The Amazing Race 19 Winners

Typically the cab drivers play a role in their inability to communicate or go the right way. So it was an unusual set of circumstances in The Amazing Race 19 Episode 11 when two teams did not solve their final clue but nonetheless beat the lead team because their cab drivers solved it for them. Ironically, fans have been asking for more cryptic clues, and when we get them, it backfires anyway. On the back of that, Andy & Tommy were eliminated heading into the final leg, after having dominated throughout the season.

That leaves us with Jeremy & Sandy, Ernie & Cindy, and Amani & Marcus, and one of those teams will be The Amazing Race 19 winners. We’re left with one team that’s run a good race but always made some mistake that let somebody else pass them, one team that’s mostly done well but made some critical mistakes, and one team that’s run toward the back of pack for most of the race. I’m having trouble picking a favorite from this lot, or a lack thereof. This pretty well sums up the whole season. There really haven’t been any teams to like or hate, and everybody got along with everybody else for the most part.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Jeremy & Sandy – 12:04AM
Second: Ernie & Cindy – 12:05AM
Third: Amani & Marcus – 12:06AM

The final destination city is Atlanta, GA, Amani & Marcus’ hometown. Everybody will get on the same flight.

Their task at FlightSafety International is to land a flight simulator. The men all want to take control. Cindy fails to maintain the correct speed, so they fall out of the sky. Marcus lands but not well. Jeremy & Sandy, however, finish on their first try. Ernie & Cindy land the second time. Amani & Marcus fail a second time and then fail again even after praying to god. It doesn’t look like they’re going to finish this any time soon. On their 12th attempt, they complete the task.

From there, they have to find the former residence known as The Dump, which is where the author of Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell, used to live. They’re left relying on the help of others. Jeremy & Sandy head to the wrong The Dump (apparently, there’s more than one), but the key to the clue is that this furniture store is not a residence. Ernie & Cindy are going the right way.

The road block is to type without error their next clue using an old fashioned typewriter. Now they have to figure out how to operate this typewriter, which among other issues lacks a number 1 that must be substituted with a lowercase l.

Road block (in order of arrival): Ernie, Sandy, Marcus

The numbers they are given are 44-715-74. Hopefully they run into a baseball fan to figure out that this refers to Hank Aaron’s jersey number, homerun record, and the year in which he broke the record. Either that or Google search, which makes the answer (or at least who it refers to) apparent. This will lead them to Turner Field.

At the stadium, one person is suspended in the air while the other person guides them from the ground. Their final task is to map out where they’ve been on a giant map. At least in theory. In practice, this challenge was made for Cindy, so Ernie’s just on the ground telling her she’s doing good. This is partially a physical challenge, but it’s mostly a memory game, which Cindy completes with ease.

The finish line is Swan House, and they’re not going to be able to edit this to make it remotely suspenseful. All three positions are the most obvious I recall them ever being. Ernie & Cindy are The Amazing Race season 19 winners. They plan to start an organization to give back to some of the causes they’ve come across during their time on the race. Jeremy & Sandy place second, and Amani & Marcus come in third.

The Amazing Race 20 is already filming. Perhaps Brendon & Rachel returning to CBS yet again will create a departure from the lack of drama we’ve seen this time around.

The Amazing Race 19 Episode 11

After trailing for all of The Amazing Race 19 Episode 10, Bill & Cathi were eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Andy & Tommy – 3:46AM
Second: Jeremy & Sandy – 4:20AM
Third: Ernie & Cindy – 4:35AM
Fourth: Amani & Marcus – 4:40AM

Dressed as characters from The Adventures of Tintin, which is apparently a famous comic book, they have to figure out who the guy in the picture is and who they are supposed to be. It’s a matter of bumping into the right person on the street, as even an Internet search leaves Andy & Tommy thinking they’re Charlie Chaplin, who is not a comic book character.

After heading by train to Amsterdam, they will fly to Panama City, Panama, more than 4000 miles away. With a flight across an ocean, they’ll all be bunched together. This presents an opportunity for the teams to utilize their knowledge of the local language, with prominence of words like rapido.

Upon arrival, they hop in some canoes to cross the pitch black waterways to a local village. They sign up for 1 of 3 times 20 minutes apart the next morning. Their appointments are for tattoos, which are sending them to San Francisco Bay Towers.

7:00 – Andy & Tommy
7:20 – Jeremy & Sandy
7:40 – Amani & Marcus, Ernie & Cindy

A 40 minute deficit in a leg to determine the final three. Lame.

