The Amazing Race Season 20 Winners

Bopper & Mark were eliminated in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 10, leaving us with four unappealing teams remaining in the fight for $1 million. As with Big Brother, I find myself oddly rooting for Brendon & Rachel, if only because the other contestants are just more objectionable.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived, presumably.

Teams will now fly nearly 4000 miles to Hiroshima, Japan. All teams will be on the same flight.

Undeterred by their near elimination in the last leg, Art & JJ continue to spend their energy on bashing the green team, who get left behind on the second bus separate from the other teams. They’re not behind for long, as they get help on the bus to find the right train. Rachel & Dave, however, get stuck trying to figure out the confusing ticket system, so now it’s time for them to argue as well. As a result of this, they miss the final ferry of the night as well, putting them 7 hours behind.

Of course, seeing as it’s just before midnight, there’s an hours of operation that will equalize all the teams again, so all the drama of the night before is moot.

Their first stop of the morning is Peace Park, the site where the atomic bomb was dropped. Though the city has been rebuilt, many buildings remain as they were as a reminder.

From there, they will head to Osaka by high speed bullet train. They’re stopping at TV 8 Studio. I’m expecting some crazy Japanese game show to come of this.

The road block is to participate in the Bring That Chicken Home Game. Sprinting on the running track, they must jump and grab three chickens and bring them to the other side.

Road block (in order of arrival): Art, Vanessa, Brendon, Rachel

Vanessa, coming off a twisted ankle earlier in the race, is forced to do the road block in order to keep the number even, probably something this team should have planned for sooner. Tough to do considering the task involves running and jumping, but she keeps going until she completes it rather than taking the penalty. Afterward, her main concern is that she needs to fix her eyelashes.

The detour is at the Umeda Sky Building. Strangely, neither task is related to heights, though. The detour is a choice between photo cut-out or bingo shout-out. In bingo, they’ll have to take sushi from a conveyor belt, identify it, put it on a bingo card, then eat it. In photo, they will need to take photos of people with life sized sumo cut outs.

Bingo: Art & JJ, Brendon & Rachel, Vanessa & Ralph
Photo: Rachel & Dave

For the bingo task, although everything’s in Japanese, they’re playing with the locals who are helping them figure out what’s what. Yeah, this is apparently a real thing, not invented just for the show.

Dave tells Rachel she needs to use her personality to help win the task because she’s great with people. Funny, when communicating with him, I have not seen her be pleasant. It turns out they have picked the simpler of the two detours, though neither appears overly challenging. Bad news for Vanessa & Ralph, who are too far behind to catch up, no matter how typically frazzled Rachel is getting.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Osaka Castle.

First: Rachel & Dave (win a trip to New Zealand)
Second: Art & JJ
Third: Brendon & Rachel
Eliminated: Vanessa & Ralph

Finishing last, Vanessa & Ralph have been eliminated, as the other three continue to the final leg of the race.

Rachel & Dave have tied the record for the most legs won in a race, with 7 first place finishes. Their only problem is they don’t seem to like each other very much, and Rachel tends to be more of a hindrance than a help, which she takes out on Dave, who granted seems to be a control freak. Art & JJ won 3 legs in a row (each one as a direct result of the first). Too bad they were such jackasses. Brendon & Rachel are the only team left standing who have yet to win a leg. As with the other Rachel, this Rachel has a tendency to get emotional without much provocation.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Rachel & Dave – 4:15PM
Second: Art & JJ – 4:47PM
Third: Brendon & Rachel – 5:05PM

From here, they will take their final flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. Again they will all be on the same flight.

Upon arrival, they must figure out that they are heading to the twin towers. Rachel & Dave get their cab driver to solve the riddle for them, and he knows exactly where to go. Brendon & Rachel have similar luck with an Internet search. Art & JJ, relying on following someone else (as they’ve accused Big Brother of doing), find themselves running around in circles when their cab driver is unsuccessful at tailing Rachel & Dave.

I guess this is why there wasn’t a height task in the last leg. They must ascend and rappel up and down the 45 story building to spot their next clue in the distance.

The road block requires them to shave ice using a samurai sword.

