Heroes Season 2 Spoilers – Part 1

Production on Heroes season 2 began this past week (June 19) and already season 2 spoilers are starting to find there way online.

Heroes Season 2 Spoiler #1

Our first spoiler comes compliments of E! Online, who are a regular source for great Heroes spoilers. It looks like our cute little time-traveling-sword-wielding-Sylar-stabbing superhero Hiro Nakamura, played by Masi Oka, is going to find himself a special love interest while traveling in feudal Japan. More specifically, it looks like Hiro is going to fall for a princess in distress and a few episodes will be dedicated to Hiro and his new love interest in the feudal Japan era!

Would Hiro dare to risk potentially throwing the earths entire time line into turmoil by trying to bring his new found love interest back to the present day? We already know Hiro has to return to present day at some point, so his trip back could potentially impact the entire storyline of Heroes season 2.

Though the casting of Hiro’s love interest has yet to be confirmed by NBC television, Heroes creator Tim Kring or anyone else from the Heroes crew, early rumors are pointing to Riyo Mori landing the role of a lifetime. Named sound familiar? That’s most likely because Riyo Mori is none other than the 2007 Miss Universe!

I’m still not quite sure who got the better deal here: Riyo for scoring a fantastic role on a hit TV show, or Masi for scoring an awesome love interest that he will no doubt be scoring with himself, all in the name of “plot development”, of course.

Check out this short YouTube video, compliments of E! Online:

Heroes season 2 spoiler

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  1. Hiro’s love interest is going to be played by some Japanese pop singer not riyo who apparently didn’t get the part.

  2. This ought to be an interesting addition!! That’s too bad if Riyo did’nt get the part…but it’s exciting for the lucky lady that does! Can’t wait to hear more…

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