The road block is to walk a tightrope 35 stories above the city. Participation in this road block is predetermined based on number of road blocks already performed.

Road block (in order of arrival): Andy, Sandy, Cindy, Amani

The detour is a choice between filet or sole. In filet, they will deliver exact amounts of assorted seafood to different vendors in the largest fish market in Panama. In sole, they must make a pair of sandals.

Sole: Andy & Tommy, Jeremy & Sandy, Ernie & Cindy
Filet: Amani & Marcus

The cab drivers have been working together for a while, and Amani & Marcus get brought to the wrong detour as a result. This is the point where you say screw it and switch. Instead, they head back to their cab to go to the other detour, when they’re already in last place. The luck of this is that they end up at what seems to be the simpler detour, allowing them to hop into second.

In Cathedral Square, they have to figure out that the pit stop for this leg of the race is Panama Viejo, which is written on the dress of one of the dancers in the square or symbolized in their necklaces.

Because all of the medallions say Balboa, Andy & Tommy want to head there. So much for that lead. That allows all the other three teams to be bunched together in what amounts to first place for the time being.

The good news for Andy & Tommy is that Ernie & Cindy are headed to Balboa, too, as are Amani & Marcus. Jeremy & Sandy are going to the image he sketched that’s one of the belts, whatever it may represent. This is sufficient for their cab driver to know where to go. Once again, the cab drivers are working together, so what would have been a lost cause for one of these teams looks like it will just screw over Andy & Tommy. Seems it’s acceptable for cab drivers to just drive their passengers to somewhere random without the need for them to actually complete or understand the task.

First: Jeremy & Sandy (win a trip to Turks and Caicos)
Second: Ernie & Cindy
Third: Amani & Marcus
Eliminated: Andy & Tommy

Ironically, the result of their earlier lead and the 20 minute gaps that seemed so unfair to the trailing teams is that they weren’t bunched up with the teams whose cab drivers were helping each other all day. Andy & Tommy, the team that won 6 legs this season, has been eliminated. All the other teams are happy to have beaten Goliath. Aside from Jeremy & Sandy, they didn’t. Their cab drivers did.

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The Amazing Race 19 Episode 10

The Amazing Race 19 Episode 9 was a to be continued episode. With the whole leg coming down to one task, all the teams are pretty well bunched together at the pit stop.

The first three teams had already completed the bodybuilding pose task before the last episode concluded, leaving Andy & Tommy and Bill & Cathi still strutting their stuff. The snowboarders get their required 12 points, followed by Bill & Cathi in last place.

Teams will now drive to the Ford Proving Ground in Lommel, Belgium. The road block at this Ford testing facility is to drive a Mustang through a series of performance maneuvers: accelerating to 100 miles an hour and then braking, completing a slalom course in under 16 seconds, and finishing with two victory donuts.

Road block (in order of arrival): Ernie, Jeremy, Marcus, Tommy, Bill

The speed part of the course seems simple enough. After that it gets a little trickier. Ernie misses by .9 seconds on his first try. Then he runs into the balloon at the end of it about 15 times. Eventually, Jeremy & Sandy catch up, so they have to take turns. Jeremy finishes in time but nudges the balloon at the end. This seems to be all the encouragement Ernie needs, as he completes the challenge on his next try. Jeremy completes it on his second attempt. Having been lost, Amani & Marcus finally find the location, and Andy & Tommy are right behind them. They both complete it in two tries, and at this point Bill & Cathi are arriving, so it’s still anybody’s game.

From there, they will drive to the city of Gent. The detour is a choice between water or waffles. In water, they will build a raft and search the waterways for two pieces of a clue. Waffle requires them to assemble a waffle stand and bake and decorate 18 waffles.

Waffle: Ernie & Cindy, Jeremy & Sandy
Water: Andy & Tommy, Amani & Marcus (switched from waffle), Bill & Cathi (switched from waffle)

Seeing Jeremy get frustrated with the waffle task, Amani & Marcus promptly switch detours. Upon arrival, Bill & Cathi make the same decision. The third and fourth place teams manage to leapfrog Jeremy & Sandy, who continue to struggle with their waffles.

Their next clue is at De Muur van Geraardsbergen. They will help a pigeon trainer release a flock of homing pigeons, which they must then follow to an address to retrieve their next clue, a picture of the next pit stop. This is more difficult than it sounds, as multiple teams get lost on the way.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is the Atomium, a model of the atomic structure of iron blown up 165 billion times.

