Biggest Loser 2 Contestants Expecting Baby

Biggest Loser Winner Matt Hoover (Image Source:

**UPDATE: Rumor has it, Matt and Suzy are expecting to have a brand new baby girl enter their family on July 9th. Congrats to the Biggest Losers!

Biggest Loser 2 winner Matt Hoover and fellow contestant Suzy Preston were recently married on September 19th. Now, to add to their massive weight loss, fresh marriage and very successful business venture, the biggest loser club, the couple are reportedly expecting a baby!

Suzy unofficially announced the pregnancy by going wild on her MySpace page and posting pictures of two positive pregnancy tests, as well as an entire horrendous theme dedicated to the test’s.

Congratulations to Matt and Suzy on their incredible weight loss, marriage and upcoming baby!

Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

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