Survivor: China Episode 13

Peih-Gee won immunity to keep herself alive in Survivor: China Episode 12. Unable to convince an admittedly outcast Denise to get rid of Todd, Erik ended up going home as could have been expected.

The reward challenge involves a replica of an early Chinese repeating crossbow. Each contestant gets arrows and must decide who to give them to (anybody but themselves), then they’ll shoot the arrows they get and try to connect with targets containing their name.

Peih-Gee: 1 arrow
Todd: 6 arrows
Denise: 2 arrows
Courtney: 12 arrows
Amanda: 4 arrows

Pretty telling results.

Peih-Gee misses with her only arrow.
Denise connects once.
Amanda hits Denise twice to give her the lead at 3.
Todd scores 5.
Courtney hits herself, Denise, Amanda, Todd, Denise two more times, Todd, and Denise twice more.

Denise wins reward. Because Courtney gave her the reward (albeit accidentally), she chooses her. She’s given the offer to choose another person and decides against Peih-Gee because she says she doesn’t want her to get stronger (but not quietly enough for Peih-Gee to not overhear). Peih-Gee’s clearly upset. Amanda’s left out as well, as Denise picks Todd. The reward is a trip to the Great Wall of China.

While back at camp, Peih-Gee and Amanda take the time to start building a relationship. Todd’s pretty confident Amanda will get over not being taken because he doesn’t think she has any options but to stick with him. Courtney’s also happy with the decision because she’s more afraid of Todd than Amanda.

Amanda tells Peih-Gee she’s open to switching things up. Todd’s also pondering it, and he poses the question whether it would be a good idea to take out Amanda if Peih-Gee wins immunity again. Denise doesn’t know where she stands with Todd.

When they get back from reward, Todd and Courtney are complaining about the food. Neither Peih-Gee nor Amanda are pleased with this.

Amanda doesn’t trust a word Todd says because he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win.

The immunity challenge is a combination of previous challenges. The first round is throwing stars. Peih-Gee scores 2. Denise scores 6. Amanda scores 3. Courtney scores 2. Todd scores 1 and is out. Next is eating balut. Amanda finishes first. Peih-Gee finishes second. Courtney finishes third. Denise is unable to finish as she was the first time and is out. The next round is bouncing a ball on a drum. Amanda finishes first. Peih-Gee finishes second. Courtney is out. The final round is knot cutting/puzzle solving. Amanda gets her puzzle pieces first. Peih-Gee never manages to catch up, and Amanda wins immunity.

If they’re gonna shake things up, now’s the time to do it, and I think most of them are smart enough to realize it. The only question is whether they’re willing to act on it, or just take the easy road and get rid of Peih-Gee.

Amanda pitches the idea of getting rid of Todd to Denise. They’re both considering it but not convincingly behind it. Todd will be pissed off if he gets blindsided, but he’s in this as a player, so he seems like he would understand.

Once again, Peih-Gee’s very vocal at tribal council, letting her feelings about Todd and Courtney be known.


Like her or not, Peih-Gee’s played this game aggressively from the beginning, but the numbers have finally caught up with her. I wouldn’t have wanted to face her in the end either. If nothing else came from this episode, Amanda just secured herself another jury vote.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another live recap of Survivor: China episode 14 A Slippery Little Sucker, to be followed by the reunion show, where we will find out who the winner is, which airs Sunday at 8-11/7-10c on CBS.

3 thoughts on “Survivor: China Episode 13”

  1. Very telling indeed. “Denise doesn’t know where she stands with Todd”; yeah, AS IF. How many weeks have we heard her say this? And then she votes his way EVERY time. The woman has less spine than a jellyfish. I swear she enjoys being a total suck up to Todd. Denise blew the challenge again too. As Jeff said, for a million dollars she couldn’t eat the dead bird? Nope. Loser.

    I’m back to where I was originally with this show the first season or two: I have huge doubts as to the “reality” of it; so often it looks fully scripted, just like tonight.

  2. I think Denise knows she shouldn’t trust Todd, but despite that, she continues to do so. She’s happy being the puppet as long as it gets her further in the game. The problem is that the jury’s not going to respect the puppet, and she’s not going to be viewed as deserving enough to make up for it.

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