Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 2

Darnell blew the challenge in Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 1 and was voted off the island in a revote following a tie.

Alecia continues to be paranoid, and it doesn’t seem it’s without reason. Jason is going out of his way to be disrespectful with little provocation.

Tai got busted by his entire tribe searching for a hidden immunity idol. So he goes and searches again. This time, he finds a clue, which leads him up a tree, but he is ultimately unable to make it to the top as his feet start bleeding. This is an interesting twist, although it does favor a certain type of player. Still stupidly easy to find, just difficult to get.

Caleb and Tai are about as opposite as it gets, but despite the fact that they would seem to have no common ground, they have a bromance brewing. The outcome here seems pretty obvious to me. I’m sure Caleb could climb a tree.

Joe is not having much success with the fire. He wastes/loses most of the kerosene, and he ruins the matches. This doesn’t matter for Debbie. She think’s it’s fine to drink unboiled water.

They’re not alone. Brawn can’t create fire either. They have fire supplies or at least flint, yet they’re still all failing. Meanwhile, Caleb started a fire the old fashioned way.

While the rest of her tribe is resting and/or making fun of her, Alecia takes the flint and tries to make fire. 3 hours later, she succeeds.

For the immunity challenge, they will race down the river, retrieve a log, carry it through a series of obstacles, untie some monkey fists, and use them to hit two targets. The first place tribe will win a large fishing kit and a boat. Second place reward is a very small fishing kit. Debbie sits out for Brains; Julia sits out for Beauty. On paper, this challenge seems to belong to Brawn, but Beauty has some muscle to back itself up as well. Brains are lagging as expected, but it comes down to the target shooting. Beauty, Brains, and then Brawn all score a point. Beauty wins immunity. Brains place second. The blame would fall on the target shooter, in this case Scot.

Jenny is getting tired of Jason. He doesn’t do anything but sit around and whine about Alecia all day. However, she’s not so willing to blindside Scot, so she leaves the women up in the air as they head to Tribal.

When they actually get there, she admits that there has been some talk. She’s hard pressed to get support from either side. They think that disagreeing with her will win her over. Alecia tells the truth, and now Jenny’s sights are set on her.


With 3 votes, Jenny has been voted off the island. I did not expect that. The ability to trust Jenny is sketchy, but there’s no reason either of the guys should trust Alecia after all the time they’ve spent trying to knock her down. Despite all the time he spends talking smack about her, it’s Jason who decides to keep Alecia.

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