Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 10

Dan saved himself with his idol in Survivor: David Vs. Goliath Episode 9, or at least he did until he didn’t because they changed the rules and allowed his power to be nullified.

Now the numbers are even, but Angelina knows that two people tried to stab her in the back and who those two people are.

Nick and Davie wake up early to go idol hunting. Why do all these people do things in groups? They find a clue which tells them they’ll have to sneak out of camp at night. Nick says it’s going to be hard to sneak out of camp. Like how hard it just was when you went to get the clue?

For the reward challenge, they will be divided into two teams of five. They will cross a rope bridge and land three rungs on a ladder target. Reward is a picnic. Alison struggles on the bridge and allows the other team to lap her. That’s how things stand as they get to the ladder. Nick has 1-0 lead by the time Alec starts. Alec ties it. Davie takes over for Nick and takes the 2-1 lead. Then Alec quickly lands two to win for Alec, Alison, Mike, Gabby, and Christian.

After seeing how Alec performed in the challenge, Carl proposes getting rid of him, and he’s not shy about telling those who are with him about it, including Kara, who warns Alec.

Nick sneaks off at night while Davie sits back on guard duty. It goes without saying that he’s guaranteed to get an idol. It’s not hidden. He just has to walk toward the light.

For the immunity challenge, they will balance on a narrow perch while holding a handle above their heads. Angelina, Carl, and Nick opt out in favor of nachos, margaritas, and beer. Carl and Nick I get, but Angelina’s in as much danger as anybody, though she probably won’t win. Mike drops after 11 minutes, and Davie is right behind him. The others last an hour. Kara drops seemingly out of nowhere despite looking completely comfortable while everybody else is visibly in pain. Alison steps down after another half an hour. The final three last two hours. Gabby’s crying, which is normal for her, but at least now there’s a reason. Alec repeats what he’s saying all along: he’s going to win this, so everybody else may as well quit. Gabby drops. Alec and Christian reach the three hour mark. Christian asks if he can tell a story. Two hours later, he’s still talking. He seems about as good as he can be considering how long it’s been. Alec finally drops. Christian wins immunity. Nearly six hours is an impressively long performance from both of them.

He may not have won, but that only served to put a bigger target on his back. Carl continues to tell Kara how they’re voting. Gabby finds out about this, and she’s upset and crying. This is like a broken record.

Carl becomes the other target, but it doesn’t make much sense for them to turn. The ineptness of the Goliaths has been working well for the Davids since the merge. They shouldn’t have any power, but they do.


With 6 votes, Alec has been voted off the island. He’s played too hard for too long and been too obvious about it. He was the first one to start screwing over the Goliaths, and it’s finally bit him, though he was going to be a target either way.

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