Road block (in order of arrival): Dave, Brendon, JJ

Rachel & Dave lose their very good cab driver here, as they must make their way by foot to some helicopters. Luckily, Rachel is paying attention because Dave asks for a ride. Brendon & Rachel are not so lucky, as neither teammate is paying attention, so they take a cab to some random incorrect destination. This allows Art & JJ to leapfrog them. Here comes another Rachel meltdown.

Their next task is to become north short lifeguards and rescue a swimmer.

The second road block, which must be done by the person who did not do the first one, is hill surfing on an oiled up sled. They’ll then have to roll a lava rock into a target.

Road block (in order of arrival): Art, Rachel, Rachel

After paddling their way across the water and finding the pit stop, Rachel & Dave are informed that they have not yet completed all tasks. They have to go find the road block that Art & JJ are already doing. I’m not sure how they missed the mark here, but it would seem that there is the end of the race.

With Art not having Rachel’s balance, she is able to pass him. Art continues to fall off his sled, as the other Rachel finally arrives and passes him.

This time, having completed all tasks, Rachel & Dave are The Amazing Race 20 winners. A deserving team if ever there were one, in spite of their bickering. Art & JJ manage to get ahead of Rachel on the second part of the road block to place second, leaving Brendon & Rachel with third place.

The Amazing Race 20 Episode 10

Injured and sick, Bopper & Mark were non-eliminated in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 9.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Rachel & Dave – 6:53AM
Second: Brendon & Rachel – 7:20AM
Third: Art & JJ – 7:28AM
Fourth: Vanessa & Ralph – 7:32AM
Fifth: Bopper & Mark – 10:38AM

They will stick around India to obtain their next clue, and they have $25 for this leg, so I’m assuming they aren’t going anywhere else. Bad news for the last place team, just like the last time there was a non-elimination.

Mark’s got an IV in his arm 3 hours before pit start, trying to recover from his prior day in the heat.

The fast forward is head shaving. We’ve seen this before. The models in season 5 bowed out of this task, while Joyce from season 7 opted to shave her hair that it was such a mess she was just better off starting over anyway. Unable to do a second fast forward, Rachel & Dave skip it. That leaves second place Brendon & Rachel, about 15 minutes ahead of the others, as the team that go to the fast forward. Brendon doesn’t care, but Rachel isn’t about to shave her head, so they turn back.

Rachel & Dave give up a lot of ground, about 45 minutes from the looks of it, just with transportation issues heading to the road block. That puts the three leading teams neck and neck. Brendon & Rachel, who gave up some time with the fast forward, are still not far behind them. Meanwhile, Bopper & Mark are about 3 hours behind.

JJ has this theory. If Bopper & Mark for some reason decide to go to the fast forward, these four teams that are now bunched together are in a battle for last place. Why would they? I guess they have nothing to lose, so perhaps they might.

Before they can get to that choice, Bopper & Mark must paint a tiger on the belly of a dancer as their speed bump. After that, since they’re so far behind anyway, Bopper & Mark decide to take a chance and hope nobody has done the fast forward yet. I don’t think this will get them first, but it might make things interesting. Mark’s head’s already shaved, and for Bopper, he’s game to join him.

The road block has them spinning 40 feet of rope and spooling it on a spindle.

Road block (in order of arrival): Ralph, Dave, Art, Brendon

The detour is a choice between pachy-derm or pack a box. In pachy-derm, they’ll decorate an elephant, then shovel and transport elephant manure. In pack a box, they will fill pack, seal, and stencil 10 boxes with ginger, then deliver them.

Pachy-derm: Rachel & Dave, Vanessa & Ralph, Brendon & Rachel
Pack a box: Art & JJ

It seems the elephant task is simpler, leaving Art & JJ bringing up the rear, as they complain about nobody else in the race having a brain to use the fast forward.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the site of the Cheena Vala fishing nets.

The ferry there doesn’t seem to have an actual schedule. Rachel & Dave pay the guy to rush out of there minutes before the other two teams arrive, preventing a foot race to the mat.

Upon arrival at the mat, Vanessa starts bickering with Rachel, telling her she did not count right at the manure task. Granted, Phil deliberately stirred the pot, one that’s a little too easy to stir.

