The Amazing Race 12 Episode 9

Kynt & Vyxsin had a chance to change their fate in The Amazing Race 12 Episode 8 but chose to U-turn the wrong team instead of the team that they knew for a fact were going to get there right around the same time as them, which caused Kynt & Vyxsin to be eliminated from the race. That brings us down to the final four, and, well, there’s not really much good I can say about any of them, except for TK & Rachel, who are good racers and overall just calm people. Christina’s likeable, if only she had a different partner. Grandpa Donald’s been on a vacation, but to be fair, he is one of the older contestants. Nathan & Jennifer may arguably deserve each other.

In addition to the scheduling change from 8 to 8:30, there was also a football overrun of about 15 minutes, putting the start time at around 8:45. I will begin a live blog once 60 Minutes is over.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: TK & Rachel (1:25pm)
Second: Nicolas & Donald (1:33pm)
Third: Ronald & Christina (1:44pm)
Fourth: Nathan & Jennifer (2:38pm)

The next stop is Kishiwada Castle in Osaka, Japan, 4000 miles away.

Rachel suggests she has problems with self confidence but is able to feel better with TK around.

Ronald acknowledges his behavior has not been right (again… didn’t seem to matter last time, though). Christina’s excited to go to Japan because she lived there for half a year.

Nathan & Jennifer discuss not arguing with each other. Yeah, I heard this story before, too.

First flight (via New Delhi and Beijing): TK & Rachel
Second flight (via Hong Kong): Nicolas & Donald, Ronald & Christina, Nathan & Jennifer

TK & Rachel leave first, but it’s unclear whether they’ve made a good choice or not. Nobody knows where they are, and they don’t know where anybody else is.

With one less stop, the second plane arrives in Japan first. Uh oh. If TK & Rachel don’t catch up, this is a disaster waiting to happen, although it should be a NEL.

The next stop is Noda Station, where they’ll look for the cleaning man to give them a road block clue. On the way there, they’re discussing the confusing signs, and Christina says she’s never driving in Japan. We know what that means.

The road block is to become a taxi driver. They’ll deliver passengers 5 miles without assistance from the passengers or other drivers, and the address isn’t in English, so first of all they have to figure out where they’re going. The bunch of one way roads and signs all in Japanese don’t help.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jennifer, Christina, Nicolas, Rachel

Jennifer’s first concern is how she looks in the taxi hat. Christina’s not a good driver to begin with, and she relies on public transportation herself.

As the others are completing the road block, we’re finally seeing TK & Rachel, who seem to have gotten stuck with the plane that left first, rather than the plane that landed first. Unclear whether it was their error or not. The fact that everybody else is arriving at every task in the same order (Nathan & Jennifer, then Ronald & Christina, then Nicolas & Donald) and are within 10 minutes of each other doesn’t bode well.

The next stop is Kita-Mido Temple.

The detour is a choice between sense of touch or sense of smell. In sense of touch, teams must use miniature robots controlled by cell phones to play soccer, and each teammate much score a goal. In sense of smell, they need to find one real flower hidden among thousands of artificial ones, using only their noses.

Sense of smell: Nathan & Jennifer, Ronald & Christina, TK & Rachel
Sense of touch: Nicolas & Donald

The pitstop for this leg of the race is Tempozan Park in Osaka. Forgetting that he got bent out of shape about the cab dropping them too far from the airport terminal, Christina claims this is the first leg in which Ronald hasn’t lost his temper, but he has been pretty mild. Jennifer believes everything could cost them the race.

First: Ronald & Christina (each win an electric vehicle)
Second: Nathan & Jennifer
Third: Nicolas & Donald
Fourth: TK & Rachel (non-eliminated)

Thank goodness for non-elimination legs. A final three without TK & Rachel would quite possibly be the worst final three ever. It’s not even close, and this was rather an obvious episode. TK & Rachel are now 3 hours behind, and it’s night, so there won’t be hours of operation, leaving the airport as their only hope. Given what leg they’re on now, it’s pretty safe to say there will be a flight in the next episode. In addition to the current gap, they’ll hit a speedbump.

Nate’s Freudian slip regarding the finale is “The best team’s gonna finish last, and that’s gonna be us.”

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of The Amazing Race 12 episode 10, which airs Sunday at 8/7c on CBS (should be on time for a change).

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  1. I thank you for such a good rundown on tonights episode. We knew we could not be home so we taped it and of course the football game changed the schedule. We only got to see as far as
    TK and Rachel’s airplane landing so we did not see the end. But now I know what happened and I thank you, thank you and thank you. It is not that we are so attached to this show, but we hate to see part of a show and not know how it ends. Keep up the good work for people that cannot see the show themselves.

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