Survivor: Blood Vs Water Episode 6

Redemption Island’s influence of the game only continued in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 5 as Laura M was voted off the island for being awesome at challenges.

Laura will not even entertain the possibility of taking her daughter Ciera’s place in the game. John, Brad, and Laura M compete in the duel. They cross a balance beam while untying bags of pieces then complete a puzzle (putting numbers in order) at the other end. Laura completes the first 10 numbers first, but there are a few bags to go. John and Brad are steadily falling further behind her. John manages to pull ahead of Brad on the third set of numbers. Laura wins the duel. John places second, and Brad has been eliminated.

Rather than giving it to her daughter, Laura gives the clue to Vytas. Following suit of the past couple times, he burns the clue because he doesn’t want that target.

Now they can drop their buffs. Time to reveal the new tribes.

Galang: Vytas, Katie, Monica, Tina, Laura B, Kat
Tadhana: Aras, Gervase, Tyson, Caleb, Hayden, Ciera

The new tribes split heavily down gender lines. Vytas is the only man on his new tribe; Ciera is the only woman on her new tribe. The family members now joined together are Katie & Tina, but otherwise everybody is still an individual. Tadhana is split 3-3, but Galang is split 4-2 in favor of old Galang members.

Hayden and Caleb quickly spill the beans about what was happening on their old tribe.

Tyson’s plan is not to maintain tribal lines. Rather, he wants to make sure that at least Aras is a bigger target than him. He already wanted to get rid of Aras before anyway.

If you thought the tribes were lopsided before, anything physical clearly favors one tribe over the other now. They will race out in pairs collecting fish traps from the water, returning them to shore to solve a puzzle. Reward is a picnic. I was thinking Gervase might give the women some hope, but he seems to have learned to swim. Tina and Laura B return without their fish trap and take forever to realize their mistake, which allows them to almost be lapped. Ciera’s the biggest (only) drag on her team, but they still have about half a lap lead as they head into the puzzle. After all that, it still may be possible for the puzzle to determine the challenge. Galang keeps completing the puzzle, and they keep getting it wrong because the patterns look more or less correct in different slots. Tadhana wins immunity and reward.

The outcome here seems obvious. You don’t keep a mother and daughter together on the same tribe. Rather than do that, though, they have two different options. First, all the women stick together and vote out their lone male castaway. Then there’s Kat’s plan: vote out Monica. This just serves to make Kat a target.


With 4 votes, Kat has been voted off the island. She had an easy pass through presumably at least two weeks (surely they’ll split up Tina and Katie next, right?) but wanted to make a big move instead.

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Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 5

Flipping at the last moment, Caleb forced his tribe into a position where they had to decide whether they wanted to draw for a purple rock in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 4. Not wanting to take the chance, Vytas switched his vote to avoid a tie and ended up making the tribe weaker (again) by getting rid of Brad instead of the girl who keeps losing challenges.

Ciera’s plan now is to join forces with Katie and convince Caleb to join them in forming the weakest alliance ever.

Brad hopes that Candice will get over herself and acknowledge it’s just a game. No such luck. Apparently, not only is she mad at him because he led the charge to get rid of John, but she blames his wife for being one of five people randomly getting rid of her on day 1. Probst points out the obvious: she’s doing an awful lot of whining for someone who hasn’t spent a single second at either camp.

Laura M has decided to start flirting with Aras. He says he’s not falling for it.

When she gets to the duel, Monica offers to take Brad’s spot without even being asked, but he declines just as quickly. Candice, John, and Brad will compete in a duel to make a bridge and then a puzzle out of the bridge. Candice takes an immediate lead before slowing down. John is the first to finish the bridge, followed by Brad and then Candice. With a puzzle consisting of 8 pieces, this should go pretty quickly. John wins the duel. Brad places second. Candice has finally been eliminated, and now she will finally stop complaining. John gives the clue to Monica again, and she burns it again.

The immunity challenge is a giant slide and ring toss. This is the kind of dumb luck challenge that Tadhana might actually be able to win. Reward is steaks or fishing gear. Monica, Laura, and Laura sit out for Galang. Caleb gets Tadhana off to an early lead. Tyson ties it. Despite missing her ring on the slide down, Katie retakes the lead against Kat. Vytas makes it 3-1 against Aras. Tina makes it 3-2 against Ciera. Caleb scores again, this time against Tyson, to make it 4-2. Gervase gets beat again, as Hayden scores to win immunity and reward. They choose the immediate gratification of steaks rather than gear to help them eat for the rest of the game.