First: Rachel & Dave (win $10,000 each)
Second: Brendon & Rachel
Third: Vanessa & Ralph
Fourth: Art & JJ
Eliminated: Bopper & Mark

They gained some time, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the gap. Bopper & Mark have been eliminated. I guess that means I have to root for Brendon & Rachel then, as the least objectionable of the teams that remain.

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The Amazing Race 20 Episode 9

Unable to catch up from their previous non-elimination, Nary & Jamie were eliminated in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 8.

While at the pit stop, Bopper, who injured his leg a couple weeks ago, sees a medic. He gets a brace and is told he can continue.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Bopper & Mark – 9:06PM
Second: Rachel & Dave – 9:07PM
Third: Art & JJ – 9:32PM
Fourth: Brendon & Rachel – 11:55PM
Fifth: Vanessa & Ralph – 1:31AM

From here, teams will fly 2900 miles to Cochin, India, and everyone can get on the same flight, though somehow the last place team manages to get another flight, briefly giving them a lead of a few minutes that promptly evaporates.

The very bitter JJ now hates Rachel & Dave, much like he hates everybody else. He says that, if someone doesn’t have integrity, they don’t need them. I guess Art & JJ can’t count on each other then.

Upon arrival in India, they go on various buses through the chaotic and crowded streets. With Bopper’s bum leg, he and Mark are bringing up the rear. Mark, who’s struggled throughout the race with car sickness, is now confronted by smells that are only making matters worse.

The road block is to work on the set of a Bollywood movie and learn a dance routine.

Road block (in order of arrival): Rachel, JJ, Rachel, Vanessa, Mark

Rachel of Dave & Rachel danced all through school. Likewise, Vanessa has eight years of dance class behind her. JJ views this as something of a punishment, but Art took the last dance task. Mark may be sick and have no rhythm, but he’s going to have to step up to the plate because Bopper’s leg is going to limit the tasks he can do.

JJ’s first attempt is unsuccessful. Rachel is fine on her first attempt. Vanessa looks pretty comfortable, but she makes a mistake. The other Rachel fails, too. JJ fails again. So does Rachel, and now she gets emotional. Mark’s first attempt is a failure. Vanessa’s third try is a charm. Rachel gets it on her fourth try. JJ’s fourth attempt isn’t pretty, but it’s good enough to advance. Mark faces his third failed attempt. Then a fourth. And fifth. Sixth. Seventh. In spite of the heat and repeated failure, he refuses to quit and take the penalty. After 11 tries and much drama in which he decides to quit, he returns to try again. His 12th attempt is successful.

The detour is a choice between cricket or clutch it. In cricket, each team member will have to hit a ball past a professional player to the boundry on the field. In clutch it, they will train to drive an auto rickshaw.

Cricket: Brendon & Rachel, Art & JJ
Clutch it: Rachel & Dave, Vanessa & Ralph, Bopper & Mark

Rachel insists on doing the driving task, but then she can’t drive. Reluctantly, she listens to Dave for a change, and they get through it. Vanessa, who says she’s hit quite a few things as a driver, nonetheless does this task as well. At the other task, Rachel’s happy that Art & JJ got beat by a girl.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Bolgatty Palace.

First: Rachel & Dave (win a trip to St. Lucia)
Second: Brendon & Rachel
Third: Art & JJ
Fourth: Vanessa & Ralph
Non-eliminated: Bopper & Mark

With injury and illness dragging them down, Bopper & Mark have been non-eliminated for a second time.

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The Amazing Race 20 Episode 8

Falling behind on a building challenge in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 7, Nary & Jaime were non-eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Rachel & Dave – 6:03AM
Second: Bopper & Mark – 6:05AM
Third: Art & JJ – 6:23AM
Fourth: Brendon & Rachel – 6:48AM
Fifth: Vanessa & Ralph – 7:18AM
Sixth: Nary & Jamie – 9:21AM

The safari through Africa continues. Even the hateful people, with the exception of JJ, put the race behind them to pause and look at the animals. Since they’re staying local, good luck to Nary & Jamie if they expect to catch up, as they are more than two hours behind already.

