Kid Nation Episode 13

The council left town as instructed by the pioneers, leaving Sheriff Sophia in charge in Kid Nation Episode 12. Contrary to everybody’s fear, Sophia turned out to be a good leader, surely better than Greg and Blaine. As the finale approached, the kids were left to think about how little time they have left and how they shouldn’t waste it playing in the arcade all day.

The episode starts with Mike wandering around at daybreak unable to sleep because he’s reflecting on all the good times they’ve had and the fact that they may never see each other again. As he’s walking, he notices the job board… on fire. For some reason, they all decide to play firefighters, even if it is pretty obvious that somebody had to have set the fire and that nothing else is in any danger of catching fire from it. Jared grabs a tin cup and fills it with water to assist.

Jonathan comes out to tell them the fire was on purpose and that things are about to change a lot. The kids want him to burn the journal as well. They interpret this as an okay to raid the stores and all get massive sugar rushes. Zach and DK are the voices of reason and are disgusted. At dinner, the town council makes a pitch to rebuild tomorrow after the chaos of the day.

Since the job board’s gone, there’s no showdown, but there is a reward. It’s the last $20,000 gold star, which will be awarded now. Guylan suggests Mike. Laurel suggests Sophia should get another gold star because she just works that hard. After discussing it amongst themselves, the council decides that Zach should be awarded the gold star, a well deserved acknowledgement of what he’s done this season.

Yellow district girls want to spend the last night together. Emily’s not having it and wants to fight. Migle takes control and patches things up between them.

There are no $20,000 gold stars, but there are still $50,000 gold stars, three of them.

They must first earn them as a town. They will be throwing a bonanza to celebrate what they’ve done. They’re given one hour to clean the town from top to bottom. First, they need to cook dinner, making pasta from scratch. Zach’s happy to have the microwave, a prize much of the town was upset with originally, to help heat up the sauce. The next step is to build picnic tables. The final task is to bury the trash. They finish this with two minutes left but need to get back to the bell before ringing it. Greg and Blaine carry DK, who is having difficulty with his legs, back to the bell, and they arrive just in time to win the reward.

Also at the party will be their families, who they haven’t seen in 39 days. It’s a very emotional reunion for all. After the party, it’s time to pack up and head to the final town council meeting.

Sophia apologizes if she’s bossed around, screamed at, or offended anyone, but she’s really the most obvious person to get one of the gold stars because she did it to help the town.

The first two gold stars will go to previous gold star winners. The third one will go to anybody.

Sophia wins the first gold star because of her leadership and hard work. Morgan wins the second gold star because she’s been the mother figure of the group. The final gold star goes to Migle for the improvement she’s made as time has gone on and for her kindness. I was expecting this when she went from nearly invisible to a standout character in the past couple episodes.

Following the meeting, it’s time to say goodbye to Bonanza City.

Based on the show’s poor ratings, it’s unlikely we’ll end up seeing a Kid Nation 2, which is too bad because it’s a good concept. However, in the event of a prolonged strike, there may be hope yet. It probably just makes more sense to shop around and get Disney to pick this up, though.

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