First: Andy & Tommy (win a pair of Ford Mustangs)
Second: Jeremy & Sandy
Third: Ernie & Cindy
Fourth: Amani & Marcus
Eliminated: Bill & Cathi

In spite the problems the teams had with directions, the end result seemed pretty obvious from the beginning. Bill & Cathi have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 19 Episode 9

After getting lost on their way to the pit stop, Laurence & Zac were eliminated in The Amazing Race 19 Episode 8.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Ernie & Cindy – 9:01AM
Second: Bill & Cathi – 10:34AM
Third: Andy & Tommy – 10:39AM
Fourth: Amani & Marcus – 11:43AM
Fifth: Jeremy & Sandy – 12:08PM

Their first stop is the statue of fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. The road block is to memorize one of his poems, follow the map on the front wheel of their bike, then recite the poem to a drama critic.

Road block (in order of arrival): Cindy, Cathi, Tommy, Amani, Sandy

Cathi can’t find the theater on the map. That would be the building with the arrow pointing at it. Tommy, meanwhile, drives off the map. Then there’s Amani, whose partner thought it would be great strategy to screw her up while she was trying to memorize the poem, but because she’s able to find the theater an hour faster, she ends up taking over second place. Cathi finds the theater next, but she misses one word, though I don’t think she realizes what went wrong. She returns and gets a pass on her next try. Tommy’s behind her, and she tells him he has to be dramatic. He fails. Sandy also fails to bring the drama.

Billund, Denmark is the birthplace of Legos and home to Legoland. Their task is to put together some Legos while spinning on the pirate ride, only while the ride is in motion. If they need it, there’s a barph bag. The snowboarders don’t mind, but the women aren’t having any fun. Jeremy & Sandy’s bigger problem is that they drop a piece and can’t find it, so they have to start with a fresh puzzle. By this point, Bill & Cathi are so hopelessly lost that they’re still not there.

Teams will now drive across the border into Germany and make their way to the Hamburg Train Station. From there, they will head 305 miles by train to Brussels, Belgium via Cologne. The next train is at 12:30AM. Everybody is equalized. Ernie & Cindy, who had been hours ahead, now face a problem. After they get tickets, they drop the ones to take them from Cologne the rest of the way, and they can’t afford to replace them. They didn’t save their receipt either. For all the drama, nobody bothers to check tickets, so they’re fine, but they had to worry for a while (or at least Cindy did).

Everybody will now strip down and do some bodybuilding poses to earn a score of 12 or more from 3 judges. Cathi says she wouldn’t take a shower in these clothes. The boys get speedos. Once undressed, they get to paint their partners with body oil. Then it becomes a memory game to get the 12 poses right. Ernie & Cindy manage to get 9 points their first time out. Andy & Tommy get a 4. Amani & Marcus get the 12 points necessary. Andy & Tommy try again and boost their score to a 5. Ernie & Cindy manage to get the 12 points they needed. Bill & Cathi get 3 points on their first try. Jeremy & Sandy score 13.

Parc Elisabeth is the pit stop for this leg of the race. So basically the whole damn leg comes down to this one bodybuilding task, with the rest of it being entirely irrelevant.

Ah, but there’s a catch. As the first team to arrive, Amani & Marcus win a trip to Panama. They will also be the first team to leave on the next leg of the race, which starts right now.

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The Amazing Race 19 Episode 8

A misplaced clue at the road block led to the elimination of Justin & Jennifer in The Amazing Race 19 Episode 7.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Andy & Tommy – 3:12PM
Second: Ernie & Cindy – 3:13PM
Third: Bill & Cathi – 3:26PM
Fourth: Amani & Marcus – 3:34PM
Fifth: Laurence & Zac – 3:36PM
Sixth: Jeremy & Sandy – 3:42PM

Teams will now fly 5000 miles to Copenhagen, Denmark, a location about as different to Africa as you can get. Everybody is guaranteed a flight to Amsterdam, but they are free to negotiate for a different one if they choose. Everyone other than Laurence & Zac chooses the pre-booked flight. Their flight is scheduled to arrive at 8:30PM. At that time of the night, it’s irrelevant, as an hours of operation is pretty much guaranteed, although that close to the north pole, it’s still light out then. The others arrive between 10:30-11PM, aside from Amani & Marcus, who have a morning flight with arrival at 8:20AM. They are greeted by a 7:30AM hours of operation, equalizing everybody other than Amani & Marcus, now over an hour behind. Seems they assumed the morning flight was the best they could get.

