American Idol 6: Paula Abdul Tweaks Out

American Idol 6 host and former pop-star Paula Abdul appeared on Q13 Fox for an interview recently and appeared to be tweaking out.

Rumors of alleged drug, alcohol or some form of substance abuse spread like wild fire during season 5 of American Idol, though they seemed to be put to rest as Paula shaped up towards the end of the season. Well, judging by this video, she’s back at it again.

I’ve never really taken a shine to Paula as a host, and her music is dreadful, but it is really unfortunate to see her like this, especially before American Idol 6 even kicks off. Hopefully she can pull herself together and get through everything, otherwise she’s heading down a bad path that could potentially end her career as an Idol host.

Watch the video of a tweaked out American Idol 6 host Paula Abdul, after the jump!

Author: soultrance

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