Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 3

Lucky he even survived a single vote because he was not there for it, Jacob met his demise in Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 2 when his tribe did get their first opportunity to get rid of him.

They were discussing last time the possibility of a tribe swap and perhaps getting rid of some muscle to prepare for it, but it is both unpredictable and not something anybody took very seriously. Alas, they can now drop their buffs.

Naviti: Angela, Chris, Domenick, Donathan, James, Laurel, Libby, Morgan, Wendell
Malolo: Bradley, Brendan, Chelsea, Desiree, Jenna, Kellyn, Michael, Sebastian, Stephanie

The new Naviti tribe is split 5 old Naviti to 4 old Malolo. Sounds simple. Target Malolo. Domenick’s plan? No, it’s not that. He still wants fellow Naviti member Chris gone. The feeling is mutual.

Likewise, the new Malolo tribe is split 5-4 in favor of old Naviti. Strange split and surprising to see them get the short end on both tribes.

Malolo’s newest tribe members are unimpressed by the job that has been done with the camp so far. After admitting that they probably screwed up a lot at first, Brendan gets mad about their complaining. Then we see why. They just keep complaining.

Chris quickly tells everybody that Domenick has the idol. In doing this, he gets multiple to complain about him being too bossy.

At Malolo, old Malolo all go idol hunting. Michael is the one to find it, and Brendan is there to see that.

For the immunity challenge, they will race through ramp walls, dig up a ladder, retrieve a rope, climb a tower, and solve a puzzle. Reward is a tarp. Malolo takes the lead on the first obstacle. They keep it on the digging. Then they can’t figure out how to use a ladder. This gives Naviti the lead, and they are also the first to climb the tower but only for a small lead. Kellyn and Bradly run away with the puzzle, and Malolo wins immunity for a change.

After having just won, this tribe demonstrates that even though they won, they are broken. They cannot even agree on a person to go to Ghost Island and choose to leave the decision up to a rock draw. Chris gets the white rock and will go to Ghost Island. There goes a prime target, who will now remain a physical asset for his tribe, much to the chagrin of some. That theoretically pits 4 against 4. Like Donathan before him, he does not get to play any games.

There is this philosophy that Angela is Chris’ right hand man, but she is the first to bring up going against his plan. They’ll show him. They want to get rid of the person trying to blow up his plan.

Domenick shows his new tribe members his fake idol and swears on his children he’s being honest with them.

Next name proposed? Morgan.


With 4 votes, Morgan has been voted off the island. Malolo stayed together. As an added bonus, the other side tried to vote out one of their own but failed. They all just dug themselves into a completely unnecessary hole.

Morgan wills her legacy advantage to Domenick, which means that now Stephanie has no idea where it is.

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