After climbing a bell tower, they are directed to the Frederiksborg Slot based on a couple of banners. If you don’t see all of the banners, you will not pick the right one. Jeremy & Sandy are headed to Rosenborg Slot, a restaurant, rather than the castle they are looking for. When they return, they meet up with Amani & Marcus in what now seems to be a two way race for last, though there’s still a double U-turn pending. On their way, they stop and ask for directions, something that Marcus refuses to do until his team is once again in last place.

The road block is a renaissance dance in period costume and music to match. They’ll have to complete three dance routines to finish.

Road block (in order of arrival): Zac, Ernie, Cathi, Andy, Sandy, Amani

Ernie gets through it pretty quickly, and so does Cathi. Not so easy for Zac, which allows Jeremy & Sandy to just about catch up to them. Meanwhile, Andy is being asked if he’s tried this before.

The detour is at Frilandmuseet and is a choice between all hopped up or all churned out. In all hopped up, they must lead a rabbit through a steeplchase course, which apparently is considered a sport in Denmark. In all churned out, they will make butter by hand. Given the option between animals or no animals, the choice becomes clear, though these rabbits seem pretty easy to handle.

Once again, Jeremy & Sandy find themselves lost, which allows them to be passed by Amani & Marcus, who after the U-turn find themselves in fourth.

All hopped up: Amani & Marcus
All churned out: Ernie & Cindy, Bill & Cathi, Sandy, Andy & Tommy, Jeremy & Sandy

Neither of the detours seems particularly challenging, each just requiring a couple of attempts. The real challenge of the day is finding anything.

From here, they will head to Karlstrup Windmill, where they find a double U-turn. They don’t need to U-turn anybody, but Cindy wants to win, so she will U-turn Bill & Cathi. Pointless to make enemies for no reason in a situation where it doesn’t matter anyway because you’re so far ahead of everybody. In turn, Bill & Cathi have U-turned Laurence & Zac because they know they were struggling on the road block.

Havet Ship, a cargo boat converted into a hotel in Copenhagen, is the pit stop for this leg of the race.

First: Ernie & Cindy (win a trip to Fiji)
Second: Bill & Cathi
Third: Andy & Tommy
Fourth: Amani & Marcus
Fifth: Jeremy & Sandy
Eliminated: Laurence & Zac

Unexpectedly, Jeremy & Sandy manage to find the pit stop before Laurence & Zac, recovering from last place and yet another directions blunder. After being lost for a couple hours, Laurence & Zac have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 19 Episode 7

Amani & Marcus were non-eliminated in The Amazing Race 19 Episode 6.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Andy & Tommy – 5:28AM
Second: Justin & Jennifer – 5:39AM
Third: Jeremy & Sandy – 5:40AM
Fourth: Laurence & Zac – 5:41AM
Fifth: Ernie & Cindy – 5:44AM
Sixth: Bill & Cathi – 5:47AM
Seventh: Amani & Marcus – 6:07AM

A crowded 2 hour bus ride will take them to the town of Salima. All teams are on the same bus. They are given 1 dollar for this leg of the race, which means they aren’t going to stray too far.

The road block requires them to use a bicycle taxi to deliver a passenger to their destination. Before they can begin the road block, Amani & Marcus must complete a speed bump of a slide puzzle of the new Malawian flag. Compared to the other speed bumps, it looks like this one may have a bit of challenge to it, particularly if the team is bad at puzzles. Still, it is just a slide puzzle.

Road block: Laurence, Cindy, Jennifer, Cathi, Sandy, Andy, Marcus

The main trick to this road block, aside from figuring out how to ride a bike, is finding out where they are going. They are learning that, in spite of the fact that English is one of Malawi’s official languages, people in this area don’t seem to speak much of it. Unlike some of the others, Andy is confident he can ride this bike with ease… until it breaks. With a bolt and a hammer, he’s able to knock it back together more or less. Laurence & Sandy work together and put themselves pretty close to the back of the pack. Jennifer finds her destination, but there’s a problem. She gave her clue to her brother and doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do next. Good thing all the clue says is to go back to the start, where her brother is, but it’s just a question of how long she’ll stand around trying to figure that out. Looks like it could be a while.

The detour (already?) is a choice between dugout or lugout. Dugout requires them to participate in a canoe race. In lugout, they will unload cargo from a ferry boat.