A double U-turn is ahead. Art & JJ have been planning for this moment for 5-6 legs. They want to target Big Brother. There’s a simple reason for that, though they won’t acknowledge it: they’re afraid of them. Otherwise, why is going after them the best strategy, rather than a frontrunner like Rachel & Dave?

The detour is a choice between water supply or air supply. In water supply, they will grab a cart of empty containers, go to the well, wait their turn in line, and fill those containers. In air supply, they will work with a local mechanic to fix a bike tire puncture without removing the rim.

Water supply: Art & JJ
Air supply: Rachel & Dave, Bopper & Mark, Brendon & Rachel, Vanessa & Ralph, Nary & Jamie

The big issue with water supply is that it’s not skill based. It’s just a question of waiting for however many locals there are to get their water first. Air supply is more skill based, good news for the Kentucky boys, but the task is irrelevant for Rachel & Dave, who bicker no matter what.

Bopper & Mark choose not to U-turn anybody. There may be people playing this personally, but they are not. Rachel & Dave have been discussing U-turning Brendon & Rachel, but they decide not to create unnecessary animosity in what seems to be a pre-determined outcome. As planned, Art & JJ have U-turned Brendon & Rachel, a team that’s 2-3 hours ahead of the last place team. In turn, they get to U-turn Vanessa & Ralph. Again, it’s personal, but if they’re being sent back, it would be foolish to not U-turn someone. That said, Vanessa & Ralph took so long looking for the detour that they’re now fighting for last place, as they see Nary & Jamie arriving as they’re heading to do the second detour.

Before the road block, Ralph & Vanessa get a flat tire, pushing them that much closer to last place. Both teams are tied upon arrival at the next destination, but Nary & Jamie must first complete a speed bump, setting up an art display stand, which should put them about 10 minutes behind, the final nail in the coffin.

The road block is honey harvesting, in which they will collect 500 grams of honey. They are warned to remain calm because these bees will sting them.

Road block (in order of arrival): Mark, Dave, Art, Rachel, Ralph

It’s here that Art & JJ find out that Rachel & Dave did not U-turn anybody. There was no reason for Art & JJ to do it either, but they felt that other teams should follow their stupid plans to waste an opportunity. With that, Art & JJ are on their own. JJ says he’s not talking to anybody any more. Good.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Lake Manyara.

First: Bopper & Mark (win a trip to Hawaii)
Second: Rachel & Dave
Third: Art & JJ
Fourth: Brendon & Rachel
Fifth: Vanessa & Ralph
Eliminated: Nary & Jamie

Vanessa & Ralph managed to create enough drama to make it interesting, but at the end of the day, Nary & Jamie never managed to shake off the previous task that left them 2 hours behind. As a result, they have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 20 Episode 7

Having missed the fast forward and being given no chance to catch up in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 6, Joey & Danny were eliminated.

Last week, when whatever awards show preempted The Amazing Race was on, it had no problem starting on time. This week? Back to our regularly scheduled 50 minute delay.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Rachel & Dave – 9:15PM
Second: Art & JJ – 10:45PM
Third: Bopper & Mark – 10:55PM
Fourth: Brendon & Rachel – 10:56PM
Fifth: Nary & Jamie – 11:32PM
Sixth: Vanessa & Ralph – 11:35PM

They will now fly to Africa. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to be specific.

Art & JJ want the dead weight (aka the Big Brother team) to drop off. If I were to suggest which team is dead weight, it would not be Brendon & Rachel, no matter how much Art & JJ hate them because they are bitter.

One thing they are right about is that Nary & Jamie are not teachers. They think they are cops or agents of some kind. Brendon doesn’t care whether they are teachers or not. They’re still nicer than Art & JJ. They can run faster, too.

At the airport, the Big Brother hate continues, as Vanessa and Rachel bicker once again. The guys try to get them to focus on their own teams, but I don’t see either of them backing down.

Then Art & JJ stir the pot some more, confronting Nary & Jamie directly about their jobs.

Upon arrival in Africa, the race is on to try to get on the earliest of three charter flights.

