Undercover Boss Season 2

Undercover Boss has been renewed for season 2. Perhaps this comes as no surprise considering how high the ratings have been, but I’m left to wonder what they will do now that everybody knows about the show. Surely if I see somebody walking around with a camera crew at my work, my first assumption is that’s the big boss. Of course, it’s really hard to buy even without knowing the show’s premise, and I get the sense that some of these people are on to it.

Allegedly, the show’s producers have come up with a way around that, although they don’t care to elaborate at this time. I’ve got an idea. Let’s drop all this feel good stuff and turn it into a real reality show. I’d tune in to see which fast food joint’s president survives the backstabbing from the others.

Undercover Boss Premieres After the Super Bowl

Since 2001, CBS has had three big reality TV shows, but has failed to get any new ones off the ground. It looks like they’re serious about changing that with Undercover Boss.

I’d have predicted the post-Super Bowl slot would go to Survivor in an effort to revive the fading (albeit still top 20) granddaddy of reality TV, particularly since it’s season 20 with a returning cast of all stars. Instead, the time slot will go to new reality show Undercover Boss.

In this new show, senior management in some of America’s largest corporations will get trained in entry level jobs within the companies they run.

Following its Super Bowl Sunday February 7 debut, Undercover Boss will remain on Sundays. It will take over the 9/8c time slot, giving it a nice reality lead in in The Amazing Race, although it will also put it right up against The Celebrity Apprentice.

As for Cold Case, which most likely will not last another season anyway, it will be bumped down an hour to 10/9c.