself, but I kind of ashamed of Ronald’s behavior. tsk, tsk, tsk…

    I’m rooting for TK & Rachelle though. They seemed to have bad luck lately. Hopefully luck will smile on them at the finish line.

    Can’t wait for the next season. The Amazing Race is my drug of choice…seriously!

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