First flight (9:30): Art & JJ, Brendon & Rachel
Second flight (9:45): Bopper & Mark, Rachel & Dave
Third flight (10:00): Nary & Jamie, Vanessa & Ralph

The detour is a choice between marksmanship or courtship. In marksmanship, they must master the use of a masai weapon and shatter a clay target. In courtship, they join a traditional jumping ritual for 1 minute. A whole minute? In either case, it’s a nice opportunity to see the local culture, but there won’t be a great deal of struggle going on here. The bike ride up and down the hill is more of a challenge. Vanessa eventually gives up and just walks down the hill.

Marksmanship: Art & JJ, Rachel & Dave, Nary & Jamie, Vanessa & Ralph
Courtship: Brendon & Rachel, Bopper & Mark

Their next challenge is to construct a safari tent, complete with shower. Once they pitch their tent for the night, they can run to the pit stop.

But they’ll have to get there first. Since they’re in Africa, they will not be allowed to drive themselves, and the nearest taxi is hundreds of miles away. Instead, they are relying on safari transportation, with drivers they have to instruct. Art & JJ go the wrong way, dragging them toward the back of the pack, but with Vanessa having walked the bike portion of the leg, she and Ralph show up in last place. Still, this is anybody’s game, one that presents much opportunity for fighting if they take the bait.

Dave & Rachel use this time to argue, which they are good at. Typically it seems like she’s the one throwing the tantrum, but his temper is coming through here. Still, they have enough of a lead that it doesn’t matter as far as their standings in the race.

First: Rachel & Dave (win a trip to Costa Rica)
Second: Bopper & Mark
Third: Art & JJ
Fourth: Brendon & Rachel
Fifth: Vanessa & Ralph
Non-eliminated: Nary & Jamie

Without the strength or height of a male on their team, Nary & Jamie run far behind the other teams in their tent setup. They’re so far back that they stop on the way to the pit stop to look at some elephants. Unsurprisingly, they have not been eliminated. We have seen this before. They didn’t make them put up their tent for nothing.

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The Amazing Race 20 Episode 6

Unable to navigate their way to the pit stop quickly enough, Kerri & Stacy were eliminated in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 5.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Art & JJ – 8:48AM
Second: Joey & Danny – 9:17AM
Third: Vanessa & Ralph – 9:19AM
Fourth: Rachel & Dave – 10:57AM
Fifth: Brendon & Rachel – 11:17AM
Sixth: Bopper & Mark – 11:41AM
Seventh: Nary & Jamie – 11:42AM

We get to start off with Art & JJ bragging, but at least they indicate that perhaps they don’t have this in the bag just yet. Surely their big win from three legs ago has to be equalized at some point. Rachel & Dave switch roles, with Dave taking over the role of navigator. I don’t get the sense this is the resolution to them being any nicer to each other. Nary & Jamie say that not being seen as a threat is their strategy. Yeah, nearly being eliminated, that’ll show the other teams.

From here, they will fly to the land of fire, Azerbaijan, more than 2000 miles away. Since they’re headed to the middle of nowhere, there is probably one flight each day, so everybody is bunched together at the airport.

Temple Ateshgah opens at sunrise, further equalizing them.

In the fast forward, they must unload and stack 150 bales of hay. Unlike the previous fast forward in which only team really had any chance of getting there on time, this time we could see something interesting, with everybody right on top of everybody else. Rachel & Dave and Joey & Danny are the two teams that decide to participate. I wouldn’t want to be up against the fittest team in the race in a strength task, but the problem for the guidos is that they lack strategy. Rachel & Dave win the fast forward, leaving Joey & Danny in last place with a lot of ground to make up.

Those who opt not to do the fast forward must go to Occupational Training International. The road block requires teams to participate in a helicopter rescue training episode underwater, as if they were on a chopper that just crashed. A very quick, simple road block, but one that could easily be terrifying. If Joey & Danny were hoping to make up time, it will not be here.

