American Idol 6: Comedy or Tragedy?

american idol 6

Though the huge ratings received by the first 2 episode of American Idol 6 would have you believe the popularity of the show hasn’t faded, the reviews you can find all over the web would have you thinking otherwise.

The general consensus across reality TV, TV and really any blog or website you can find that writes about American Idol 6, is that thinks aren’t off to a very good start, yet we still watch it. The judges have been even harsher than usual, almost coming across as cruel at some points, and the producers of the show are playing up the cruel and sadder side of the show much more than they need to.

The fist episode alone started off with a contestant who thought she could sing well getting torn a new one by the judges, which isn’t unusual in and of itself. The part, however, that got on quite a few peoples nerves, was how they focused on the sobbing contestant and followed her outside the audition room to watch her cry and whimper to her family. Talk about starting the season off on a low note!

I usually wouldn’t care about this kind of thing as I’ve come to expect it from the judges: Paula, Simon and Randy, but it’s the producers that I think are going a bit to far. It has become blazingly obvious that they only expanded the number of audition episodes to 8 in an attempt to dominate the ratings for even longer. Many people will watch American Idol 6 just for the auditions and then lose interest in the show itself, and the producers are hoping to capitalize on that fact by offering up a longer list of audition episode; however, the quality of these episodes is substantially poorer then in previous seasons. Now that they are attempting to dedicate an entire episode to each major city with an audition, they are grasping at straws to come up with good content from each city, which has become very apparent in how they have been playing up and extending a number of auditions and scenes that would usually be no more than 30-seconds, but are not lasting upwards of 3-minutes.

I’m holding out hope that episode 3 of American Idol 6, the Memphis auditions, will turn out to be a more promising show. I’m thinking the fact that the producers will only have a 1-hour time slot, as opposed to the premier 2-hour time slot, to deal with, that things will shape up, scenes will be shortened and things will start to running smoothly again. Fingers crossed!

Next American Idol 6 Episodes:
Tuesday, Jan. 23 (8:00-9:00 PM) – Memphis Auditions
Wednesday, Jan. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM) – New York City Auditions

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