The Biggest Loser 4 Episode 9

In The Biggest Loser 4 Episode 8, we found out that, in addition to Neil’s weight gain, there were a couple other people who claimed to also be involved, but they just didn’t make it blatantly obvious. Isabeau whined nonstop about Neil’s actions, then she herself didn’t lose any weight on purpose. In the end, David was sent home.

This week is green week on The Biggest Loser. They’re all going to be doing some recycling, starting with their teams. They will be dropping down to duos. The challenge here isn’t a temptation, just a guessing game of how many calories are in a large meat pizza and a 32 ounce soda. Pizza’s deceptively high in calories (in addition to the 9 hour insulin spike it causes), so this can be an easy thing to underestimate. The person closest to the correct answer picks the first duo, then they both pick the second duo, then the next duo picks the third duo, then they pick the fourth duo, then there’s a last duo that’s stuck with each other.

Bill: 2145
Nicole: 3240
Kae: 2306
Julie: 2790
Hollie: 4079
Bryan: 3800
Amy: 4024
Isabeau: 3475
Ryan: 3460
Neil: 3496

Actual: 3253 calories

A high number, albeit lower than I would have expected. Nicole, who went with 3240, is the person who is closest. The teams are:

Nicole & Neil
Ryan & Isabeau
Julie & Bill
Hollie & Bryan
Kae & Amy

Neil wanted to protect Ryan but not too much. Isabeau wanted to pick a team that was an all black team. Julie and Bill wanted to protect Hollie. Kae got stuck with Amy, who was most vocal about sending her home, and wasn’t happy.

In keeping with the green week theme, they will not use machines that run on electricity this week.

While Kae’s out running, Amy’s on the couch sleeping. Bob immediately gets concerned about this pairing as well.

Kim’s upset because David’s gone, and she knows Bryan’s in serious danger. And to think just last week Jillian was going on and on about how the black team was being ganged up on. Kim’s very pleased with Bryan’s training but is frustrated with his nutrition. He’s only eating 1200 calories a day and three meals.

Kae’s concerns over her new partner continue to weigh on her. Bob decides to try to lighten the mood a bit, and he puts an X on her back.

Bob takes his team out of the gym and has them climb a huge hill instead. Jillian and Kim stay in the gym but just do things that don’t require electricity.

They show up at a challenge and are greeted by containers of food they used to eat a lot of, like 180 pizza boxes for Bill and Julie. Next to them are two trucks. What’s in the trucks is a much more shocking reality check. They are filled with the soda cans they used to go through. Not surprisingly, they all used to consume soda in excess, which is nothing but a bunch of empty calories. It’s 148,000 cans, which amounts to 2.6 tons and is a lifetime worth of cans for them. Of course, this can’t be done without being heavy on the lesson side, as it’s a reminder to them that next time they have a can they should find the nearest recycling bin. They are given half an hour to recycle their cans. Whoever recycles the most will win. The prize? Brand new hybrid SUV’s. Julie tells the story about how in order to become a stay-at-home mom, she had to get rid of a car. At the halfway mark, Bill & Julie are in first with 41 pounds. Kae & Amy, who are working as a team rather than each one individually, are in second at 40 pounds. Hollie & Bryan are at 35 pounds. Nicole & Neil are out of it at 22 pounds, with Isabeau and Ryan bringing up the rear at 20 pounds.

Isabeau & Ryan: 43.2 pounds
Neil & Nicole: 47.6 pounds
Hollie & Bryan: 75.4 pounds
Kae & Amy: 75.8 pounds
Bill & Julie: 98.4 pounds

Bill & Julie easily win the new vehicles. Black team has to drag Jillian down the hallway to see the prizes because she doesn’t want to know anything that doesn’t have to do with the weigh in. She’s impressed but still wants immunity.

Bryan expresses concern to Kim that he can’t eat when he’s full because that’s how he got fat to begin with. She tells him to just trust her.

Kae: 163 pounds (-5)
Amy: 245 pounds (-9)
Total: -14 pounds (3.32%)

Hollie: 212 pounds (-6)
Bryan: 278 pounds (-11)
Total: -17 pounds (3.35%)

Nicole: 229 pounds (-6)
Neil: 321 pounds (-18)
Total: -24 pounds (4.18%)

Last week, Neil’s 33 pound weight loss wasn’t particularly impressive since it was to be expected with the 17 pound weight gain the week before, but this week’s loss following that is very strong and puts him at the 100 pound mark, making him the 5th person in the show’s history to lose that much weight before going home.

Isabeau: 246 pounds (-9)
Ryan: 302 pounds (-6)
Total: -15 pounds (2.66%)

Bill: 242 pounds (-9)
Julie: 180 pounds (-6)
Total: -15 pounds (3.43%)

Despite Isabeau slacking last week, Isabeau and Ryan are below the yellow line, with Ryan putting up the lowest percentage of weight loss of anyone this week. Isabeau tells black team she trusts nobody, a slap in the face to the people who have been loyal to her all along.

Kae & Amy: Ryan
Bryan & Hollie: Ryan
Neil & Nicole: Ryan

The fourth vote was probably for Ryan as well. Ryan returns home to his newborn baby. Today, Ryan weighs 265 pounds, down 109 pounds from his starting weight of 374.

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