Laura B has been the outcast since the beginning. Her attempt to save herself is to tell Kat that Laura M and Monica were complaining that they had to sit out instead of her. I’m not sure this is entirely true, though it does not seem entirely untrue either.

Aras proposes getting rid of Laura M instead because she’s awesome at challenges (huh?), which may make her a good person to beat Brad at Redemption Island. Not this again.

Laura B
Laura M
Laura M
Laura M
Laura M
Laura M

With 5 votes, Laura M has been voted off the island as Redemption Island continues to control the game. It almost seems pointless to bother voting anymore.

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Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 4

When the tribe used his own strategy from the previous week against him, John was eliminated in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 3 because they wanted him to go to Redemption Island, guaranteeing that at least either he or Candice will be eliminated. Probably.

Like everybody else on Redemption Island, Candice now hates Brad. He’s going to have to try a lot harder than this toward the end if he hopes to secure jury votes. Unlike those who are shouting, John is able to at least keep a level head, expressing calmly actual reasons why Brad can’t be trusted.

For their duel, they will unravel a key to unlock puzzle pieces. John easily wins the challenge, an impressive showing that suggests he’s not only a physical threat but perhaps also a mental threat. For a change, Candice does not win, but she is easily running ahead of Marissa. Candice places second, and Marissa has been sent home. John gives the hidden immunity idol clue to Monica because his wife tells him to do that. She promptly puts the clue in the fire, and Candice mocks her for doing what she’s told, like what John just did.

The immunity challenge will have them paddling out to retrieve crates, building a staircase, and solving a puzzle. Reward is tea/coffee/pastries or fishing gear. Tina and Kat sit out for Galang, while the one armed Tyson does not. Tadhana makes a quick run out to the crates, and they keep that lead as they return to the beach. This lasts until two crates fall out of their boat, which allows Galang to pass them heading into the staircase building. Tadhana retakes the lead during that process, but it will all come down to the puzzle. Not having learned from before, Tadhana pits Ciera against her mother Laura for the puzzle building, and Galang wins immunity as usual.

Brad has a plan that’s different from what he normally does. He wants to target Caleb because that’s the only person left in the tribe who does not have a partner. The other men, however, realize that Ciera is worthless in challenges.

At Tribal Council, when Brad starts talking about it being smart to get rid of someone partnerless, Caleb blindsides everybody by telling the girls that he plans to write Brad’s name down.


With 3 votes each, it is tied. The others will now revote.


With 3 votes, Brad has been voted off the island. Once again, their goal was clearly not to strengthen the tribe because, although Brad is a snake, he was a contributor toward their largely dismal challenge performances.

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Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 3

Rachel started to get in between the bromance in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 2, and that meant she had to go.

Colton thinks he’s in danger because he loves to be a strategist. I’m sure it has nothing to do with him being an ass (again).

Now we get to the other possible benefit to the Rachel elimination. When they get to the duel, Tyson is made the same offer the others were: she can get back in the game if he agrees to switch with her. She tells him to stay put because he has a better chance (logic Rupert should have used), but before sitting down, he picks a fight with the other tribe.

And then Colton starts crying out of nowhere. Huh? He says he doesn’t want to be there any more and wants to quit. Again. This is why quitters shouldn’t be allowed back. Probst says he didn’t really have appendicitis the first time but just wanted an excuse to quit. After a bit of back and forth, Colton decides he has officially quit for a second time. He does not want his fiance to go home, however, telling him he might actually have a chance.

At the duel, they must stack blocks along platforms while avoiding trip bars, allowing the domino effect to break a tile. Candice wins again. Marissa and Rachel are going back and forth, both unable to create an effective row of blocks. In the end, after more than 45 minutes, Rachel comes up short and is eliminated while Marissa places second again. Candice gives John a second clue to the hidden immunity idol location.

When they get back to camp, Tyson is now aware that Monica’s husband is a driving force behind Rachel’s elimination. That will make her an easy target.

He may have hid his first clue, but this time John decides to tell Brad about his latest clue. Strangely, after telling him, he says he wants him to stay behind while he goes and looks. So why bother telling him at all if that’s the condition? You could earn just as much trust by finding it and then telling him you have it. Unless you still can’t find it even with two clues.

