John Mark Karr DNA Doesn’t Match; Charges Dropped

All murder charges against John Mark Karr, the man who was recently arresed in Thailand, flown back to the U.S. first class and willingly confessed to killing JonBennet Ramsey, has been aquitted of all murder charges.

DNA samples taken from Mr. John Mark Karr did not match those that were taken from JonBennet or any of her clothes. As such, the district attorney has dropped the warrant on John Karr and they will not be proceeding with the case.

I had the feeling this guy wasn’t actually guilty, but was just doing it for the attention. One thing is for sure, he may not have killed JonBennet, but he is still bat-shit crazy and a pedophile and should be locked up for good.

Thankfully this wack job isn’t getting set free again, but is being shipped back to California to face child pornography charges.

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Author: soultrance

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