Dugout: Ernie & Cindy (used express pass), Andy & Tommy, Bill & Cathi, Laurence & Zac, Jeremy & Sandy, Jennifer & Justin
Lugout: Amani & Marcus

In spite of the fact that they are in second place, having just been passed by the snowboarders, Ernie & Cindy opt to use their express pass. Their logic is that they don’t want to be U-turned. Even if they are, with a double U-turn coming up, someone else should get it as well. Seems like a waste to me.

Ernie & Cindy choose not to U-turn. Andy & Tommy do the same. Bill & Cathi follow suit. Amani & Marcus, who have made up some time on the detour, also decline to use it. As they’re running toward the U-tour sign, Laurence & Zac see Amani & Marcus going the other way, but they U-turn them anyway. Feeling safe with Amani & Marcus having their names up on the board, Jeremy & Sandy decide not to U-turn anybody. It’s a rarity that the U-turn, let alone a double U-turn, ends up being completely irrelevant.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is Sunbird Livingstonia Beach. Because Ernie & Cindy took so long to find the shop with their next clue and the snowboarders just followed them, the footrace to the end determines the first and second spots. It seems Ernie & Cindy expected the boys to just hand it to them.

First: Andy & Tommy (win $7,500 each)
Second: Ernie & Cindy
Third: Bill & Cathi
Fourth: Amani & Marcus
Fifth: Laurence & Zac
Sixth: Jeremy & Sandy
Eliminated: Justin & Jennifer

After the road block, they didn’t have much of a chance to catch up, and Justin & Jennifer have been eliminated.

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The Amazing Race 19 Episode 6

Not having any chance to catch up in The Amazing Race 19 Episode 5, Liz & Marie were eliminated.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Amani & Marcus – 7:22AM
Second: Bill & Cathi – 7:23AM
Third: Ernie & Cindy – 7:24AM
Fourth: Justin & Jennifer
Fifth: Andy & Tommy – 8:06AM
Sixth: Laurence & Zac – 8:07AM
Seventh: Jeremy & Sandy – 9:22AM

The next destination is Lilongwe, Malawi in Africa. Obviously, there is only one flight, so everybody is equalized.

Amani & Marcus talk about their special needs daughter, and Jennifer is a special ed teacher.

They start off by heading to a tobacco warehouse, a product that makes the majority of the country’s income. The road block is to steer 10 massive bales of tobacco using only a dolly. The workers seem to be throwing a party and trying to run into them.

Road block (in order of arrival): Jeremy, Justin, Ernie, Laurence, Tommy, Bill, Marcus

It quickly becomes hard to breathe due to the smell of all the tobacco, although Jennifer enjoys it because her father smokes. Laurence realizes he probably should have let his son do this, though he gets through it in a reasonable time. Bill may seem old, but he’s a farm worker, so he’s able to retain his lead over Marcus.

Memorial Tower is their next stop. The detour is a choice between all sewn up or not grown up. In all sewn up, they will use manual sewing machines to stitch a suit. In not grown up, they will visit a school and build two traditional children’s toy trucks, constructed with milk cartons and beer caps.

Not grown up: Jeremy & Sandy, Justin & Jennifer, Andy & Tommy, Laurence & Zac
All sewn up: Ernie & Cindy, Bill & Cathi, Amani & Marcus

The trick to the sewing seems to be mainly finding it, but ultimately both tasks seem pretty even.

They next head to a roadside furniture store, from where they will transport two handcrafted beds to Kumbali Village, the pit stop for this leg of the race. The locals carry just about everything, often on their heads, and the racers are carrying their beds for the night. In the process, Jeremy and Sandy get their truck swiped by the snowboarders. As for Laurence & Zac, they want to transport them in a taxi or some other random vehicle. Already in last place basically since the airport, Amani & Marcus hit another wall when their cab breaks down.

Justin & Jennifer have to go back because they did not pay their truck driver, apparently another cryptic loophole in this season, which costs them first place. Bill assumes they have to pay the driver, but Cathi incorrectly assumes otherwise, giving Amani & Marcus a bit of hope.

First: Andy & Tommy (win a trip to the British Virgin Islands)
Second: Justin & Jennifer
Third: Jeremy & Sandy
Fourth: Laurence & Zac
Fifth: Ernie & Cindy
Sixth: Bill & Cathi
Non-eliminated: Amani & Marcus

Amani & Marcus will need the beds they just carried because they are still in the race.

