Celebrity Apprentice Cast Revealed?

Update: the list below was only a partial leaked list. The full official Celebrity Apprentice Cast has now been posted.

Another list of Celebrity Apprentice Cast members have been revealed, this time by TMZ. The previous list turned out to be wishful thinking.

The list, which may or may not be partially accurate, this time is:

Omarosa (The Apprentice 1)
Lennox Lewis (Boxer)
Gene Simmons (KISS Singer)
Tito Ortiz (Mixed Martial Artist)
Stephen Baldwin (Actor, Flinstones movie, both Celebrity Moles)
Carol Alt (Ex-Model)
Vinny Pastore (Actor, The Sopranos)
John Cena (Wrestler)
Marilu Henner (Actress, Taxi)

Yeah, I had to look half of them up. With a cast like this, it’s almost like doing a non-celebrity version.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice Cast Revealed?”

  1. The Donald way overhyped his “Celebrity” Apprentice. Former heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis may arguably be the biggest name of the cast. Gene Simmons was a big name 30 years ago. The show is doomed from the start without even a d-list celebrity. Will this be the Apprentice franchise killer?

  2. I love the Celebrity Apprentice episodes! I kept waiting for Omarosa to get fired when she was being such a poop, but it didn’t happen. Now, it did and it wasn’t because she did something especially wrong or was acting weird, it was because her team lost. I figure she worked as hard as the next guy, but she was the project manager. Otherwise, I think Stephen would have gotten fired.

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