Road block (in order of arrival): Bopper, Jamie, JJ, Brendon, Vanessa, Joey

They now head to a carpet shop in old town Baku. For Vanessa & Ralph, the toughest challenge is finding their clue, which is staring them right in their faces. The detour is a choice between apple or oil. In apple, they must find 1 apple that has a race flag on it out of a ton of apples. In oil, they must clean up a client who has soaked in oil, since they have such an abundance of oil in that country that they soak in it for its healing properties. And here we are paying $3.93 per gallon.

Oil: Brendon & Rachel, Art & JJ, Bopper & Mark
Apple: Nary & Jamie, Vanessa & Ralph, Joey & Danny

No searching task is ever good. Oil seems the simpler task, albeit the more disturbing. Neither scenario seems as if it will allow the last place team to have any prayer.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Esplanade Estakada.

First: Rachel & Dave (win a Ford Taurus each)
Second: Art & JJ
Third: Bopper & Mark
Fourth: Brendon & Rachel
Fifth: Nary & Jamie
Sixth: Vanessa & Ralph
Eliminated: Joey & Danny

Not having been given any chance to catch up from their fast forward mishap, Joey & Danny have been eliminated. Too bad Rachel & Dave didn’t lose that fast forward.

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The Amazing Race 20 Episode 5

An early mistake left them trailing for the entire leg in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 4, but a non-elimination leg saved Bopper & Mark.

It would be really nice if this show started on time for a change.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Art & JJ – 8:57AM
Second: Rachel & Dave – 11:33AM
Third: Joey & Danny – 12:11PM
Fourth: Vanessa & Ralph – 12:27PM
Fifth: Nary & Jamie – 12:56PM
Sixth: Brendon & Rachel – 1:18PM
Seventh: Kerri & Stacy – 3:58PM
Eighth: Bopper & Mark – 5:54PM

Vanessa & Ralph say that, having both been divorced, they learned to vocalize what they want more, which may not necessarily be the best thing. Rachel is trying to remember that Brendon is her little bookie bear, not her enemy.

Teams will now travel by train to Ehrwald, Austria, then drive across the border into the oldest state in Germany, Bavaria.

There is a huge 9 hour gap between first and last place, a combination of both the fast forward and also the last place team having done so poorly, but the timing works out perfectly for them. The 10 hour train ride makes most teams spend the night at the train station, and their next stop doesn’t open until 8:30 in the morning. Not everybody is bunched together, but there are two packs a lot closer than they had been, with only the first three departing teams getting an early enough train to open up a lead.

The detour is a choice between fairy tale or champion male. In fairy tale, they’ll follow a trail of gingerbread, find the witch’s cottage, and use those pieces to complete the roof of a gingerbread house. In champion male, they have to style the beards of beard champions. You can’t make this stuff up. Seeing as it’s snowing out, the indoor task probably makes more sense.

Champion Male: Art & JJ, Joey & Danny, Rachel & Dave, Vanessa & Ralph, Nary & Jamie
Fairy Tale: Rachel & Brendon, Kerri & Stacy, Bopper & Mark

Before their detour, Bopper & Mark must complete a speed bump, which requires them to yodel. If previous speed bumps are any indication, this task takes about 10 minutes.

The first two beard teams retain their lead, but Joey & Danny chose the guy with the longest hair, a choice they blame for the other teams catching up. Ultimately, the task is not created equally for all players, as the different beards have different styling requirements.

Their next stop is Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle. At the castle, they have a choice between walking or taking a horse and buggy. The horse route is theoretically easier but slower. Rachel & Dave continue their standard fighting, while Vanessa tells Ralph to shut up, correcting him to tell him he couldn’t care less, which is probably true.

Aside from that, there are two castles. That means that Rachel & Dave and Nary & Jamie both just spent time on a tour for nothing. Bopper & Mark make the same mistake, minus the tour. In a pretty tight race, these errors are sufficient to shake up the standings. Adding to this, Mark thinks he’s going to have a heart attack from all that walking.

From there, they head to an ice hockey and curling rink. The road block is a game of eisstock-schiessen. They have to slide their Travelocity roaming gnomes across the ice to land them on a bullseye.

Road block (in order of arrival): Art, Joey/Danny, Ralph, Nary, Brendon, Rachel, Stacy/Kerri, Bopper

Most of the teams seem to get through this fine, but Nary’s noticeably struggling, having tried over 100 times by the time the trailing teams arrive. Another 100 or so tries later, they finally leave, now in last place.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Landhannes Farm, a 200 year old working dairy farm.

