On The Lot Episode 9 Recap

Since the start of On The Lot, the vast majority of short films that have aired have been comedies. True, there has been the odd drama here and there, but tonight is the big ticket night, its horror movie week!

If you’ve been following me along from the start of the show to now, you’ll no doubt remember that Jess Brillhart was deserving shown the door last week in episode 8 of On The Lot, as Shalini, Adam, Will, Hilary, David and Zach premiered their comedy short films.

My pick for the contestant to be eliminated on episode 9 of On The Lot is… David May for his short film How to Have a Girl.

And now, on to what everyone is looking for, a full recap of episode 9!

July 3, 2007

The short film directors on the chopping block are Shalini Kantayya, Adam Stein, Will Bigham, Hilary Graham, David May and Zach Lipovsky.

The director eliminated on episode 9 of On The Lot is… David May!

The guest judge for tonight’s episode and very befitting of the night’s horror movie theme is Eli Roth, director of such films as Hostel, Cabin Fever and Quentin Tarantino’s Grind House.

Ha! I knew it. Now that the dirty work is over and done with, lets get on with the good stuff, tonight’s all-new horror films!

The Malibu Myth by Kenny Luby
Description: A story about two friends trying to solve a myth.
My Thoughts: Well filmed, terrible ending, horrible zombies.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was his most accessible film yet, it was good. Eli liked it, but the build up was better then the follow through. Garry liked his monsters and the tempo was very good.

Anklebiters by Sam Friedlander
Description: A story about a boy who has a run in with a strange creature in his bedroom.
My Thoughts: Great casting for the commentator, fantastic voice for horror. The “anklebiter” puppet looked terrible and the entire film was just lame.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought he did well with the puppet, but the prologue was from an entirely different movie. Eli thought the prologue gave everything away. Garry thought it was a solid film.

Midnight Snack by Andrew Hunt
Description: A horror-comedy hybrid.
My Thoughts: Great use of lighting and sound effects. The female ghost character was done very well, had a very The Grudge kind of feel.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought it was very entertaining, but more a Rocky Horror than a horror. Eli thought it wasn’t very funny or scary and he saw it more as a commercial. Garry thought he did a good job.

Eternal Waters by Jason Epperson
Description: A story about a mother coping with her sons drowning.
My Thoughts: Very well filmed, great sound effects, good actors and a very good story.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie thought he did a great job, her favored film of his so far. Eli didn’t buy the mothers performace at all. Garry thought it was sensational.

Open House by Shira-Lee Shalit
Description: A story about a couple house hunting, and then something happens.
My Thoughts: Good camera work and use of angles. Interesting storyline, great supporting actress.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie didn’t think it was scary, didn’t think it worked. Eli felt it was forced and cliche, but the ending was very good. Garry thinks she’s better suited to comedy.

Profile by Mateen Kemet
Description: A new twist on the horror genre, think racial profiling, everday horror.
My Thoughts: Interesting storyline, very original, but not a horror in my opinion, more of a drama.
Judges Thoughts: Carrie didn’t get it, but it was shot well. Eli thought he didn’t relate the message to the audience well enough. Garry thought it was more horrifying than horror, but it lacked complexity and was difficult to understand.

Judges Picks:
Carrie Fisher – Midnight Snack by Andrew Hunt
Eli Roth – The Malibu Myth by Kenny Luby
Garry Marshall – Eternal Waters by Jason Epperson

My Pick:
Eternal Waters by Jason Epperson. The film had a feeling very similar to The Omen and The Ring and made great use of the child actors. The storyline was very well done and overall it was a very well filmed and executed short film.

And there you have it, another spectacular episode of On The Lot has been and gone. My pick for elimination in episode 10 of On The Lot… Sam Friedlander. The film just wasn’t any good, far to cheesy and the puppet was terrible. Stay tuned for more, next week!

On The Lot episode 10 airs on the Fox Television Network on July 10 at 8/7c. Stay tuned for a full recap of the show right here on dingoRUE.com!

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  1. This was the one I was waiting to see, for sure. None of the films were scary, in my opinion. However, there were many great effects.

    One of my favorites was Midnight Snack, although it was not exactly scary. I laughed my ass off at this one…was hilarious. The theme was not comedy, though.

    I was a little disappointed. I was expecting better horror films, but what can I say…they are amateurs. So, in all they did a great job. Glad I tuned in for this episode….got me a bit more interested in the show.

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