The reward to go along with immunity will be comfort or fishing gear. Their challenge is a battle, and the first one to push the other off the platform wins. Brad beats Gervase to take the lead 1-0 for Tadhana. Laura B beats Katie to tie it 1-1. John beats Aras to retake the lead. Kat drops Ciera with one push, and it’s tied again. Hayden quickly drops Tyson to retake the lead, and medical has to come out and look at Tyson’s shoulder, which has been popped out but should heal given time. Tina beats her daughter Katie to tie it again. Aras gets hit with a cheap attack from his brother Vytas after letting him get back to his feet, but he still wins to give Galang the lead for the first time. Laura M beats her daughter Ciera, and Galang wins immunity again.

Katie and Ciera, who lost twice each, are the obvious targets for tonight’s vote. Afraid that Candice will continue to dominate Redemption Island, Brad has another idea. He wants to get rid of John instead. Most of this is just being done for the sake of proving he can do it, rather than it being the smart thing to do.

Part of Brad’s plan is to make all of his allies plus two girls to vote for John so that he can be the good guy and say he didn’t flip. Since he’s just told the majority his voting plans, they can now potentially get rid of him instead. Considering his clear disloyalty, I’d sooner drop Brad than John, though both are useful members that can eventually contribute to the tribe finally winning something.


With 4 votes, John has been voted off the island. Not liking this Redemption Island twist. It is having far too much impact on the game.

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Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 2

Thanks to her uncle’s big mouth, Marissa was the first person voted out in Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 1.

Colton is done pretending he’s turned over a new leaf. And what a painful 5 minutes that was for him.

Rachel sees the writing on the all. The women in her tribe have no hope, so she wants to get closer to the men. This leads Ciera to say she has an alliance with John.

Rupert, Candice, and Marissa face off in the first duel, for lack of a better word. Not having learned his lesson, Gervase keeps running his mouth. Their challenge is to maneuver objects through a metal contraption and stack them on top of it. Candice runs ahead of the others right away while Marissa falls behind. Marissa’s only hope is that the wind gets in Rupert’s way, and it does. Candice wins the challenge. With Rupert having fallen well behind, Marissa places second, and Rupert is going home with his wife likely to follow soon. As the winner, Candice can award a clue to the hidden immunity idol to anyone she wants. Obviously, she picks her husband John.

Back to Colton. He tells everybody that everybody else wants to get rid of them. Then he tells us he’s a raging bitch. None of these veterans want to deal with drama for 39 days.

Tyson, Aras, Gervase, Tina, and Monica bond over their distrust of Colton and form an alliance of five. This all just seems like an alliance of convenience formed by someone who counted the number of people he’s talking to and realizing it’s a majority.

Their immunity challenge will be to get tied together and push people in barrels toward balls to be rolled into the slots at the end of the course. In addition to immunity, they are playing for fishing gear. Kat sits out for Galang. From the start, Galang has a lead, but they lose it at the end. It’s going to come down to untying the balls and landing them in the holes. Hayden seems to be doing well, but Gervase manages to catch up to and pass him. Hayden ties it at 4. Gervase retakes the lead. Then he gets the final one and once again celebrates very loudly as Galang wins immunity and reward. At least this time he was an integral part in the win rather than the dead weight he was last week.

John’s main goal is to make sure that weak people continue to go to Redemption Island against Candice. To that end, he is going out of his way to protect Rachel. Between that and his unwillingness to reveal his idol clue to his alliance, they are growing wary of him. They would be dumb to vote him out, but that won’t stop them from considering it. However, it won’t hurt them too much to get rid of his new ally, and it will provide them with a potential opportunity to take out Tyson, one of the other tribe’s strongest members.


With 4 votes, Rachel has been voted off the island.

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Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Episode 1

With 26 seasons under its belt, Survivor has an impressive cast pool to choose from, but even still, most of the people they bring back leave me feeling underwhelmed. This season, with half the cast being returnees and the other half on the opposing tribe being their loved ones, is no exception. Six of these cast members could be found in just two seasons, and for four of them, it is at least their third shot (for the right people, like the women of Fans Vs. Favorites or Boston Rob, this works, but I’m not so sure Tyson, Candice, Tina, and Rupert fall into that same category). They even found someone willing to admit to being (almost) related to Colton. Hayden is at least an interesting choice. I wouldn’t mind seeing more crossovers like this, though the Big Brother/Amazing Race crossovers have largely fallen flat.

