Taco Time Tackles The Little Guy

So, of all the stupid things, it looks like Taco Time of Canada has decided to go after a local mexican eatery called Casa de Amigos for using the supposedly copyright “Taco Tuesdays” slogan to promote their cheap taco deals. You’d think the fools at Taco Time would have better things to do, like maybe make their food edible and learn how to make tacos bigger then 2 inches long, but apparently not.

This looks like another case of a big company getting power hungry and bored, and deciding to go after a little guy trying to make a living cause they know they won’t be able to put up a fight.

The folks at Casa de Amigos have already had to pull anything referring to or mentioning the Taco Tuesdays slogan, and, as a result, have had to throw away around $5,000 in advertising, which is pretty rough for a smaller restaraunt.

What really gets me about this is something my wife brought to my attention last night. Being born and raised in Nebraska, where Mexicans and Mexican restaraunts are more common than Chinese food and Sushi in Vancouver, everyone and their brother that sells Tacos on a Tuesday uses the Taco Tuesdays slogan. Why is it just now that the big wigs at Taco Time have decided to go after anyone for using the slogan, must have been a boring day at corporate.

One things for sure, if Taco Time was trying to get some PR out of this, they sure are, but certainly not the kind of PR you WANT to get for your company. Although, getting this much PR for Casa de Amigos would have cost substantially more than the $5,000 they had to forfeit, so it’s not all bad for them. Next time you’ve got a hankering for some yummy Mexican food, think Casa de Amigos, not Taco Time.

Casa de Amigos is located at 8718 Granville St, in the Marpole area of South Vancouver.

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