Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 1

In season 36, Survivor returns to visit the bad decisions of the past. 20 people make up the Survivor: Ghost Island cast and are split into two tribes of ten.

Malalo (Orange): Brendan, Donathan, Jacob, James, Jenna, Laurel, Libby, Michael, Stephanie Gonzalez, Stephanie J
Naviti (Purple): Angela, Bradley, Chelsea, Chris, Desiree, Domenick, Kellyn, Morgan, Sebastian, Wendell

Malolo chooses Brendan to represent their tribe. Niviti picks Chris. They each assume the fittest guy is the proper representative. It turns out that these picks are left to choose people to participate in the challenge. Brendan picks Michael as the fittest person and Laurel for the puzzle. Chris chooses Sebastian and Desiree.

The first person will race through a series of obstacles to dig up a set of keys to use to retrieve puzzle pieces, then the other person will solve the puzzle. They will get much less rice than any previous season, but they instead receive fishing gear. The twist is that the winning tribe not only will receive a shelter building kit, but they will also get to keep the fishing gear. If they think they are going to lose, the leaders can forfeit and keep their fishing gear, but it will come with a penalty of losing eggs and flint to the winners.

Michael hits the ground running but fades about half way through. Still, the tribes are roughly even as they hit the puzzle. Desiree objected to being selected to do the puzzle, though she was not vocal about it like Morgan was. Laurel did not express similar concerns. Chris eventually decides to forfeit the challenge.

Probst questions whether anybody wishes they could have made a different decision. Yes, Domenick does.

Michael is actually 18. He is going to pretend to be 23. He has the body to pull it off, but does he have the maturity?

Chris and Sebastian immediately form an alliance, and they are already worried about Domenick.

On day two, Jacob loses his shoes. Not off to a promising start. After this dumb mistake, he promptly goes searching for an idol, and he is obvious about it.

Wendell went to law school. So now he is a furniture designer. Those skills may come in handy on the island at least.

Sebastian makes the mistake of trusting too many people, telling Wendell that the target is Dom. Nobody blames Sebastian, though. They assume Chris is the trouble maker.

For the immunity challenge, they will use ropes to pull a sled with giant puzzle pieces. Someone from the losing tribe will be the first to visit Ghost Island. Naviti takes a lead retrieving the ropes, and they are still ahead by the time it comes to the puzzle. It doesn’t get any better on the puzzle either. If anything, it gets worse. Naviti wins immunity.

Naviti can pick who goes to Ghost Island. That person cannot be voted out. The simple concept here is to pick a weak link, and they choose someone whose mouth stands out, Jacob, who has been assuming he is probably on the chopping block.

Jacob can gamble for an advantage. He can either gain an advantage or lose his vote next time. He wins the legacy advantage, which guarantees immunity at either six people or 13. He can’t use it and seems unlikely to get that far anyway, but he must gift it to someone on the other tribe, choosing Morgan.

Since their easiest target is gone, they need to find a second choice. Donathan’s name comes up. Knowing that will probably happen, he suggests Gonzalez. Although he is arguably the weakest link, the concern is that she would be less likely to listen to people.

Gonzalez gets up at Tribal and starts whispering. We’ve seen this before, but it is weird to see this early. What’s going to happen here should be pretty obvious, at least to more than half the tribe. If you don’t have this lined up by now, you aren’t going to change it by doing this.


With 5 votes, Gonzalez has been voted off the island. Seeing her behavior at Tribal Council, that result doesn’t seem particularly surprising.

Stay tuned to dingoRUE for another recap of Survivor: Ghost Island Episode 2, which airs next on CBS.

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