Aras Baskauskas (Panama)
Candice Cody (Cook Islands, Heroes Vs. Villains)
Colton Cumbie (One World)
Gervase Peterson (Borneo)
Kat Edorsson (One World)
Laura Morett (Samoa)
Monica Culpepper (One World)
Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands, All-Stars, Heroes Vs. Villains)
Tina Wesson (Australian Outback, All-Stars)
Tyson Apostol (Tocantins, Heroes Vs. Villains)

Vytas Baskauskas (Aras’ brother)
John Cody (Candice’s husband)
Caleb Bankston (Colton’s fiance)
Marissa Peterson (Gervase’s niece)
Hayden Moss (Kat’s boyfriend and Big Brother 12 winner)
Ciera Eastin (Laura’s daughter)
Brad Culpepper (Monica’s husband)
Laura Boneham (Rupert’s wife)
Katie Collins (Tina’s daughter)
Rachel Foulger (Tyson’s girlfriend)

After the first night alone with their loved ones (which will extend the season to a longer than usual 40 days), Probst breaks the news that they are actually competing against each other. More than half of them are looking forward to the challenge.

As if that weren’t enough of a twist, each tribe will immediately vote someone out. Lame.

Tadhana: Laura, Laura, Laura, Marissa, Laura, Laura

In an early landslide, Rupert’s wife Laura is promptly voted out.

Galang: Laura, Laura, Candice, Candice, Candice, Laura, Candice, Gervase, Candice

Candice follows Laura’s exit. Did Candice really just get voted out over Colton? And who is this other Laura?

They will be heading to Redemption Island rather than being completely out of the game. It doesn’t end there. Probst has an offer. Are they willing to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones? Rupert agrees, and Laura joins the returning players, a big blow to his tribe both in terms of experience and physical contribution. John does not make that same sacrifice, as Candice thinks she can beat Rupert in a duel.

Within 15 minutes, Tyson starts a fire for Galang. They are pretty much off to the fastest start ever. Obviously the other tribe will not be so lucky.

Monica and Colton agree to work together, despite the fact that he stabbed her in the back when they played together in One World.

Brad put his foot in his mouth right when they hit the beach, saying without thinking that he might not go all the way in challenges to protect his wife. As a former NFL player, I doubt he’ll really throw anything, and he makes that point clear to his tribe. Then he starts building an all male alliance. They have five guys or, as he puts it, four guys and a gay guy. Granted, that gay guy does become the swing vote. Does he really want to be aligned with four alpha males, no matter how good they are in challenges?

Unlike his brother, golden child Aras, Vytas grew up addicted to drugs before finally being arrested. He has since been clean for 14 years and is now a yoga teacher.

Colton blames society for the fact that he’s an ass. They treated him badly for being gay, so now he must strike back. I get his point, but a few tears do not negate his own personal accountability.

Over on Redemption Island, Candice is already out for revenge against the tribe she was on for a few minutes. Meanwhile, she finds Rupert to be annoying because she’s doing all the work. He is wisely reserving his energy while she supports the both of them.

At the immunity challenge, their task is to race across a series of obstacles in the water, retrieve a boat with puzzle pieces, and return back to shore to make a puzzle. Tadhana is off to an early lead despite not having made fire. Gervase is hopelessly stumbling his way through the course, even with Aras dragging him. Galang can’t row their boat either as Colton threatens to hit his team with a paddle. Following a lackluster initial performance in the water, Galang pulls ahead as they dominate the puzzle against completely hopeless competition. Galang wins immunity and flint, leaving Tadhana fireless for now.

As the failed puzzle makers, Katie, Caleb, and Ciera are at the top of the chopping block. Lucky for Caleb, he’s not going anywhere because of Brad’s alliance, and they seem to have ruled Ciera out as well. The other possible target is Marissa because Gervase had an over the top celebration after his team won, a reaction from which she quickly tries to distance herself.


With 5 votes, Marissa has been voted off the island. I don’t think they will particularly miss her, but voting her out because her uncle was gloating is one of the silliest excuses I have seen.

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