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The Amazing Race 19 Episode 5

After falling apart on the detour, Liz & Marie were non-eliminated in The Amazing Race 19 Episode 4.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Andy & Tommy – 10:07AM
Second: Justin & Jennifer – 11:01AM
Third: Jeremy & Sandy – 11:44AM
Fourth: Laurence & Zac – 11:45AM
Fifth: Ernie & Cindy – 11:52AM
Sixth: Amani & Marcus – 11:53AM
Seventh: Bill & Cathi – 12:22PM
Eighth: Liz & Marie – 1:35PM

Laurence wants to be the boss of his team because he’s older. Ernie wonders why the scholarly Cindy loves him.

After taking a taxi ride, teams will have to ride elephants up the river. An interesting form of transportation, but not the fastest one.

The road block will lead them to a waterfall and a Thai flautist, and they’ll have to search a pool for a clue. Seems simple enough.

Road block (in order of arrival): Andy, Justin, Sandy, Laurence, Marcus, Cindy, Cathi, Marie

From there, they will head to a local shop and disassemble a spirit house and deliver the pieces to a temple.

The second road block requires them to reassemble their spirit house as they found it. The person who did not do the other one will have to do this one, which looks more complicated. The problem here is they need to have paid attention upon arrival initially.

Road block (in order of arrival): Tommy, Jennifer, Zac, Jeremy, Ernie, Amani, Bill, Liz

Before they can do the road block, Liz & Marie have a speed bump to perform. In addition to being over an hour behind the last place team (and 3.5 hours behind the leaders) already, it looks like they’re sticking in or around Thailand for this leg. Their speed bump is to wash and clean up after their elephants.

Not having paid attention, Tommy has to take a ride back to the place where they got the house. I don’t think he will be alone in that. Justin & Jennifer have a plan: use their driver’s camera and take a picture before they disassemble it. Cheap but within the rules of the race. Sandy & Jeremy take notes. Laurence vetoes Zac’s suggestion of doing the same. When he gets to the road block, Zac realizes he needs to take notes, and his father blames him. After all, Laurence would have been able to do this without taking notes. Ass. Marcus & Amani also take notes. Ernie’s in a bit of a hurry, overruling Cindy’s desire to study. Therein lies the difference in that relationship. The trailing two teams take notes.

After getting ripped off by the local cab drivers, teams will now travel 550 miles by bus to Bangkok. A 13 hour bus ride with an early morning arrival presents an equalizer for most, but still does not look sufficient for the twins to catch up. With no money to spare, Liz & Marie give the driver all they have, which he agrees to accept, and then drives them to meet up with the bus that took off but stopped ahead.

First bus (departs at 4:30PM): Andy & Tommy, Justin & Jennifer, Jeremy & Sandy
Second bus (first class departs at 4:30PM): Laurence & Zac
Third bus (departs at 5:30PM): Amani & Marcus, Bill & Cathi
Fourth bus (express bus, departs at 5:30PM, arrives first): Ernie & Cindy
Fifth bus (departs at 8:00PM): Laurence & Zac
Sixth bus: Liz & Marie

Zac asks whether a first class bus is a problem. His father again disregards his concerns. After they leave, Zac again speaks up, and this time Laurence listens, so they have to run 3 miles back to the bus terminal. By that time, the other buses are already leaving. Just about any penalty would be better than the 2.5 hours they just lost.

Upon arrival in Bangkok, they will feed the fish at the Bangkok Noi Canal. Once the fish feeding is done, they’ll head to the next pit stop. Really? Just a bus trip and then done? Farewell, twins. In addition to the fact that they have no prayer, they also have no money, and are told they’re 5 hours walking distance away from their destination. So they’ll walk because unlike the producers of this show who felt stripping people of their money was appropriate for years, they feel guilty asking poor people for money. Granted, there’s always the tourists at the bus station. Or perhaps a kind taxi driver willing to give them a free ride, which is what they opt to do. A second cab driver also gives them a free ride to the pit stop.

The pit stop for this leg of the race is M.R. Kukrit Heritage Home. It seemed like Ernie & Cindy had this in the bag, but they made the mistake of hopping out of their cab. Meanwhile, for what must be hours, Jeremy & Sandy struggle to get to the location, which allows Laurence & Zac to pass them, at which time Phil tells them the first class travel rule only applies to air travel.

First: Amani & Marcus (win a trip to Bali)
Second: Bill & Cathi
Third: Ernie & Cindy
Fourth: Justin & Jennifer
Fifth: Andy & Tommy
Sixth: Laurence & Zac
Seventh: Jeremy & Sandy
Eliminated: Liz & Marie

As the last team to arrive for a second leg in a row, Liz & Marie have been eliminated.

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