First: Art & JJ (win a trip to Thailand)
Second: Joey & Danny
Third: Vanessa & Ralph
Fourth: Rachel & Dave
Fifth: Brendon & Rachel
Sixth: Bopper & Mark
Seventh: Nary & Jamie
Eliminated: Kerri & Stacy

With Nary & Jamie navigating their way to the pit stop better, Kerri & Stacy have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 20 Episode 4

Losing the balancing act at the road block, twins Elliott & Andrew found themselves eliminated in The Amazing Race 20 Episode 3.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Art & JJ – 5:10PM
Second: Brendon & Rachel – 9:59PM
Third: Joey & Danny – 10:00PM
Fourth: Bopper & Mark – 10:08PM
Fifth: Nary & Jamie – 10:09PM
Sixth: Rachel & Dave – 10:10PM
Seventh: Kerri & Stacy – 10:45PM
Eighth: Vanessa & Ralph – 12:15AM

Teams will now fly 6000 miles to Turin, Italy. With evening pit starts, all teams will have to wait until the next morning to leave the airport, erasing the 5 hour gap Art & JJ built up over the second place team.

Bopper & Mark are the lone team to disregard the instructions to go the travel agent and instead head straight to the airport, so they have to turn around and head back where they started, which puts them in last place and on a flight an hour and a 15 minutes behind all the other teams.

Not having learned her lesson from last week’s last place finish, Vanessa continues to focus her energy on picking on Rachel. Then we have Rachel & Dave, who pick up right where they left off with their bickering.

The fast forward requires teams to land a model helicopter on their partner’s head, which is harder than the road block but just requires some patience. Art & JJ arrive first and head there, so Brendon & Rachel let them have it. The sixth team to arrive, Rachel & Dave give it come consideration, or at least Dave does while Rachel uses the opportunity to improve her skills at sarcasm.

The road block requires them to rappel 120 feet down the inside of the Lingoto Building. They have 2 minutes to grab their clues, or they will have to go again. This looks like it will be a very quick road block, which is not good news for the team that’s behind by over an hour.

Road block (in order of arrival): Rachel, Danny, Vanessa, Jamie, Rachel, Stacy, Bopper

Vanessa is the first to fail at the task and be sent back to the top to start over. Jamie follows suit. Both are successful in their second try. The other teams all make it on their first attempt.

Their next stop is Museo Nazionale Dell’ Automobile, where they will find their next clue in a 1916 model T, but primarily this is an opportunity for a commercial for Ford’s Active Park feature. You would think the car would park itself simply, but not simply enough for Brendon and Rachel to not begin arguing.

They must figure out that the building on the 2 cent euro, Mole Antonelianna, is their next stop. Most teams get it right away. Still fighting, Rachel & Brendon struggle to figure out the clue and instead talk about quitting the race and life in general.

The detour is a choice between clean that statue and name that salami. In clean that that statue, they must use the equipment provided to clean statues. In name that salami, they must taste 14 types of salami, travel half a mile, and identify the salami by the correct name. Here come the really bad double entendres.

Statue: Joey & Danny, Rachel & Dave, Nary & Jamie, Vanessa & Ralph, Bopper & Mark
Salami: Brendon & Rachel, Kerri & Stacy

The statue task turns out to be easier since all they have to do is give it one try, whereas the salami task is going to take multiple attempts. As all the statue people complete their challenge, Rachel’s meltdown continues, and so does the discussion of quitting, before they finally kiss and make up. I’ve seen this story a dozen times before.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Piazza Castello.

First: Art & JJ (win $5,000 each)
Second: Rachel & Dave
Third: Joey & Danny
Fourth: Vanessa & Ralph
Fifth: Nary & Jamie
Sixth: Brendon & Rachel
Seventh: Kerri & Stacy
Non-eliminated: Bopper & Mark

This leg was over with Bopper & Mark making their early mistake, but they have not been eliminated. Art & JJ have decided to split the money they won with Bopper, who is in the race for his daughter.

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